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    Error Indigo error - check the log

    I am trying to install Indigo on the Kodi installation on one of my Debian systems, but am failing the first startup with a message very much along the lines of the subject (there are few more words in the actual message but nothing useful). Unfortunately I cannot work out where the log it...
  2. G

    iOS: VideoDevil & Emplflix Script Error When Running

    I run Kodi on my iOS device downloaded from Build Store. My device is not jail broken. I’m having issues running two add-ons currently available for download from your repository. VideoDevil & Empflix both appear to install just fine but when I attempt to run either add-on I encounter an error...
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    Indigo/Fusion Error Massage Also Git Browser Error

    Kodi 17.6 android tv box . Most of the apps were working. I seldom used this tv box. Hence "shutdown" I was tempted to switch this box more than seldom. Then I got persuaded to buy ipvanish . After installation of ipvanish i had to go through indigo and mess round for hours. all updates are...
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    indigo error

    new installation of indigo on clicking installation tool, comes as indigo error. also when click on gitbrowser comes as gitbrowser error. hope I make sence. could someone please help? Also system setting {kodi17.6} The last item on it asking for Gitbrowser personal API key Xnadue.
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    Hi I am old and do not understand Kodi technical language. I am almost deaf and rely on subtitles which have stopped working. I run Kodi 17.6 Krypton, when I try to obtain subtitles via Open Subtitles "Error searing for subtitles" is displayed, I have not been able to watch anything for over a...
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    Git Browser error

    Hello, after installing Git Browser, I am receiving an error message. Logs uploaded at the following link.
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    What is this video error???

    i try opening a site in video devil and get this error?? what is it and how do i fix it?? error in video devil REASON: 'uft8' codec can't decode bytes 0xc5 in position 90652: invalid continuous byte
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    videodevil error about plugin how to fix this?

    So videodevil worked till about two weeks ago. now won't open, error log points to a plugin......someone help me fix this pls and thanks
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    UFO builds error / Ex**us wont stream

    Preface this with I am a semi-complete idiot when it comes to dealing with tech stuff... My Kodi isn't working any longer. When I get to the start error popup says ufo builds error...check log for info. First off, WHERE is the log? cuz i sure as hell can't find it lol Anyways, I go...
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    Playback Error

    Hi everybody it's good to have you all back in business.My problem began while i was using 17.6 Krypton.i noticed i was constantly getting messages in my updates about Beautiful soup & Python which continued after i installed 18.5 Leia over 17.6,so i decided to backup 17.6 & did a clean install...
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    LOCAST add-on Error

    LOCAST addon results in error msg when trying to open/run.
  12. B error

    my kodi did a self update recently putting it to 18.4 leia. Now the problem was i was getting no stream avaiable, plus not able to see the majority of links either. Ok, so i took the process of changing the build from no limits to xanax. But still having issues with no stream avaiable. But...
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    Help Decoding Error with Sport365 on Kodi (Android)

    I need help Decoding errors in my log from the Sport365 add-on. I have attached a link to the debug log below. Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks!
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    Git Browser error. See the log for more information.

    Hi guys I've just had to do a new install of everything on my Mac and after installing Kodi and Git Browser, the latter won't run at all i.e. "Git Browser error. See the log for more information". I've been using Kodi for years and never had Git Browser issues before. Interestingly, last night...
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    GIT browser error RMPT input fail

    I’ve installed and used indigo/Git on many occasions in the past. I’m trying to use Git browser to add Swadesi program to my Kodi Firestick. However, despite a FRESH install of Kodi 17.6 and latest build of Kodi No limits, using the fusion repository I’m getting the above error messages. Please help
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    Question Gitbrowser error

    hello you can look at my log to find the error post by jun 27 demex2008 thanks
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    gitbrowser error

    hello you can look at my log to find the error post fromm jun 27 demex2008 thanks
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    Indigo - Featured Addons - Error

    I just installed KODI on my new Matricom G-BOX G3. I followed the instructions on this Web site for installing Indigo. However, when I launch Indigo and select "Featured Addons", I get an error pop-up from KODI. I have rebooted, uninstalled KODI, reinstalled KODI and Indigo, but get the same...
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    Indigo addon error