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    installing fusion on firestick for Krypton 17.6: No install function with AddOns

    I've looked at the "Adding the Fusion Installer Source for Kodi (17.0 Krypton or Above)" tutorial and am stymied that my Kodi home screen looks NOTHING like the screenshots in the tutorial. I've installed 17.6, but launching the app takes me to Leviathan Krypton V0.0.12 display that has...
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    Sony Android TV

    Hi I am now trying to setup Kodi on my new Sony Android TV. However when I try to install Fusion I keep getting an error Failed to install AddOn ? Any suggestions on fixing this? Thankyou
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    Indian Addon

    Why there is no Indian addons or Repos in Fusion anymore. Yes there’s is one repo but it hasn’t got anything good in it.
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    Not connected

    HI guys /girls, trying to load fusion on desktop, totally not having it. have checked spelling, tried complete reload of kodi still no joy. any suggestions?
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    Cord Cutter Problems

    Hi All, I have a CordCutter box, M8, and I am not getting updates. I have tried calling the company, but the number I had is disconnected. Anybody know whats up or have a good customer service number where I can get in touch with them? It still works but I know it could do much better with...
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    adding fusion from zip file on fire stick

    when i try to add fusion from zip file nothing happens when i click on it, so i cant proceed to step 5
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    Help with updating Fusion from error logs

    Hey Everyone, I hope y'all are doing great! I have a question about an error message I am receiving with Indigo. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much! VW Comments I have Indigo on auto update, however when I manually update, I receive two messages: 1. Indigo was updated 2...
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    Crypto miner

    What do you guys thinks about this? My streams get loaded, then the wheel turns, the play icon comes up on the upper right corner, then the stream dies and I am back to the streams list. When I investigated the logs I saw a bunch of error, but I don't have the technical know how to really...
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    Accessing Fusion repo

    I have been trying to install from the Fusion repo, but when I click on it, nothing happens except a brief working wheel. How do I reinstall Fusion? Thanks
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    Shahid arabic

    I try to install shahid arabic in kodi 17.6 krypton with no success,please let me know if shahid arabic still working ,if yes any body could help me how to install it in new kodi 17.6 krypton thanks jadsam
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    I'm at a lost here, I've installed everything to get Earthcams going, it installs ok but won't install the links for the camera's. I installed 17.3 and got the same thing, I went back down to 16.1 and again show's the location but when I go into, no links. Anyone else having this problem, or...
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    Cannot Install Fusion

    Hi All. I want to thank you guys for the heads-up for 17.3 krypton update.I have installed and unistalled it several times but still get the same result.All is fine until i get to the "start here" part and then the screen goes blank.Can you guys please tell me what is wrong or what I am doing...
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    I am new here:
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    Please Help

    I've downloaded fusion on to kodi 17.3 and when downloading Ex**us I can't get passed downloading from repository as it says 'could not connect to repository. Please can anyone help with this?...
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    Having Issues installing Fusion on a Nvidia shield

    Hello everyone I just got the Nvidia shield and am not able to install Fusion. The error I am getting is " Slow or no download available" When I click ok I then get "There was an error: File is not a zip file please try again later, attempting to continue.... I would appreciate any and all...
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    Install From Zip File

    Hi. I was able to add on 17.3 Krypton. I was able to get as far as adding on fusion. But when I get to Add Ons and Enter Add On Browser, there is no option for Install From Zip File. There are many standard Kodi Add Ons, but nowhere for me to go to Enter Add On Browser, so I can't proceed...
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    Amazon Fire TV Box Fusion TV Addons wont install

    I am familiar with installing and have done it many times before, but this time I cannot get it to work. I updated to kodi 17.3 on my fire tv and yes, the spelling of my fusion source is correct, because when I open it I see "begin-here" "kodi-repos' and "kodi-scripts" When I install from zip...
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    Can't find Config Wizard - SPMC setup

    Hi everyone, New here. I installed SPMC, then Indigo, now I can't find Config Wizard to finish set up. Help much appreciated. thanks
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    Failed to install fusion

    The Error message I'm getting (I've repeated this process 3x! !) Failed to Install Add-on from Zip file The Dependancy on version could Not be Satisfied
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    how to remove all trace of add-ons and viewing history?

    Hello. we have lots of good information on how to add things be it fusion, indigo etc. But how do you wipe all history of such add-ons, the usage history, the shows viewed etc from the PC if you would like to? Seems that reinstalling free telly or kodi does not do it as it somehow finds the...