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    Cast kodi to tv useing chome cast

    hey All. I can cast my windows 7 64 to the tv via google chrome but I can t get kodi to work. I can stream movies on my drive but not kodi. can I get some help on this. I ll be on the forum all day... Thanks
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    Software vs Hardware

    I am currently using Kodi as a software download on my PC, attached to a 42" HDTV. Would I get any benifit from buying a "Kodi" box ?
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    Kodi In Play Store. Kodi on Chromecast?

    Does anyone know if we can now just download Kodi via the play store on chromecast
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    Chromecast and Windows

    I recently purchased a Chromecast to use in conjunction with my Windows 7 laptop and Kodi. I've read and watched several tutorials from here and other places, and I've yet to have any real success. The best I could come up with is the mirroring thing, but it was choppy, distorted, and laggy. I'm...
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    AllPlay AllShare Cast Miracast WiFiDirect Intel WiDi casting isn't ChromeCast

    Hi all. First let me say it is FANTASTIC that some terrific folks have taken the time and trouble and figured out ways to get XBMC Kodi working with Chromecast, and posted how to do it. It is a very inexpensive device. Second, I am wondering if I can ask the moderators to change the main...
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    Tvmc and chromcast

    I take it no one can help me out with tvmc and chromcast I have tryed everything and can't seem to get to work from my android tablet to chromcast is there a simple and easy way to do and help would be nice thanks
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    andrion and chromcast

    what is the easiest way to stream from an andiron device to chromcat and possible free thing can any one help me thanks
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    Request Casting live streams from XBMC/KODI android to chromecast??!?

    Hi All, As the title says; I am looking to try and figure out a way to stream live TV/Sports streams directly from my Nexus 7 to my Chrome Cast. So far Ive tried doing this through the below 3 with no luck : Y2cast/moliPlayer combo Avia AllCast Any help/suggestions would be ace! Thanks.
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    XBMC with Chromecast and Google TV???

    I just bought my son a Chromecast. I love it but he kinda doesn't see the point since he can already gets a lot of stuff on his TV already. Looking around it doesn't seem possible to stream xbmc from iPad with chrome cast, but I'm hoping my son's Sony Google TV might be the wild card (not a...
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    Bubbleupnp and chromecast

    Hi all I have been trying to get my cc to the play xbmc from my Nexus 7 . I am getting there and installed the server etc and can play quite a few movies. However every now and then I get the error message. "cannot play can't get mime type" Anyone any ideas what this means? Thanks all Chris
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    XBMC to Chromecast via Macbook

    Hello all, I am still fairly new at this so I could use some help. I noticed in some other threads that the casting to Chromecast via Macbook was mixed up in the windows thread. Has anyone had success with doing this for the Mac? Darcy
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    Best setup?

    Hi all, Basically I am in need of a setup whereby I can stream or cast from my xbmc base (currently a raspberry pi) to my chromecast. I know it is possible with yatse but want to ensure my setup works as it should. So I have Raspberry pi on xbian Xbox one Xbox 360 Ps3 Chromecast I will...
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    Cast XBMC to TV using Windows - New, Easier Solution

    Updated - This is a how to on Casting Xbmc from Computer to TV for Free using the Chrome Browser. No more player core factory file needed and seems to play all formats. Instructional Video Step 1. Go into Chrome Browser and add the Google Cast Extension at...
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    allcast and xbmc question

    Well I am able to cast xbmc to allcast. As soon as press movie it goes straight to all cast. How do I get it ti just olay on my samsubg tab 3? I have dice player app also. thanks john
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    Alternative to Google Chromecast

    Hi Gents Thanks for your efforts but I've only had limited success streaming to Chromecast, just wondering whether I would just be better off with an android dongle that supports XBMC like the MK809 for instance? Your thoughts appreciated.
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    Mac Book Air with Chromecast

    Hey guys, new to the forums and have XBMC installed and working on my Mac Air.... I can't display it on my tv using chrome cast, can you tell what else to install and how to install it so it will work? Thanks in advance and any help would be great.
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    chrome cast and galaxy tab 2..

    Hello I woulcd like to know if chromecast worth getting,I have a samsung galaxy tab 2 and I would like to know if possible how I can stream through the chromecast.and steps I have to follow to set it up..thank you..
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    Chromecast on the samsung s3

    Been struggling to cast from my phone. What I think im after is a download of xbmc where I can use my own player, ive seen them somewhere but been unable to find them ever since. Any help/feedback greatly appreciated
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    Cast from Windows to Chromecast - All Formats

    How to Cast XBMC from Computer to TV for Free using Chromecast and Chrome Browser. Updated so that you can also play FLV files on the Chromecast. Instructional Video - Nothing will work if you don't have chrome.exe and vlc.exe in these exact directories. C:\Program...
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    Chromecast and XBMC Just Got Easier On Android!

    Everyones favorite XBMC MOBILE REMOTE "YATSE" has updated to 4.0... adn with it comes a SLEW of GREAT new features and additions. The least of which being CHROMECAST SUPPORT. You can now through XBMC from one room in your house to the entire house using Yatse. Example. I have a XBMC machine...