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    Audio/mute troubles

    In the upper right portion of my screen is a red volume indicator representing mute. Don't know how it got there, but I sure would like to restore my volume control. Can somebody please tell me what to do? Thank you.
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    iPhone 6+ & Kodi confirmed 100% working

    Hello everyone I just wanted to confirm that iPhone 6+ is stable running Cody I checked out Spo*ts De*il one channel and project free TV as well as ****** everything is going smooth thanks again [img=http://s30.postimg.org/udd6yp9q5/image.jpg] [img=http://s30.postimg.org/ob5k87la5/image.jpg]...
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    best tv antenna for local tv on the cheap!

    Hi everyone! Today my wife just called *******/Comcast to cancel our cable. Now I have talked to some who have the house antenna and love it, or the MoLeaf (sp) and seem thrilled as well. I was wondering if there are any decent ones or ones people like for about $2O. Thanks!
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    Looking to put bass and voices back into my movies...need some help

    I haven't delt with the home audio world for the last 7 years(busy with two kids...lol) So I am kinda out of the loop. I currently have PIONEER VSX-D412 that had the sub non functional do to cross country trip a couple of years ago. I have had this about 10-12 years and am not a big fan of 5.1...
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    HDMI Splitter ?

    This may be O/T. I am not sure of an A/V site to ask on. Right now my only HDTV in the living room has two HDMI outputs and a bunch of component connections. I would like to clear off a shelf on my entertainment center that has my DVD's currently. I would like to hook up the following...
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    How to get 5.1 sound

    Hello I have an HP D7 computer with Windos 7 that is hooked up to my Tv via an HDMI cable. When I watch movies the player only sets them to 2.0 stereo mode/ How could I get 5.1 sound out of this set up? Thanks
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    There was no hardware forum for this box, so I wasn't sure where to post this question. Has anyone tried or heard anything good or bad about this http://www.androidtv.com/android-tv-power-pro.html. It looks pretty nice, come with xbmc already installed. I don't know how the hardware measures up...
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    No picture only audio

    hi everyone, hope you can help.When watching a movie the sound is ok but there is no picture any ideas cheers
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    picture quality

    Hi can anyone give me some advice, the quality of my picture using the jsat box is not very good the picture is pixelated and I do not know how to alter this, I have tried my tv settings but it makes no difference, my tv is HD but the picture I get is hardly watchable
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    Hi people, Hopefully someone can help me with my small problem Whenever I play movies or TV series on my media box the audio doesn't match the time movie or tv series its like the audio is faster that what is actually happening, kind of like an lag... I've trie uninstalling XBMC, the...
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    Distortion on audio on Note 3

    Hi.i am getting distortion on my note 3 phone . on all movies. I have tried all audio setting many advice please kev
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    Screen Display when playing AUDIO

    When I am connected to Live Radio streams, the sound is brilliant but - I have an annoying flashing screen display, it's like being in a disco. Is there any way that I can change this flashing psychedelic screen - or switch it off. It's driving me nuts !.
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    How to Place Your Speakers to Maximize Your Home Theater Experience

    Now you have set up your Hi Def TV with the first guide i posted, http://www.xbmchub.com/forums/audio-video-talk/20503-how-calibrate-your-hdtv-better-video-quality-30-minutes.html#post175384 Here is a guide to set up your speaker system to complete your home theatre experience, link takes you...
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    How to Calibrate Your HDTV for Better Video Quality in 30 Minutes

    Nice tutorial for setting up your Hi Def TV for the best picture quality/settings for yourself (not the showroom) Link takes you to the Lifehacker site. http://lifehacker.com/5858625/how-to-calibrate-your-hdtv-and-boost-your-video-quality-in-30-minutes-or-less
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    best settings to convert dvd to mp4 help req please?....

    Hi all, I've been searching for what seems weeks to try and find a simple but descent DVD converter.... I've looked at items from Wondershare, Xilisoft, xmedia recode, aimersoft, handbrake, mediacoder, Super, and a whole host of others.... What I DO NOT need is the ability to convert to sony...
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    Static/crackle lg google tv

    Static/crackle lg google tv Hello i have a 55 inch google tv i have just installed xbmc but every time i play a movie i hear static or a crackle in voice or sound .........................its really annoying
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    Which Android box completely supports 3D movies?

    I am looking for an Android box, it supports 3D movies completely.
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    pic going off

    hi all noob here some of my channels stsay on after a few min go back to menu... any ideas its a mx2 box many thx raven
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    Is there HD streams for TV shows anywhere?

    I'm loving this......but would really love hd quality tv. Anyone have any info?
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    How to upgrade the system in real time?

    I am using a box, called VidOn.me Android Blu-ray box, built-in VidOn XBMC. but I don't know how to upgrade the system online. Could you help me?