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    Looking for the best free way to convert DVD to an ipod format

    I am kinda new to this as I only recently had the desire. I am looking for the fastest, free way to convert my DVD's to be playable on my Ipod touch. Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks in advance
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    3D Question

    Does anyone know if XBMC can play 3D ISO's if not are their any plans in the future for it to support ISO playback. Thanks
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    Hello, What's the best place to watch MLB on XBMC. Obviously without subscribing for £20 a month
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    Someone Has to be First :) : Whatch Got and/or Whatcha Want

    Greetings all. Being an Audio / Video Buff (budget restricted as are a lot of us). I am hoping to kick of a disscussion of what type of systems you have and/or what you would want if you replace it. Being that its about time to retire my system to one of the spare rooms and make a fresh...