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    Linksnappy voucher giveaway!

    I have five vouchers available for the Linksnappy premium "debrid" service which support was recently included in URLresolve/ResolveURL. I am going to pick the users randomly via a python script and recorded in a video, just post a comment in this thread.
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    Not able to load Real Debrid in popular App.

    Trying my best to load RD in a popular App. App. has Maintence and not settings. It ask me to Log In to RD when I click on this a website opens to log in, then in Maintenacne it ask for Both URL Resolvers, when I click on these to they both open another windoe in the web which I;m suppose to...
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    Real-Debrid + ****** not giving me 1080p links

    I've tried clearing cache and providers in ****** and have Re-Authorized my RD account. I also though it was because my premium RD had expired but even after renewing that and following the above steps again, I can't get any RD 1080p links using ****** V8 or ****** Redux. I'm running Krypton...
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    Real Debrid only works on english content (not german)

    Hello, I have a problem with real debrid links via ******. I find enough RD links for German content but NONE of them work. It only does if i search for the episodes with English language. Does anyone else have this problem or an idea for a workaround? Thanks you in advance
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    Video tries to play but cancels after linking with Real Debrid.

    1 hour ago Ok so I've had kodi for over a year. I just updated to 17.6. I have a windows machine running windows 10 64 bit I believe. The issue I'm having is I just linked with Real Debrid because I wasn't getting any streams at all on pretty much anything. Now I get tons of streams most HD...
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    how to sign up

    What's the difference between AllDebrid, RealDebrid and SimplyDebrid? How do I sign up for any of them?
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    please update common resolvers to play in settings

    Hello Guys, Im getting every time when i go to Sky**t, maverick and try the real debrid section "please update common resolvers to play in settings" Ive no problems with ******** and neptune Ive authorized my account but it wont work Please Help
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    Real Debrid not opening new accounts

    Hi, I have signed up to Real Debrid and have awaited three days for an activation email from them to no avail. I also sent a help request for same and no reply either. Is Real Debrid web site not working? Are realdebrid not taking any new accounts? Any one else having this problem? I have...
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    URLResolver and RealDebrid issues

    I've re-authorized URLResover 5.0.20 a number of times in the past few days to no avail. I still can't get RD links/sources in the 4 Kodi addons I use: UltraStream, vStream, ****** and *********. Anybody with the same issues?
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    Real-Debrid missing from my bible book E

    Greetings, For some reason my read debrid is no longer showing up on bible book E, but I found Read-Debrid links still in my SA*TS add on. I have reauthorized several times. I am still watching some quality streams on SA*TS but wish I could still use bible book E. Anyone got any idea why this...
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    RD links not showing, already did basic TS

    Like the title say, i already went thru the motions with restarting, resetting cache, re-authorizing rd. Several times already actually. Still have over 100 days on my RD account so it’s not that either. Been like this for 2 days now. Kodi sucks without RD so everything is unwatchable. Pleease help!
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    REAL DEBRID SIGNUP ~ HOW can TVADDONS get 'credit'?

    Howdy All! I am now ready to signup for Real Debrid... I've been doing lots of reading and I thought I read somewhere that 'credit' is given to TVADDONS if I subscribe through here? My question now is: How and where do I signup to assure TVADDONS gets that 'credit'? Thank you! :cool: SOGLAD5
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    All Debrid and URL Resolver

    Hello, I made a HUGE mistake. I signed on for 180 days of All Debrid service and when I try to pair it with Kodi, I keep getting the URL Resolver error. Real Debrid lets me sign in (not premium). So does anyone have any suggestions of what I may try? I asked the support at All Debrid and they...
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    services that host older movies

    hi there. i was wondering if anyone could help me find a service that hosts older movies from the 80's and 90's? i have realdebrid service which works great for newer stuff, but rarely finds older stuff. thanks.
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    Alldebrid URL Resolver Error

    Hello, Wondering if anyone is able to help with advice on a URL resolver error with Alldebrid, asking me to login to the Alldebrid website. I’ve got the latest URL resolver version (5.0.15) and Resolve URL (5.0.09) and also tried resetting the function cache and restarting Kodi. Alldebrid is no...
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    Premiumize VPN

    I subscribed to Premiumize for the debrid service. It usually works well but occasionally I go through periods of choppy streaming and/or no streams available. I do not know if that is an issue with the debrid or if it is due to other factors. Included in my Premiumize subscription is VPN...
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    Real Debrid HD Links

    I am using Kodi on a Windows 10 HTPC with 8gigs of free memory and a 100mbs internet connection. I have had a Real Debrid Premium account for 2 years without a single problem until January, 2018. I am now receiving very few Real Debrid High Definition Links and none of them will play...
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    Real Debrid links being ignored

    Hello all, been using real Debrid for years, yesterday evening into this morning I couldn’t get a working link, it bypassed all the blue RD links. It works on the white links. I re authorized with no problem. What I read on the Real Debrid web site gives me the impression there is some kind of...
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    You have to be in it to win it
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    Real Debrid Links - again....

    Hi all, I'm 4 days in to my 180 days subscription and now all the links through Kodi 17.6 no longer work. The addons can scrape them but they will not play. They try and then skip to the next. This was not always the case. Yesterday everything was great, everything worked. Full HD streaming...