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    where are the updates for the Resolver from TVADDONS ?

    Hi there. I have recieved NO updates for the Resolver(s) for a long time. The file- or scripts from TVADDONS are showing OLD versions. I do NOT recieve updates on THREE(3) Android devices and on my PC. I dó however recieve the messages from TVADDONS with news and VPN news etc. I dó have Indigo...
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    Indigo - Restore backup error on Sony Bravia

    Hi All, Good day, I setup all my addons in Kodi 18.2 on my Oneplus and I created a full backup of it using indio tools. I copied the backup zip to my another mobile S7 edge with Same kodi version and was able to restore the backup with Indigo. But when I have tried to restore the backup on...
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    "Mr Blamo" joins "Team TV ADDONS"?

    Some interesting activity on GitHub... 8 days ago...*******420/Project/tree/master/zips/plugin.program.indigo 23 days ago... Does "tvaddonsco" have a new alias on GitHub?
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    Indigo not working

    [SOLVED] Indigo not working Hi, I have downloaded and installed Kodi and from it, installed Indigo. But every time I try to start Indigo, I get: Indigo error, please check error log. It took me the longest time to find the log file; it was under a temperature directory :confused:. Why can't...
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    Filenot a zip file error

    It seems no matter what addon I try to install I get the same error message "Error file not a zip file". I have attempted several times to install Indigo and Git Browser and I keep getting this same error message. Can anyone tell me what is causing this?
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    Sony Android TV

    Hi. Trying to setup Kodi on my new Sony Android TV. However when I try to installed Fusion I keep getting an error Failed to install AddOn ? Any suggestions on fixing this?:mad:
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    Krypton 17.6

    Hi all, I am new so thanks for having me. My problem is I just upgraded to LibreELEC 8.2.5 and can't seem to get it to pick up my wi-fi, I have never had this problem with the older versions. Any thoughts ? Cheers, pickers
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    crypto infections

    just reads the latest email update from tvaddons and I have got the simplejohn dependency ver 3.4.1.Ive used the new indigo crypto scan tool but nothing was detected. ive also run a scan with avg and that was clean too so is it safe to say that my windows machine is probably clean and ok...
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    Trouble backup up from usb stick

    I'm running kodi 17.6 on my android box 5.1.1. Using Indigo, I did a full backup and saved it on dcim. It's over 800MB. I cleared Data, then installed fusion to get indigo but the backup doesn't work. I get Indigo error. What did I do wrong?
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    INDIGO Ver 4.0.7. "Error reading thumbnails" message

    INDIGO was recently updated to 4.0.7 Ever since it's been displaying the following scrolling red message in the Maintenance Tools for the Clear Cache, Delete Thumbnails, and Delete Packages options "Error Reading Thumbnails" And, if I click the System Information option.. then I get the...
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    Errors with Indigo and Github

    Hi, I am rather new to Indigo, and I am am unable to make any searches for Github. I get an error message asking me to check the log file. Below is the whole log file. I would be grateful if someone can guide me in the right direction. Due to the forum rules, I am unable to paste the log nor...
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    'Rejuvenate kodi' in indigo

    I feel like I should start over with my kodi. How scared should I be to use the 'Rejuvenate kodi' button in indigo?
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    Why am I seeing sub-titles in all my shows on ******?

    It seems to only happen on ******. Thanks.:confused:
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    Can't install any files

    Trying to install zip files (Fusion / TVADDONS ) and get an error KODI error msg - Failed to install addon from zip file. I downloaded a zip file and it won't let me install it either. Looking at the log, I see a line that says error getting requested range was not delivered by server Using...
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    Indigo keeps downloading icons

    Hi since latest update to Indigo when you start it starts to download icons. This also happens on exit. I am running 17.6 on PC version. Any ideas what is happening? Tks in advance
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    Indigo Error

    Indigo error box appears every time Kodi is launched. Everything is up to date with latest versions of all tools and resources etc. I cannot get any playback from any feed. Help!
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    Where is the "checking repo/sources health" function on Indigo?

    Where is the "checking repo/sources health" tool on Indigo? There used to be this button somewhere inside the addon, can't find it anymore. It was a great tool to scan my Kodi for dead repos/sources. Thx in advance.
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    Are we getting xunity talk back again

    I saw videos on youtube in November 2017 with xunity talk being installed on kodi 17. I type it into add source and its accepted then go to addons install from zip and the folder is empty. Would appreciate any feedback concerning xunity talk, so I can put this to rest. Thank you kcbc
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    Just saying hi so I can trace back for this post later
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    Trakt Not Working In Ex**us

    Search for "Ex**us Trakt", but didn't see anything, so thought i would ask everyone else. Does Trakt no longer work in Ex**us? I have it configured, but I can't get to any of the "My" lists (TV / Movies). I did read that Trakt withdrew their API key (?) or something like that, but I only recall...