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    Kodi on Chromebook

    My friend put Kodi on my new Chromebook for me. But since it can't unzip files and Kodi addons are zip files, is there a way to use Kodi and your awesome addons. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum.
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    Can Kodi Connect to Bluetooth Speakers

    I'm running OSMC on Raspberry Pi2 I have a bluetooth 4.1 dongle and in the 'My OSMC' menus, bluetooth is configurable, it will scan and detect my android phone and my bluetooth speaker. From what I think I am seeing in the Kodi bluetooth implementation, it will accept bluetooth connections for...
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    External hard drive recognized but unable to use

    I have an external hard drive hooked up to my remix android mini pc. Kodi has recognized this (and still does)but recently I am unable to download any media to it (from Kodi). The problem, I think, is from when I recently deleted the File Manager folder shortcut from the remix mini pc's...
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    Screen Resolution Issue on External Monitors & Smart Screens

    Hi Folks and would appreciate some help :confused:. I have been using KODI for a while all OK. The OS is Windows 7 Professional. I have now installed Freetelly and uninstalled the KODI original. When I play a film the active screen within the Freetelly window is approximately filling only...
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    Using Kodi with a Satellite Internet Connection

    Hello, I wasn't sure where this was best posted. Hopefully I've guessed correctly. I am going to be moving to a remote area of Wyoming. And I've just learned internet is only going to be available via a Satellite connection. Does anyone have experience using Kodi via a satellite...
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    Aftv 4k

    Hi All, I've got 1st & 2nd gen AFTV boxes which I'm more an happy with. The recent update has seen the newer 4K box lose the Kodi shortcut and everything I've tried can't get it back. It's not a huge issue but having to go into settings and managed installed apps is a pain! Anyone else been...
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    Mouse Toggle for Fire TV w/

    Is anyone else having issues with Mouse Toggle for Fire TV working with I can't seem to get the app on phone to respond to be used. It says everything is "OK" but the app doesn't change to be usable. Also, my stick is not rooted. Not sure if that makes a difference?
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    Kodi no longer working on Fire TV

    Well Kodi has been working fine on my Amazon Fire TV for a while now. But today after I came home from work, it no longer works. Everytime is I try to launch Kodi, it gives me a black screen and then kicks me back out to the Fire TV menu. All the other Apps like Netflix still work fine. Any idea...
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    Hello I am very new to kodi and would like to cast to a smart TV through WiFi. I have watched some youtube tutorials, and had a read up on the TV ADDON site. My problem is I am unable to enable Zeroconf, when I try a dialogue box pops up in the right bottom corner saying" Zeroconf failed to...
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    AVOV - Add TV Shows to Library

    Hello Everyone, Not sure if i am posting in the right section (please move if not) I have come a unique issue that i would like your help with Currently i have AVOV box, an Andriod Phone & a PC All of the devices above have kodi 16.0 On my PC i built/ customize my kodi using Mimic skin in...
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    Bluetooth sound with fire stick Netflix but no sound on kodi

    Ever since i upgraded to jarvis, my Bluetooth doesn't work on kodi. I'll hear my scrolling and click sounds but once i stream in an addon there is nothing. I had repaired it and rebooted several times and gotten it to work the other day and now it's mute again. And again, there are no Bluetooth...
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    TV series not showing under TV Shows heading

    I just added all of my TV shows from a directory on a hard drive attached directly to my device. Only a few Names/Titles show up under the TV Shows heading; and those are incomplete. I can see them all, and play any of them when I go into "Files" under Video, but when I click on the TV Shows...
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    Please can I ask about connecting Keyboards in this thread?

    Hi - I'm not new to Kodi but I'm having an issue I can't resolve. I've just bought a Metal GTQ 4K Smart Android 5.1 Lollipop Quad Core TV Box 2G+8GB R4DO - which is a lovely thing. Have installed Jarvis and it's working a treat. But whatever I try I can't get my old WiFi Mini-Keyboard to...
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    HDMI blinking on/off video

    I'm having issues with the video part with my hdmi connection. Anyone have a resolution for this?
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    Kodi and MediaPortal

    Anyone out there using Kodi and MediaPortal? I read about WMC support going away and have tried repeatedly to install MP to work with Kodi. I have a dedicated HTPC running Windows 7 on an Intel I5 and two Home Run Extend tuners (each with two tuners for a total of 4). My wife has used WMC for...
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    mele f10 remote deluxe

    Just got this remote everything works accept the home button... also when the cursor is on and I go to scroll down the cursor disappear? Not sure why so if anybody has one please chime in... the clicking works to go up or down..l am running Kodiak Jarvis 16.3 r c with a q box if that helps...
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    Search for media on one kodi device and play on another kodi device

    Hi, I have kodi installed on android phone, laptop and pi2 connected to tv. I there any way search for media via kodi on phone and play result on kodi installed on pi2.... similar to the youtube app pairing. Thanks Suji
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    Path to WdCloud

    I have a WDcloud setup, I have set up and kodi finds the drive but When I try to dnld the path is incorrect. I see wdcloud as the device but the path should be wdcloud\tv or wdcloud\movies or wdcloud\pictures ect. I can not find where to alter or enter the path from just wdcloud? Where do I...
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    external HD not recognized

    I have 2 external HD im trying to connect to my android pivos box using xbmc. They are both a usb drive that power themselves . I go to video then files,then add video and my drives are no where to be found. If i go root they are both there but it doesnt show my files. I have folders in them...
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    I have k16 on firestick with fusion how can I get blue tooth to work.thank you.