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    Do I need Indigo for Kodi 17.1?

    Hi, I have a new fire tv and intalled Kodi 17.1. I'd like to install Ex**us along with some other add ons. Do I need to go thru Indigo to intall add ons with 17.1? I've seen videos on youtube using Indigo and some not using it. If anyone has a link to a current, up to date write up or video for...
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    indigo error

    new installation of indigo on clicking installation tool, comes as indigo error. also when click on gitbrowser comes as gitbrowser error. hope I make sence. could someone please help? Also system setting {kodi17.6} The last item on it asking for Gitbrowser personal API key Xnadue.
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    Indigo - Notifications Opt-out Setting Not Working!

    As the title says - since the latest update of Indigo to version 4.0.18 I keep getting unwanted notifications despite opting out in the settings. Any chance of a fix please?
  4. G

    How do I get Indigo to work?

    I have a preloaded Kodi Android box that has Indigo already loaded as a program add-on and a video add-on. However, when I try to open it I get a error message that says it's "unavailable, try later". One reason I got this particular box was that automatically updates 👍. But I'm not sure that...
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    Indigo keeps disappearing

    Ever since the CDATA fiasco I have had Kodi issues, I even switched boxes, I have always used Indigo as my go to HOUSEKEEPER, but is keeps going away, I reload it, run my maintenance program, Whats up with that or is there another app that i can replace it with.
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    Indigo Cache

    For about a week or so, when running auto maintenance and/or each item there's between 400-700kb of cache still leftover that's bugging me. I know on my Win10 Kodi cache is cleared to "0" using Indigo or another addon. What's going on?
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    How To Remove Self-Installed Indigo

    Why did Indigo suddenly self-install on my Firesticks and now I can not remove it. I have been running my sticks for years without Indigo but yesterday it was auto-installed on both my Firesticks and when I attempt to uninstall it I get a message that states: "Indigo is being used by the...
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    Addons not installed in Indigo

    I have followed your instructions in installing Indigo when I click addon installed selected a file I received an error check indigo log I have tried to find the log but no success I have restalled kodi Leia reinstalled the fusion file every time I get the error message could you email with what...
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    Why is it that when i want to use log uploader it gives me a code and tells me to post it on forums? i'm using 18.3 L
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    Indigo - Featured Addons - Error

    I just installed KODI on my new Matricom G-BOX G3. I followed the instructions on this Web site for installing Indigo. However, when I launch Indigo and select "Featured Addons", I get an error pop-up from KODI. I have rebooted, uninstalled KODI, reinstalled KODI and Indigo, but get the same...
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    Indigo addon error