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    Help with OTA Streaming solutions

    I am looking for a way to connect an HD antenna to a tuner card in a media server (running MS Server 2012), then stream the live TV channels to various android boxes such as Fire TV, NVidia Shield, and generic Android boxes. I don't care about DVR ability, but a TV guide (at least 24 hours...
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    3rd party noise on streaming from different providers

    Hi New to posting but 2 years using kodi I have the latest Oled sony 2018 65 inch with all screen audio. Kodi as an app already in the programs. Latest version kodi. On many streams we get traffic type sounds and wind rushing sounds. Extra to the sound track. We have tried different source...
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    Best home theatre speakers?

    I’ve been getting ready to really step it up when it comes to the sound system for my home theatre, and I’ve started the research on the speakers that I may want to invest in. What speakers do each of you use, and how did you decide on them? Thanks for your help in advance!
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    Audio Sounds Tinny

    Hey there. Can anyone point me in the right direction with my problem. When I'm watching live streaming the audio sounds like it's coming out of a tin can. I have a Mygica 1800E and just play sound through the tv speakers. Are there any audio adjustments I can configure that would remedy this?
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    Using microphone (Minix A2) with Mygica (495 or 1900) yes/no? Webcam?

    I'm wondering if the built-in microphone in the Minix A2 will work with the Mygica 495 or 1900. I'm asking specifically for use in skype. Bonus question: How well do USB web-cams work on Android boxes in general, and (if anyone know) the Mygica boxes in particular? Again I'm asking in terms...
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    Never get real 5.1

    Hi, I am using Kodi, mainly with Ex**us. I have set up the pass thru and the 2.1 channels, but every movie / show I play always plays in plain stereo. They sound well, but not 5.1 or 7.1 . My receiver has lights that come on when the input is 5.1 or 7.1, but does not matter what I do with...
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    no sound on kodi box

    Hello everyone, I hope it is something simple but I have a sound issue that just popped up on my kodi box. It is an Amlogic box with an AArch64 processor running the 6.0.1 OS and the latest (17) kodi version. I logged onto my box yesterday and noticed no sound. At the top right corner of the...
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    SPMC and no multi channel sound for AAC / PCM

    Minix neo U1, SPMC, Sony STR-DN1010 7.1 Surround. Audio settings above passthrough left on defaults initially All passthrough audio settings enabled apart from Dolby transcode After coming across AAC 5.1 but getting PCM 2.0, I changed number of channels to 7.1 and lost sound altogether. No...
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    unsupported protocol(plugin) in Windows 10

    Hello all, Since I am using Windows 10 I am not able to watch movies in Ex**us as Pho*nix. I had used Linux previously and did not had this issue. I am getting this error as seen in title. Using TV Telly did not worked and finally downloading the Kodi software version 16 Hopefully one can...
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    Annoying Message

    Have an OTT M8 box. In KODI & Ex**us, getting message in purple color across screen: "more options here to control the f4m proxy, please any key to close". I press a key and it disappears, but then comes back at irregular times particularly while switching from one episode of a program to...
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    Download speed.

    Can someone explain why when i open my minix 8h and check download speed i get 95.3 meg and 55 upload speed.but when i open Kodi and check speed its about 20 meg download .I am on Ethernet with a 5 ft cable. my provider is for 150 download up and 55 upload. Something is causing my speed to drop...
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    My Box R68, Rockchip 3368, octacore, Android 5, originally installed with Kodi 15 version tvaddons.co, with Dolby True HD and DTS MA, was improperly uninstalled, as it would change to the latest version of Kodi. How do I recover these decoders? I downloaded the Kodi 16 version and reinstalled...
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    Can't Playback .avi or .wmv Files

    I can't playback .avi or .wmv files on two on my Kodi setups. A third, my phone, plays them back fine in Kodi via the local network, so I know they can be played back in Kodi. Also, the original computer where the files reside can playback the files through Windows Media Player and VLC, so I...
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    sound issues with javis.

    hi recently updated to jarvis, and i have a problem with the sound quality. it starts of fine and then after about 15 mins, it starts to cut the sound, only for probably half a second, but its enough to make the stream sound like im watching max wall. ive tried different streams, and even...
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    help with surround and buffering

    I recently got a firestick tv. I used tv add ons wizard. for the most part things are working great. However, I'm very much into surround sound and what not, and id really like to be able to watch movies in 5.1 or better. I purchased a premium real debrid account in hopes to help with this...
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    Not having any luck at the kodi or android forums

    Hi guys I recently bought a Xiaomi Mi box. I tried setting up the preinstalled daydream (screensaver) Backdrop but it doesn't work not sure why then I got to thinking why not turn my 50 inch HD tv into a 100 gallon fishtank. I found a few screensavers in the google playstore but they are...
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    FTV no sound on a/v receiver

    Ok. Here it goes. Kodi on Firestick with krypton 17 Rc2. Skin is aeon nox 5 (v-5.9.8.). Tv 1 has simple aux 3.5 mm port for sound. Sound works. Tv 2 connected with a simple a/v receiver...firestick plugged in to hdmi port on tv in the arc port then connect to HDMI port in a/v receiver. Tv has...
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    Mi box play nice with TVaddons?

    Doing some last minute Christmas shopping for Mom and Dad. They have everything under the sun even a streamer a Roku 3 for netflix of course the Roku doesn't support kodi. I figured everyone should have kodi and TV add-ons and I saw that Walmart has the Mi Android box. The specs look OK and I...
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    Does kodi support 4k resolution?

    Is there a way for kodi to display at 4k resolutions?
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    Does kodi support Peer-2-Peer (P2P)?

    If this post does not belong here, please kindly move it to the correct forum. Does anyone here know if Kodi uses a peer-to-peer (P2P) protocol to provide video streams?