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    Audio not working but only on xbmc

    Been using this site for about six months. need to find out how to turn the volume back on and, turn off the red volume icon in the top right hand corner that indicates that the volume is off. one will fix the other. I do know that much hahahah. thank you for your consideration.
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    hdmi sound

    sometimes and then sometimes not the xbmc sound trough the hdmi cable we have will come trough i have to restart the xbmc app then it maybe will work not sure why it is doing this
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    Audio artifact or popping

    Hey guys the past week I had the unfortunate event of my hard drive dying on me. Luckily I had Linux live cd ( Debian Wheezy), so it wasn't too bad I was running off of that. I manage to install xbmc on the live cd and I was streaming as usual, but I notice something. I usually got sound...
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    sky f5 box

    iv been seeing these pop up forsale in my area lately and i carnt really find anything on them just that the can somehow get the satalite stream for free is this possable i dont know if i should post here just carnt find info on these and that
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    the player freezes

    i pick a channel to watch. then as soon as i click on a link for a football game for example. the link freezes. no sound or picture. have looked through the forum and no further forward. HELP
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    New to xbmc and iPad2 on which I use. Firstly i am Not sure on difference between program video and repositories . But I also want to know can I watch streaming movies from one of places like ice films on my tv. Looked on eBay and there are leads but don't know if they work. Can anyone give a...
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    Games and Emulation

    Hi, I would like to know if xbmc has emulators for older games (snes ,nes ,etc...) and how to use them. I saw the rom launcher in programs i think, but don't know how to do this.
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    Surround sound help.. Please!!

    Hi all Posted this query on another board but no joy so thought I would try here. I have a win 7 htpc going to onkyo 550 receiver through hdmi, then to tv through hdmi. My issue is with getting true surround from different audio formats. 1. DTS works perfectly with independent sounds in all...
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    Xbmc controls in 3d mode

    Hi, couldn't see if anyone had asked this already but when watching a 3d movie the controls get overlapped and are hard to use and hard on the eyes. Is there a way to correct this?
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    Frodo Final Wizard Edition no sound to TV

    First let me say that this problem only applies to sound being mapped to the TV, Desktop sound works fine. I have XBMC running on a Win7 Pro 64 bit desktop W/4GB DDR2 Memory with On-board Audio and Video and Dual monitors (Samsung 22 inch FP via D-sub VGA (DVI/HDMI dual monitors not supported)...
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    Can somebody please explain iTunes HD?

    I've seen movies being offered in HD that aren't even available on Bluray! Are these titles authentic HD? And I hear they are DRM protected, would that keep me from playing them over my network to my Pi? I like the idea of getting HD versions of some of my favorite older movies, but for the...
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    Updated to Frodo Final now no sound

    As per subject. I updated to Frodo final tonight and now I have no sound. The Wizard only gives me the RC3 release. Unless someone can give me a hint on how to fix this, I guess I'll have to revert back to RC3 until the wizard is updated.
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    hddvd anyone

    hi guys so is this dead format completely done for even in xbmc.? iam trying to use my old xbox360 hddvd addon drive with windows 7,win 7 detects the drive ok but any research done online points to the software being the key,most of which i have tried without any results.So i suppose my question...
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    Rabbit TV [TVoIP]? (MagicJack for television networks)?

    https://www.rabbittv.com/ I would never use it, I have become a VOD person but a family member said something about it. I was thinking if there might be a way to hack it to distribute the video streams people would be over joyed. I'm sure that the chip contains some kind of subscription code...
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    Easiest way to get audio to sync

    hey all, I am struggling to get my raspberry Pi to audio sync video streams from 1Ch**nel with HD stuff. I have played with a zillion settings with no success...what am I missing? i am trying to speed up and slow down during a movie but that is a pain in the ass and the time still...
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    Tech Game Changers

    Rob DelaCruz (New York, NY) GM of Connected TV and Mobile Video at AOL Ryan Lawler (San Francisco, CA) Writer for TechCrunch Jim Denney (San Jose, CA) VP of Product Marketing for Tivo Avner Ronen (New York, NY) Founder of Boxee >...
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    need help to set up media center

    hey this is a copy and paste from my thread on another site and was invited here ....i have onkyo receiver with energy speakers and a sony xbr9 tv, for me its pretty good system and really enjoy it , i would love to have it a media center as well using my atv2 & computer , not sure where to...
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    Hi all this is my first post here can i pick your brains please. I am looking at hooking up my ipad to the tv butnot apple tv how can i stream the content do i need airplayer or can i just plug and go, thank you in advance
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    Ive seen something i now need but cant remember where it was :)

    A couple of weeks/months ago someone posted an HDMI extention box that also gave an optical audio out as well as, I think 5 HDMI inputs and 1 HDMI output. I now need this so I can get rid of my atv2 with its random reboots and replace it with another RaspberryPI. Forgot to say this was less...
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    3d television which one to buy

    Hi there Please can any one help im about to buy a 3d smart tv . i dont know a lot about it apart from i will be able to watch 3d films ect . Question is can any one advise what to buy for the best and can any one advise also ,if i buy the smart tv ,does that mean i can do away with my...