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    Real Debrid stream links inconsistent

    I have been finding the availability of the Real Debrid inconsistent. One day most of the streams are working, the next day, every single RD link has no stream. When this happens I always re-authorize my RD account. Usually it doesn't help. I find if I wait a day, the streams are working again...
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    RD links

    Since updating the URL I am now getting very few, if any, 1080 or HD RD links! I have checked settings and all seem the same, cleared cache etc. Any ideas appreciated......:confused:
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    RD buffering issues

    RESOLVED: RD buffering issues I finally broke down and got RD, so far I am not impressed. You do get more links, but for TV Shows these "extra" links seem to be 90% sometimes even 100% duplicates of the free links and have the exact same buffering issues as their free counterparts. For movies...
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    How do I re-authorize Real-Debrid?

    In Cov**ant it was under CONFIGURE > ACCOUNTS. In Plac*n*a - nothing, not there. Where is Real-Debrid? My Real-Debrid has disappeared.
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    Real-Debrid and Re-authorization Question

    I have a subscription to Real-Debrid premium service, and am unsure how often I need to (Re) Authorize my account in Kodi / tvAddons / Ex**us? Is it just one time during each subscription period, or---- do I need to re-authorize Real-Debrid premium service every time I reboot / start up my...
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    hi first post having problems with alldebrid authorising in the url resolver keeps telling me to login on alldebrid website...i am logged in and in credit no problems till recently there is a mention on the website that they have sent the script and i have downloaded the updated zip and...
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    Debrid & Add Ons.... Which Combination Provide the Best Results?

    Using Debrid provides the quality, however each Add On I have authorized with Debrid does not always offer the same quantity of streams. For example, One Add On may show 3 Debrid choices, while another gives a full page 12 or more. Does this depend on the Add On, or is it the content...
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    RD reauthorize URL Resolver error

    Linux Mate 17.3 - Krypton 17.6 - fusion URL Resolver 4.0.15 In order for (re)authorize to highlight I have to login - (re)authorize my account give URL Resolver error. I've tried updating URL Resolver (no issues). Cannot get RD to authorize. Any ideas?
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    Priority --- Does it really matter?

    Some have suggested when setting up RD that the Priority Number which is defaulted to "100" be changed to "90".... Is this an advantage and if so why?
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    Any seedbox that can double as debrid?

    Hello! Dawned on me when I created my own vpn w/ my seedbox on my private Server! Thoughts?
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    Mega-Debrid not working anymore in URLResolver?

    Hi everyone, Anyone else noticed that Mega-Debrid is not working anymore? Anyone knows where I could send a message to ask if it's possible to fix that? I'm using Mega-Debrid as my backup for Real-Debrid...
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    Real Debrid Newbee ??

    I confirmed my basic set up but in viewing the Premium Debrid I do not see a USD $ payment option. I was informed the price would be $18 for a 6 month subscription. Can anyone clarify? Richard