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    No sound

    Hi, i have kodi jarvis 16.0 installed on two minx android boxes (z64 and neo x7) and also installed on my ipad. I have installed all the popular addons but having sound issues on the minix neo x7 within kodi. When i use any other android apps other than kodi i don't have any sound issues but...
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    No Audio - Android box

    I have Kodi loaded on a few different devices, couple laptop and a few boxes. I have MXQ and a Zidoo X6 and every now and then the audio will just stop in the middle of a show and this only happens in the android boxes and ALOT on the MXQ. i have found (so far) that the only way to restore...
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    Viseo Problems!

    Video Problems! Hi, I'm new to all this so I hope I'm posting in the correct area. I have a problem when streaming video. I have used Kodi for a while now with no problems. I recently upgraded to Jarvis and since then when I stream any video's they are sort of in black and white but anything...
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    Sound not working in kodi since Jarvis update

    My sound works fine when not in kodi, I can turn it to about 20 for good sound level! When I'm in kodi, ever since installing Jarvis, I have to turn it up to 80-100 to be able to hear the sound good. Any suggestions how to fix?
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    Audio and Video not synched up -mostly in HD streams

    I've had this issue since downloading Kodi 16 on my google xbmc mx quad core box. I basically deleted xbmc and tvmc and started from scratch before downloading kodi 16. I was having this issue with all streams and trailers in pretty much every program I used. Ex**us, Ic*f*lms, etc. Some of it...
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    tv with no tuner , am i sol?

    so i have a panny plasma, with no tuner, figured 8 yrs ago the cable box would suffice, now that i ditched that, i was wondering if there is a way to hook up an hd antenna to an external tuner that i could run in component if so, anyone have this setup and what would you suggest as brand and...
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    Review | Tronsmart Vega S95 Telos TV Box

    A new review is out: and here is an excerpt: Enjoy, like and share!
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    Review | Eny EM95 S905 TV Box

    and here is an excerpt: A few Kodi add-ons have been tested. Enjoy, like and share!
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    No audio only picture

    In the top right hand corner where the time is I have the volume button with a slash thru it, saying no sound. I cannot get that off. Can someone please tell me how to get my sound back on? It was like that when I got the box. I have tried everything.:mad:
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    Google TV MBox

    I've installed Kodi with TVAddons and now the screen when viewing video's, Tv etc is magnified so only see top left hand corner of screen not full view. I've calibrated TVAddons in the video settings but this hasn't done anything. When I had XBMC I didn't have this problem. Can anyone help?
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    i cant find how to turn off the Closed captions .....its making me crazy! Help.
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    Video Shrunk to left side of screen about a 1/4 of full screen

    I must have hit something because I had full screen at first now all I have is the picture playing in the top left of the screen but all the controls play pause etc are shown across the bottom as should be. Am new to kodi any help would be greatly appreciated
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    Black Screen

    Hi folks, newbie here, I hope someone here can help me solve this vexing issue that I have. I am running Kodi 14.2 on a quad core Raspberry Pi box connected to an LG 50in TV. When I start a movie or exit a movie my screen goes to black and I have to use my TV remote to switch my TV from HDMI to...
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    Audio Through Headphones Question.

    Hey Guys, So I went forth and ordered my G-Box Q after weeks of research for a top notch replacement for my Apple TV 2. The choice was between the Nvidia Shield, however I did not find it for Canada. I was wondering if anyone here is using wireless headphones with their G Box Q. I have a fairly...
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    5.1 Sound

    I have tried every setting possible, I think, and still only receive stereo sound. i stream 1080 video but still only get stereo sound. I am hdmi hooked to a pioneer elite receiver that decodes all formats . My android box is set for hdmi pass through. why can't I get dolby sound. I t seems...
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    MXQ s805 Issue at main screen

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows how to work around this or what to do to get this corrected? It seems like after some 1 night of viewing on this box, the thing updated...not sure how to get it back to normal.
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    video conversion software?

    Being a teacher, I try to download many video tutorials about teaching method in order to teach students in a best way. But when I have downloaded these videos, I can’t play it on my iphone. So some friends recommends me to use video conversion software, such as Amoyshare Total Media Solution...
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    Why is the sound on films so low and cannot be increased

    Why is the sound so low on films i have to turn my TV up so much no problem there except if i forget and turn the TV on in it's own rights and then the TV booms out. Pre Kodi you could increase the sound level in the film options set it at normal to be used with all videos and that was that but...
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    is s video 720?

    Is s video 720 or 480
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    3d films on kodi frame freezing

    hi there to everyone i have a minix mini x7 and I'm running koi 12.1 i use genesis and Pho*nix and have no problem with film play back i always used ****** for my 3d films but now since thats gone i get them from Pho*nix but when i play them for the first 30 or 40seconds they play fine then they...