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    Hello, Is it possible for me to add cams to the Earth Cam Addon? I explain my request ... I have compiled a m3u8 webcam list with various live webcams and copied them for example in my Enigma2 receiver. Now I installed this Kodi addon on my Raspberry yesterday and would like to add WebcamLinks...
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    Bug SBS Ondemand Addon continually buffering & dropping out

    G'day, I'm using an Android based TV box running Kodi 17.6. I've been having an issue with the SBS Ondemand addon for a short while now, whenever I try and watch a program through the addon it continually buffers and hangs and then eventually drops out altogether. Clicking on the program that I...
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    MakoTv vs MakoTv (web)

    hi Its my first post :) i couldn't find where exactly to post this in the forum. i realized that ther is makoTv addon 1. MakoTv (version 1.35.1) 2. MakoTv (web) (version 1.2.0)...
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    I have noticed available update on fusion repo for xbmc adult repo continually fails and addons on that repo seem to be un-openable? is this repo under fusions xxx section gone down now?? cheers:(:(:(
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    Bug Zattoo HiQ - quickline - "only available for premium users"

    Hello I'm not sure if I'm right here. I have the problem with Zattoo HiQ when I use a quickline account I cannot view TV in past. I always get the error "only available for premium users". Can someone tell me if this is correct that this is not working for quickline or if I need to change...
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    Files be deleted

    Files been deleted Hi. I had to uninstall kodi because of some issues I have been having. I have reinstall Kodi , but I cant file all my files that I had in this folder on my computer they are now all gone. When I uninstall kodi it must of deleted all my files. Can you please tell me if you if...
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    Live Stream Pro Apple TV 4 Error

    delete delete this thread admin
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    Problem with USTVcatchup

    Hi, I'm having a problem trying to install USTVcatchup add-on. I'm up to where it prompts me to install the add-on but I receive the following error message: "File is not a zip file, please try again later, Attempting to continue". I've tried several times but without success. Any advice would...
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    Bug I cant streaming Films and serials

    ��19:33:51.545 T:18446744072364150656 NOTICE: special://profile/ is mapped to: special://masterprofile/
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    espionage 1963 UK series

    anyone have an addon source? 24 eps.
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    Bug Animal TV

    The animal tv stops playing after 5 seconds of play, is there something I need to do to make the video play longer?
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    LiveStream Pro

    Dear Admin My Livestream pro error (check the log for more information) so what to do thanks and need advise
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    Not able to install Infusion from a weird message :(

    Hey guys... I'm trying to update my Kodi so I have everything up to date now as I haven't been on it for months...and I was following the directions to add on the newest fusion and was on Step 17 or 18 were I go into Kodi's add-ons and into the little box and install from the zip file...All was...
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    catup4kodi - tvplayer

    catchup4kodi repo - tvplayer Hi I installed this from the tvaddons repo and it fails to work anyone know a work around for this addon...thanks
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    Problem with USTV Now

    Hey Guys there seems to be some problem connecting to USTV Now on Kodi. It works perfectly on Firefox but it refuses to sign in on Kodi also I am having a huge problem connecting to shows on some nights when there seems to be a popular show on as if your servers are overloading. Can you please...
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    Issues with plexus and ace stream

    I am trying to add these to my system and am encountering problems. I started with the installation of the TVAddons respository and proceeded from that point. plexus appears to install although many of the install step screens that follow your logic do not appear for me. I have uninstalled and...
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    Indian TV Addon

    Hi Does anyone know a good Indian TV Addon? so i can watch re-recording tv shows? i was using TV on **** zone but this has now stopped working. hope to hear from someone soon..
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    Addon Carnamaleón [SPANISH]

    Hello! I wanna to share with the community a VIDEO addon for Kodi that I have been working on for some time. The name of the addon is "Carnamaleón", whose theme is the Carnival of Cadiz (Andalusia - Spain). Includes videos of the theater performances, special programs, pregones, Quema de Dios...
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    Exo d us

    Does ex o dus still work properly? I've noticed there are no more hd links on mine and most of the links don't work can someone help?
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    first off as a broke unemployed gent on welfare, kodi and tv addons is the best thing I have ever come across. it has saved me tons in the past couple years, so I would like to say thank you for all who program and keep it running so ppl like me can well to put it bluntly sponge off it, watch tv...