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    Can I install Kodi on a smart tv??

    Hi guys, Please excuse me if this has been asked before... I have installed Kodi on my Firestick but was wondering if I could directly install it onto a Samsung UE40H6400 tv? Many thanks
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    smb, ntfs, fat32 on usb

    I have searched and see a reference to smb format on usb for xmbc. I have a fire stick and use a netgear r7000 router on vpn. I think i understand that there is a place in xmbc to set the path to the usb? But I am unclear as to if the usb thumb drive HAS to be formatted to SMB? Can it be...
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    external hd set up on x4

    can anyone advise on setting up seagate 1tb ext. hd to my cyclone x4. have got as far as root file system ,mnt but it does,nt show sda1 as it does on the root page
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    Recording antenna tv through kodi

    Nextpvr works great on a windows 8 computer with a Hauppauge usb recording stick. I've been wanting to try this for years now. I knew there was a way to watch tv through kodi. As most of you know windows media center doesn't work that we'll any more. They use a different company for the guide...
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    Is it possible to include tvmc in Openelecs "live" boot?

    I would like to make a live usb stick I can plug into any computer. Is it possible to include tvmc in that configuration?
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    Upnp not working

    I have kodi 14 installed and running on both my windows 7 pc (server) and a matricom g box q (client). I have my libraries set up on my server, but when I try to add a upnp source on my client, nothing shows up. I have watched the videos on how to do this and googled like mad, but I can't...
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    TV addons working on WeTek Play?

    Im using the addons on my PC with KODI and I was looking to get a box for my TV. Wetek looks promising, but will all the addons work with this box as it is not x86. I do not have any experience with these android boxes, so if anyone has some info it will be appreciated.
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    Gigabyte Brix GB BXi3 4010 Running Kodi need help!

    Ok installed Kodi onto this device Gigabyte But when I use the Projector mode I get buzzing (seems to be from speakers) with no sound when watching anything But when using HDMI it works with no issues Is there any settings I need to change? I dont really want to install any OS just use Kodi on...
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    Building a firmware for tv box's

    I see the matricom box ,g-box midnight mx2 and I want to know whats so special about this tv box compared to others , but also I would like to know how to build firmware , just like the matricom box , but cooler and better. What don I need to learn.
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    How to copy addons that are on another box to another box with a external device?

    I am helping people with their tv boxes , as they would like to have the same addons that I am having , I was wondering whether or not there is a faster way , by using an external device or any other way that would allow me to transfer my addons to their addons. Instead of adding them one by...
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    Using Kodi on multiple devices?

    I am running Kodi 14.1 on my Windows computer. I just bought an Android Tablet. I have loaded Kodi onto it. Is there an easy way to add all my addons and show libraries etc onto the Tablet?
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    Samsung wand remote?

    Samsung wand remote? (cec/air remote) I'm currently using my samsung remote normally to control xbmc, but it has a cool pointer/wand thing it does on the tv, basically you can use the remote as a mouse. I was wondering if that was possible to implement into xbmc?
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    Pvr setup?

    How do you set this up on a gbox q? Do you need a external drive? Any help would be nice ... Thanks
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    Yatse remote won't connect

    Hi all, I have been using the yatse remote a while now but yesterday it stopped working and now I've noticed that when I boot up kodi I get a webserver error followed by a commoncache error? Is this why I can't connect my device to my droid TV box? How do I fix this. Thanks.
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    Apple Aiport Extreme

    I have BT Infinity 2 which i was running with the Homehub3 router which has a QNAP NAS attached via an 8 port switch,i also have 3 XBMC boxes attached swell as having XBMC running on my iMac. I have since switched the Homehub 3 for a Apple Airport Extreme,my problem is that when i export my...
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    Box Not Working

    Hello, sorry if I have posted this in the wrong part of the forum, my friend who originally helped me with buying and setting up my mx box Linux for tv no longer lives in Spain. The picture of the penguin comes onto the tv screen following by XBMC in big letters, and at the bottom of the screen...
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    Forgive my ignorance, please!

    I am a somewhat technology challenged senior citizen trying to save expenses by cutting my cable tv. I have an extremely dumb question. I managed to download the software onto my PC (Windows 8.1) but I just don't understand how it connects to my TV. Do I need a smart TV or do I have to...
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    Mouse 'right click' failure

    Hello.. I'm running XBMC on a Minix Neo X8-h box that came with 'XBMC for Minix' pre-installed. Everything operates as it should except for the 'saving to favourites' feature. When I right click the mouse it always returns me to the previous menu, regardless of what menu I am in. Right...
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    Opinions on the Mele F10?

    I am considering buying a Mele F10 but I am worried by the vague pictures and descriptions I am finding about which buttons do what on the front (navigation side?). This is the remote I currently use and I love it but...
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    XBMC 13.2 ported for Asustor AS-608T NAS - Anyone?

    Was wondering if anyone would like to try to port XBMC 13.2 beta 2 to Asustor AS-608T NAS? It runs a x86 x64 configuration as far as I can see. Here is a little info on it: It because the latest port for Asustor NAS is 12.3 which sucks with a...