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    Half my addons are crashing KODI

    Is anybody else have a problem ?
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    Error Himedia Q10 Pro Streamer :Kodi 18.x keeps crashing on Android 7

    Logcat Hi! This link contains my logcat.log file, which I created while retracing steps to recreate the recurring crash. I simply watch something for a while, then exit (or let it finish) and start navigating Kodi around - ending with a crash to the desktop. I'm using the crowd's wisdom, in...
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    Streams causing restart issues?

    Hi, I’m having issues with my T95X2. I only use Debrid streams but recently having issues with either Kodi or the entire box restarting mid stream. DroiX reckon it’s the addons but I’m not sure coz it’s happening on all of them, eg on Crew, Numbers, etc. I’ve cleared the cache and other stuff...