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    Error Unable to load git browser

    Hello Team, I have been trying to install git browser on my fire tv with latest kodi and indig. It is not working. log file is attached here. Thanks in advance
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    Git Browser.

    Can not get it to work.
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    GIT Browser Installation Failed

    Hi, I am not a tech-savvy person and installed Kodi on my Kogan Android Smart TV. I have installed the fusion add-ons and followed all the steps, however, when I go to add GIT browser it says installation failed. Can anyone guide me to fix this issue? I have got Ex**us and Einthusaim in my add...
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    Indigo/Fusion Error Massage Also Git Browser Error

    Kodi 17.6 android tv box . Most of the apps were working. I seldom used this tv box. Hence "shutdown" I was tempted to switch this box more than seldom. Then I got persuaded to buy ipvanish . After installation of ipvanish i had to go through indigo and mess round for hours. all updates are...
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    Git Browser error

    Hello, after installing Git Browser, I am receiving an error message. Logs uploaded at the following link.
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    Git Browser Not Working

    Is Git Browser working for anyone, if so how were you able to get it to work. I finally found time to take a look at ""Batch Installers: Secure, Auditable, Always Current Alternative to “Kodi Builds,” being offered at, only to find that Git Browser does not work and...
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    Git browser add on failing

    I have tried installing the GitHub Browser from TvAddons repo and it keeps failing. Log file at I have tried a full reinstall and yet it fails (I need to get this working on Kodi 17.6 ONLY)
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    Git Browser error. See the log for more information.

    Hi guys I've just had to do a new install of everything on my Mac and after installing Kodi and Git Browser, the latter won't run at all i.e. "Git Browser error. See the log for more information". I've been using Kodi for years and never had Git Browser issues before. Interestingly, last night...
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    GIT browser error RMPT input fail

    I’ve installed and used indigo/Git on many occasions in the past. I’m trying to use Git browser to add Swadesi program to my Kodi Firestick. However, despite a FRESH install of Kodi 17.6 and latest build of Kodi No limits, using the fusion repository I’m getting the above error messages. Please help
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    Git Browser check log

    I can't open the git browser. It keep saying check log. any fix for that?
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    Kodi crashes after installing indigo of git browser

    Started happening a few days ago after opening Kodi it would automatically shutdown. I have reinstalled Kodi multiple times and each time after installing either indigo or git browser through Fusion the error occurs. Here is the log file from pastebin (if I did it right}. I can't upload from...
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    Error using git browser

    I am using kodi 18.2 on a firetv everytime I try to search or install a repository or plugin it errors
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    API Rate Limit Exceeded

    Help...Been getting this message. Cant seem to find what to do about it. It occurs when I click ok after putting Repository name in Thanks in advance
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    Git Browser Dependency issue

    Fresh install of Kodi and Fusion to install Git Browser. Told "the dependency on Script.module.myconnpy version 0.0.0 Could not be satisfied" so the Browser won't load in Indigo. Tried what I think is a direct install (? not Sure, will acknowledge I'm a noob), got same message. Any ideas?
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    Issue with Git Browser?

    Is anyone else having issues with the Git Browser? I can search a developer's name and I get a list of their content. I can select their repo or addon and then install it. Kodi says the install is complete and I get the popup saying to restart to finalize installation which I do. When I go back...
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    Why does firefox display these lines?

    Firefox is displaying these 3 lines around/on some nav bars that i have. they dont display in other browsers.... if you can figure out a way to change the css to git ridd of these that would be preferred(im using FF specific code in css so that wont effect other browsers) The bars seem to come...
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    Git Browser error

    No matter what action, Git Browser 1.1.5 on Kodi 18 Beta 5 is responding with "Git Browser error. Check the log for more information." Checking the log shows no obvious signs of issue - though granted, there are errors. A prolific user tends to respond with "use the link in my signature to...
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    Extract Wizard Incomplete

    If I use GitHub browser to install a, when it then downloads the build file the extract wizard only gets about 30% then stops. If I download the from a local source the build extracts ok. Any thoughts?
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    my gica

    Hi I have 2 android 4 boxes I put my gica on both but the movie playback Is terrible for stuttering and jumping anybody know how to stop it gerry
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    PYTZ dependency not installing on MLB.TV in Git Hub

    Trying to install MLB.TV through Git-Hub and pytz dependency is not installing. What's up?