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    Airplay audio only . Advice anyone

    Hello my raspberry pi is running openelec. When I airplay through xbmc I only get audio no video. Is there a way to solve this problem thxs in advance for all replies .
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    Sound crackles in video

    On my galaxy 10.1 2014 edition tablet the sound is very crackly you can not even watch the videos it's that bad. I have to think it's xbmc though and not the tablet as my music and YouTube any other programs that would have sound plays great no sound quality issues. I have tried different...
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    Airplay for PC?

    I'm a college basketball fan, and some of the games are streamed only over the Internet from the college website. Is there anything similar to Airplay for use on a windows PC to stream it through my ATV2? Watching on the TV is preferred over viewing on my monitor. Thanks in advance.
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    Hdmi splitter

    Does anybody know of an hdmi switch cable that will work with my virgin media TiVo box and mygica 510 android? Cannot use mygica while TiVo is connected even in standby mode, have to keep disconnecting TiVo box which is a pain
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    Considering getting surround sound

    Hi I'm considering getting a sound system for Xbmc and need some advice. I've a small budget only €200. I'm not crazy on wires so soundbar would be an option too. Am I better off going for a full 5.1 setup or would a bar suffice? How well do these things work for Xbmc, will I notice a...
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    Audio usb dac what type/brand is everyone using?

    Hi Guys, long time reader 1st time poster. Got a little issue with my el cheapo muse usb dac where have sound via optical spdif to my receiver but not surround sound so curious what type of usb dac are people using with their htpc?. Have been reading up abit about dacs and it is so confusing...
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    No sound via Mini DisplayPort connector to HDMI on Lenovo X1 Carbon with Windows 8

    Hi all, I've a Lenovo X1 Carbon with Windows 8 which is running the latest version of XBMC i.e. 12.2 and I've installed the XBMCHUB wizard. The X1 has a bit of a quirk in that it comes with a Mini DisplayPort rather than HDMI but they did include a HDMI convertor cable which I've used...
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    No sound on TV threw xbmc

    Hi, Xbmc works fine and sounds great on my laptop. Once i plug my laptop to my tv using an hdmi cable video works but no sound coming out of my sony bravia. The sound only comes out of the laptop speakers. I tested by playing a movie threw windows media player and sounds works fine on tv. Only...
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    video editing software

    On the lookout for some video editing software, i need to be able to add music and text to hd video footage. I am about to try windows movie maker. Anyone got any other suggestions? I need to be able to export to dvd. Thanks
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    can i play blu ray disks?

    ive been using 1Ch**nel and Ic*f*lms for a few months now and loved it so much that i built a new computer just for xbmc. today it dawned on me, i havent tried to watch a blu ray in months and ive got a ton of them just collecting dust now. tried one and it would not work. is there a plugin or...
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    video but no audio on xbmc HELP!!

    hi i plug my laptop in to my yamaha rx-v371 av receiver via hdmi cable to get a larger picture on my t screen i get pc audio fine when running windows media player for example and everything runs via my 5.1 surround system but when i try to get audio when watching a movie via xbmc i get picture...
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    File Endings - what do they all mean?

    I remember there was a great post on the front page of the hub a few months back which explained what all the file names at the end of films meant (CAM, TS, R6 etc.) but I can't for the life of me find it now. Does anyone know where I can find it or can anyone tell me what they all mean again...
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    No audio through Airplay to my TV. Only XBMC

    I am a newbie. I am using IMAC and Apple TV3. I can get both XMBC Video and Audio on my IMAC. However I can only get XBMC Video to my TV through Airplay while the Audio is still stay on the IMAC. i can get both Video and Audio to my TV through Airplay for Youtube. Anyone can help me on this? Thanks.
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    Video Capture Card Advice Needed

    Guys I really need some help here! I've got a whole massive list of video guides to do. the ones on PC are fine as I can just use screen capture software but the ones I need to do for other devices (Android. r-pi & xbox) are a different ball game altogether. The few that I've previously done...
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    Audio setup?

    Wondering if anyone knows how to setup Xbmc audio for my setup. Just got a Sony sound bar ht-ct260 it's a 2.1 system but fakes the whole surround sound thing. So I'm wondering if I should choose 2.1 or 5.1? How do I get the best surround sound effect? Also it's connected with hdmi from my acer...
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    New user requesting pivos advice

    Hello all. New to the forums, and Xbmc in general. Sorry if this is in the wrong place but I didn't see for whatever reason a Pivos xios ds section under hardware. Not sure why. Was thinking about getting either a jb atv2 or a pivos xios ds, and after talking to many people and reading it looks...
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    convert/re encode movies to 3d sbs

    I know this had been talked about before, But I can not find the thread, yes i have used the search button, What is the best software to convert a movie to 3d sbs?
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    Who have this registration code?

    Does anyone know or have the registration code for AVS4Mac M4V Converter Plus? I want to convert video format through this program.
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    No Sound through Home Theater

    Hey there, I'm new here and just trying to get familiar with this. The video and sound is great through my laptop. When I connect my laptop to receiver via HDMI, I get no sound. It just seems to be XBMC that is not sending audio through speakers. Any advice would be tremendously appreciated. I...
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    Movies screen resolution stretching Problem

    Hi, I'm not sure if I'm in the right thread but for a few days now I've been having issues on XBMC when I'm watching videos, I have my screen calibrated correctly and the playback is set to 16.9 widescreen. I connect my laptop to my LED TV via HDMI, the problem is when watching movies the...