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    Kodi 17.3 on Apple TV 4?

    hi all, anyone know if there is a kodi 17.3 for my Appletv 4? i know for security issues kodi wants everyone to go to 17.3 but don't seem to find 17.3 for appletv... kinda odd i see it for most other devices knightflt
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    Navigation button on fire stick, (the circle) fast forwards TOO FAST

    Hello everyone. Super glad to be a member. Kodi rocks! My question: On the recent fire stick with alexa, while using Kodi, you have only a few options for the Fast forward or ReWind function. I originally thought the navigation button (The circular bar that goes up, down, left, and right)...
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    I have a firestick with krypton installed and connected to a smart tv.I do not get an option to download, I have 2 spare usb options.Can I download from kodi this way?
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    No KODI logo on Firestick Recents, but was before....?

    Howdy folks, I hope the title made at least some sense, lol. I have been running KODI/XBMC for a few years, but had a new problem crop up yesterday. 3 Firesticks (without Alexa) and the problem does not happen. One FireTV (with Alexa) and the problem shows up, but didn't show until I tried...
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    Kodi / USENET / SABNZBD / SONAR / NAS ----Where to start?

    Ok I have been using Kodi for about a little over 5 years now and I love it! I just recently started using SABNZBD and SONAR with a USENET and I like that as well. I am running out of storage room on my 3TBs of storage so I am going to buy a NAS. I am thinking of purchasing a 4 bay NAS and...
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    Surround Sound Not Working

    I use a Windows 8.1 desktop linked to a fully digital AV system via HDMI but only the front speakers work. In Kodi/Settings/Systems/Audio/Audio Decoder, the number of channels is set to 5.1. Audio Passthrough is enabled as well as AC3 & DTS capable receiver. My Sony AV system (DTS HD, Dolby...
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    Best under $200 Laptop / tablet for Kodi

    Hi, In your opinion what is the best Laptop or Tablet for Kodi for less then $200. I am having trouble finding something portable for Kodi.
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    Kodi 17.1 hangs on Addons migration on fire tv.

    Hi All, Tried updating my current kodi on the fire tv to 17.1 via adbfire tool on a windows pc and it seems to have worked but stuck on addons migration window. Any tips? Thank you.
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    Sideclick attachment for Firestick

    Since I use Firesticks and FireTVs at home, I'm posting this here. Anyone used the Sideclick For Firestick yet? I came across it purely by accident, did a search here and the only posts were back 2015 when it was still a Kickstarter. We run 4 devices in the home and 3 of those we use TV and...
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    Movie Poster integration

    I am setting up my home theater and found this really cool software that shows movie posters on a monitor/LCD screen. I have it setup to integrate with kodi however when I play a stream the movie poster does not show up. Whats cool about the software is that is cycles thru alot of movieposters...
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    Can I use restore on adbfire to move a FireTV backup to a Fire Tablet?

    Howdy folks, So, in my house I use 3 Firesticks and 1 Fire TV box and all work great (thanks to all the wonderful things you guys have done here). I spent a bit of time figuring out what I like and what works for my family (been using XBMC/Kodi for years now) and created my setup on one of the...
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    How to share a folder between android boxes for Super Favourites

    I have 3 android boxes and 1 windows PC running Kodi and I'm trying to set up the Super Favourites add-on so that it shares one folder between all. WOW this is fighting me every step of the way. I have network storage on a D-link router but I could not get that to show up on Kodi android boxes...
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    Music Library Issue

    OK first off, sorry if Im asking in wrong place (dont just mean thread, mean forum & sites overall lol) Im a longtime Kodi/xbmc user (windows & linux) & have (generally) always figured stuff out for myself or found the answer in the kodi wiki or right here on this excellent forum (bit of...
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    In the market for another Set Top Box?

    Hey guys: I've been using kodi for a while now with the tvaddons front and center!!! I am currently running it on my fire tv. I would like to try running it on something different so I don't have all that Amazon crap in my face when I turn it on. There's plenty of other boxes out there to...
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    Kodi on Apple TV 4

    Hi all, While I know that Kodi on Apple TV 4 (non-jailbroken) is not supported currently, I decided to put it on anyway. My question is in regard to the developer's account. I know that the free account is valid for 7 days before I have to re-sideload Kodi to continue using it. If I choose...
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    small hp remote does not work on osmc

    I am not sure if this is the right forum to ask this question . I downloaded osmc and tv addons wizard edition on a raspberry pi 1 and tried to set up remote in osmc with full lircd but it wont work I have a remote board installed in raspberry pi . mouse works with a wireless dongle and...
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    Help with UpnP and Default selact action

    Hi guys trying to figure out if it is possible to use the default select action of show information over a UPnP path. I set both my windows server and my mxq pro Android box video settings in file lists for the default select action to show information. It works for local files on each device...
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    Android box with 5TB Seagate Expansion Drive - Cannot download anything

    Hi. I'm new here but not really new to Kodi or Android. I've been running an android box for about a year and have been using multiple USB sticks that I have sorted into genres. So.. I decided to stop playing musical drives & I bought a 5tb Seagate Expansion drive. I changed my paths in...
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    Kodi smb windows 10 issue

    Hello All: Using Kodi Android, sharing from windows 10 pc, using smb, pc is logged in with local account, everthing was okay, now I can see some of the shared folders , but no files, increased the (IRPStacksize) various times, I can see about 10 folders no content, .sometimes I get invalid...
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    Solved updating apps

    I have had a problem with exiting kodi for ages . I saw a fix here but no one has confirmed it Apps update all the time .one is TVGuide but it needs to be done manually. Before you exit kodi go to kodi/system/addons/available updates . Then update. You can now close kodi.