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    Usb stick openelec help please flickering

    I've created a bootable usb stick of openelec on my windows 64bit amd system and it boots perfectly except within seconds of it boots the whole screen just flickers coloured lines all over , anyone know how to fix this ? I've asked on openelec forum had many views but no help
  2. C

    Dedicated Mini PC for Kodi? What hardware do I need?

    Hi I currently have a pivos xios m3 box, when I bought the device I wanted to go as cheap as possible as I did not know how xbmc would be at the time and did not want to invent more than $100 bucks. However now after like 2 years, I am sort of getting fed up with it. I find it so slow and...
  3. B

    Samsung Homesync

    Hi all, I have just bought a Samsung Homesync GT-B9150 and was wondering if anyone has any experience of running Kodi on one, and if not do you think it would run Kodi ok? Thanks.
  4. G

    HTPC Audio question

    I have a windows 7 HTPC connected through my Yamaha receiver and it works very well but you have to turn the volume up fairly high on the receiver. I recently was setting up a fire tv for a friend and while I was setting it up (also via hdmi through same receiver) I noticed that I only had to...
  5. W

    help with movie shared libraries please

    I have old pc pentium4 and mygica atv500x. The pc has no hard drive so using 16G flash drive with openelec that i run live. -should i use pc as NAS? If so do I need a program or will openelec do same? -I would like to keep movie images/thumbnails from scraper on pc as mygica don't have much...
  6. R

    Mele Pcg03 Windows 8.1 Xbmc box

    Hi all, Just noticed these have started to go on sale. Looks a well specced box for a windows 8.1 xbmc machine. Seems a decent price at £129.99 Powerful and silent Intel Bay Trail home theatre PC with Windows 8.1 pre-installed. Using the PCG03 You can...
  7. D

    Anyone using a Cubox ?

    These tiny computers have just come to my attention and was wondering if anybody was using one for their xbmc install
  8. J

    Downloading to a nas drive, is it possible ?

    Hi all Is there a way to download from xbmc/kodi directly to the nas?im using openelec on a nuc. I can seethe nas using samba , and can also play the current files on it. When I try to set the download path to the Nas I get error saying no file exists. I've googled it a lot and I am very...
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    meegopad review- windows hdmi stick

    okay here we go, I received one of these yesterday, plugged it in and it started up and worked fine. The hours moved right along, I installed xbmc gotham and my addons and userdata all was fine and dandy, then Pho*nix nhl tweaks suddenly I was watching hockey in hd, I moved the system to my tv...
  10. R

    CES 2015 brings some new toys

    It's going to be a good year! Just a couple of the goodies coming down the pipe.
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    Windows 8.1 BRIX Gigabyte GB-BXBT-2807 happy

    Greetings I just installed Kodi on new (to me) Celeron BRIX. Very satisfied so far. Replacing Minix Neo X7-mini. I wasn't sure what to expect from this hardware, though I had read satisfaction posts. The ONLY time I notice any issue so far was when Windows wanted to do MEGA updates just after...
  12. L

    Pipo x7 windows 8.1 box $99 Found this today... Anyone have any input on it? Was going to get an android box...
  13. S

    Dual Boot Openelec and Win7

    I just build me a HTPC and want to Dual boot openelec and win7 how do i go about doing this?
  14. T

    A Strange Problem... A M8 box and a 3 port HDMI Switch....

    I was just wondering if anyone else had come accross this odd issue I have with my M8 box. I wanted to run the M8, Sky and PS4 all through my suround sound which only has 2 ports. So I got a 3 way automatic switcher and plugged the 3 in which worked great. Until I started watching sky and then...
  15. O

    xbmc won't play my mkv movies

    I have some movies in xbmc that are mkv when I try to play them it drags in slow motion but the same movie will play in windows media center and windows media browser is there a player issue in xbmchub and what can I do to correct this,beside re doing all my mkv movies to avc or mp4
  16. B

    Going for my first build

    So, I'm finally going to take the plunge and build myself a system. After many months of weighing up what would be best bang for my buck, I've decided on the following: Intel NUC DN2820FYKH (I've found one with the new 2830 processor) OpenElec (I may go for Windows 8.1 if I can "find" it cheap...
  17. K

    Openelec or xbmc on old laptop

    When I say old I mean old in tech years. It was a $1200 pc in 2006 with 512mb ram and 1.74 duo core. I've upgraded to 1 gb ram and I did manage with the help of a tva senior member to install xbmc Frodo on Linux crunchbang. Currently it has ubuntu server installed but I don't use it now since I...
  18. J

    Nas server

    Hey I'm still a bit away from this but I'm constantly trying to get more research done and keep finding new things. .... I want an htpc that I can use as a gaming center so was thinking of going with a good desktop. .... also want to run my home mostly off my library so was going to make sure I...
  19. W

    Windows 8 pc on a stick? You can have one today for just $100

    is this a realistic option for an HTPC?
  20. T

    HTPC-CEC Home Buld

    :p This is my first make htpc with CEC support super fast 150 times faster than raspberry pi