greek tv

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    How to get all channels on AliveGr, on new instal on all divises.

    1. AliveGR Addon. 2. Tools. 3. Setting:Streams. 4. Streams. 5. Alternative Streams 6. Exit and reboot your devise. DKSat
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    Ert 1,2,3 not working

    Anyone else have these channels down the past week or so? This is only on kodi krypton, they work fine on spmc/ftmc. I also believe the new channel open tv is the new rebranded epsilon channel..however thats not working either.
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    New FireStick install not working

    Hi all, I installed AliveGR on a new Amazon Firestick. Most channels will not play. Sometimes Skai will play and Vouli usually works. But none of the EPT or Mega, Ant1, etc... will work. Usually it will just show Working in the lower right and nothing will happen. Sometimes I get the error...
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    Alive GR v1.8.2 : Live TV channel streams pausing, buffering or can't stream at all

    Hi all I'm in Australia, just bought a new Xiaomi Mi Box running Android v6.0.1. I have installed Kodi v17.6 and the latest Alive GR v1.8.2 addon. I have also enabled the MPEG-DASH addon setting in the AliveGR settings. My internet connection is stable and running over a cable connection. What...
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    Bandwidth required for AliveGR?

    I'm currently trying to use AliveGR in Australia but finding that a lot of live streams or network replays either don't work or freeze constantly. Is there a minimum required bandwidth to get the streams to work? I currently have an ADSL2+ connection which max's out at around 16 Mbit/sec...
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    ANT1, MEGA & ALPHA not working

    any reason why i can't get any of these live tv streams to work??
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    ERT Channels on AlivrGR and ERT Player are not working

    New updated 1.7.28 ERT Channels on AlivrGR are not working, freeze after a few sec, same issue with ERT Player ERT World 2 is not working
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    alive gr many chan freezing now

    alive gr many chan freezing now ........................ was all good before new update ............... anyone notice or what ..............................
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    ERT Channels on AlivrGR are not working, on new updated 1.7.22

    New updated 1.7.22 ERT Channels on AlivrGR are not working, freeze after a few sec Note: ERT Player is working fine
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    alive gr

    new version 1.7.13 ,,, many channels play then freeze ... then channel exits to live tv list .. enabled mpeg dash youtube and in alive gr .... blh blah never a prob before...17.3 kodi only with new update ... thanks Twilight.......
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    ALIVEGR: Greek Live TV

    I just purchased an Amazon Fire TV and installed Kodi 17.6, alivegr repo is the latest. Unfortunately the Greek live tv channels play only for few seconds and then they all freeze. Is there a remedy? Thank you in advance for your answers. :):):)
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    Apple TV2 and Greek TV

    Hello, I have 3 AppleTV 2 with Kodi 14 (unfortunately). Apparently is not possible to install the later version of Alivegr. Is there a tricky solution for Greek TV and movies???? Thanks in advance for your answers. :):):)
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    IPTV Simle Client Live Tv Issue

    From the 29 IPTV Simle Client Live Tv channels only 5 are working. Makedonia tv Vouli RIK Sat Sigma CY 4E
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    Freeze all ert chan and sky chan

    all ert chan and sky chan freeze after a few sec .... unwatchable .... ver 1.6.15 ....... never had issue before running 17.6 Kodi anyone else having same issue ..............
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    SKY Player Issue On KODI 17.1/3/4

    Twilight, SKY Player issue on KODI 17.1/3/4 plays for 10 seconds and freezes up. Playing fine on KODI 16.1 Thanks.
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    ERT World 1 on AliveGr / Speed Tester Addon

    Twilight, ERT World 1 on AliveGR is not responding or working. Is there a possibility that you can add back Speed tester on your Program Add-ons. Dksat
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    Greek TV Addon

    Had to evacuate last week from Irma and just returned home to find that Greek TV addon is not working, did I miss something? Please let me know if it's just me or if there is no Greek TV Thanks
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    E-RADIO Library Issue On Version 1.2.2

    Twilight, E-Radio Issue On Version 1.2.2 The only Library category's working on E-Radio Are, Trending, Popular and Developer's Pick All other category's are not working, DKsat
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    ERT PLAYER issue

    Twilight, ERT Player issue, ERT 1, ERT 2, ERT 3 are not playing/not working. Log problem. ERT World and ERTplay working fine. Thanks for your work.