1. J

    Question uninstall tvaddons from htpc

    I need to uninstall the tvaddons from my HTPC. When I uninstalled the old kodi version it had and installed the newest one it came back with tvaddons still on it with all the old addons. I don't want to use a build with this htpc only straight kodi with confluence but cant add that with tvaddons...
  2. K

    are we going to get ****** talk back again

    Just curious I saw videos on you tube in November showing ****** talk being installed on kodi 17, is there a good posibility that we will be able install ****** talk on our tv boxes in the near future. Thank you for any input you can give me. kcbc
  3. O

    Request libCec settings not being saved

    Hi, I have a question on libCEC and Kodi. I have Kodi installed on a windows 7 HTPC which is plugged into HDMI port 5 on my AVR. My AVR is plugged into HDMI port 2 on my TV. To get the adapter working in Kodi, I have to configure the peripheral in the system settings with either physical...
  4. D

    same addon on 2 devices perform differently

    device 1. quad core android tablet (kitkat) on w-fi device 2, dual core mini pc on linux (lubuntu ) with ethernet connection. broadband,upto 200Mb fibre same version of kodi on both devices accessing the same live stream on Pho*nix. performs fautlessly on the tablet but buffers on the pc...
  5. K

    Bug [MAC MINI-Kodi 15.2] Apple Remote Quits Responding

    Since my Mac Mini 2011 upgraded to OSX El Capitan', Kodi 15.2 sporadically loses control of the Apple Remote. Never once had an issue prior to the OSX upgrade. One way to get the remote working again is to exit Kodi, toggling the “Disable remote control infrared receiver” in OSX off and back on...
  6. R

    Kodi tvaddons setup on Mac Mini buffer issue

    I have issues with buffering I have tried zeroconf and also many different settings for advance settings.xml for buffering still having issue. The mac mini is a 2011 i7 with 8 gigs of ram and using wired ethernet. I also have a Firetv on wifi and it works fine no buffering. Any ideas ? Thanks
  7. N

    audio/video cables

    I have an older tv I'm hooking up in my garge with a cs918 media plyer when I hook up the box I have a rolling picture I have changed the wire still the same changed the tv still the same is there a setting on the media player to fix this it does not do it with hdmi cables on a better tv. Thanx...
  8. C

    Can XBMC be installed on a Smart TV?

    Just wondering if XBMC. Can be installed on a Smart TV. Thanks:)
  9. C

    Netflix HD on M8S?

    I'm hopefully getting an M8S box to go with my Fire Stick soon, but I've read conflicting stuff about Netflix. Some say it's not in HD on an Android Box, some say it is. Will it play in HD on the M8S? If it doesn't, is there anyway to get it working in at least 720p? Thanks.
  10. R

    Lenovo Ideastick 300

    Picked up a Lenovo Ideastick 300 yesterday. You need a keyboard with a usb plug or dongle to set it up but after that you can switch to a bluetooth keyboard. Loaded Kodi on it and was pleasantly surprised at how well it runs. Very fast with no buffering and excellent picture. Microsoft store...
  11. J

    Minimum download speed for viewability

    Hi all, Our current ISP (DSL) has Max 7Mbs download. I just tested it and it was 4Mbs. This seems low by today's standards. What's the lower limit for viewable streaming without lag and buffering issues? Sounds as though we should switch to cable. $$$ :(
  12. F

    3d help

    hi friends just set up my windows 10 pc everything works fine on kodi except 3d movies when they start i have 2 screens one above the other and only in the top half of the screen please advise on what settings i need to change on windows and kodi for it to work...
  13. S

    VPN connection

    Hi all, 1st I have my HTPC setup as an VPN server, which allows me to allow connections to my server PC over VPN. Question is if I browse the internet on the VPN server, is that connection over vpn or just a regular internet connection? Thanks for any response...
  14. C

    mx8 box connected to TV

    This is my first post, not sure if I am in the right place. Need some help When I want to watch a film the titles and pictures come up on the screen but when I press play the list of people names is not there anymore, this is on Genesis?:(
  15. I

    Netflix for non-touchscreen devices.

    I've done some pretty significant searching on the topic and it seems to have left bleak expectations of an answer, but I figured I'd start a topic to see if I can get an up to date response which, with a little luck, might be positive... Is anyone aware of any working builds of the netflix app...
  16. O

    Bartop Arcade running TVMC

    Wanted to share this bartop I put together with graphics. I apologize in advance the video is a bit of an ad for our kits, but it does show a walk through of HyperSpin running on it along with Kodi (TVMC) for Movies/TV/Music Video streaming. TVMC is around the 6:30 mark...
  17. R

    New Box! New OS but still Android! Looks interesting!

    I missed the Kickstarter campaign but I have reserved for when it comes available. It's called the Remix Mini. They have a tablet available running the Remix OS already but the Mini box looks very inviting. Has anyone here got in on the Kickstarter? Can't wait for my...
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    Nvidia Shield

    I sent back my Fire TV and picked up an Nvidia Shield because it has more memory. I don't see it mentioned much though, so I'm not sure if a lot of people are using it. This makes it harder for me to find personalized instruction since I'm a novice with this sort of thing. There are a lot of...
  19. E

    Kodi restarting constantly

    Last night Kodi began restarting over and over again. If anyone can tell me what to look at I'd appreciate it.
  20. B

    audio amplification not working

    Hi all hopefully someone can help, been searching and have found others with same problem but have not found the cure I guess you would call it. Maybe it is simple and I am just missing it been there and have done that before. running a p5qse/r with q6600 4gigs ram hd5770 graphics w7, tvmc...