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    What is the right choice for wireless keyboards?

    So I have decided to keep my laptop connected to my TV and control it wirelessly (from the couch). I have narrowed my options down to these 5 and would love to hear your thoughts, experiences and feedback. *Hausbell Mini H7 *IClever IC-RF01 *Favi FE02RF-BL *Logitech K400 *Rii Mini i10 Thanks...
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    Android xbmc media player lost USB directories

    Hello I have been playing around with my media player! using xbmc android I have managed to loose a path to the usb drives that plug into it, they can be found using the os, before i think it was called home directory, the usb is mounting ok as a message pops up. After loosing them I did a fresh...
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    Using remote Windows Server as video source?

    Hi all, I'm a XBMC newbie, I searched but couldn't find answer so have created this for some advice, hopefully its in the most appropriate place, If not please move. I would like to use one of my remote servers as a video source (Windows Server 2008 R2 or 2012 R1) and was wondering what would...
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    Network Hard Drive

    I have a dumb question I have a belkin router that supports a Hard Drive which I can see from all my Computers. Do I need a router that is media based ? I just want my other XBMC devices to see it. Don't plan on streaming outside of my home.
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    Problems using android remote to control xbmc on iPad

    Hello everyone, new guy here. I have this mind-buggling issue for days now. Perhaps someone here knows the answer? I installed 2 remote control apps (the official xbmc one and Yatse) on my Android phone (Android 4.2.1). With this I can use it to remote control XBMC on my pc, so far so good...
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    Streaming/airplay xbmc

    Hello I have xbmc on my S4, I have a Samsung smart tv connected to router, when watching movies/ tv shows i connect my phone to TV via Mhl > Hdmi cable to watch(works fine), Question, I stream wirelessly to tv from my S4?
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    Media Streaming to and from Android Smartphones

    I'm having a rather big problem with XBMC, I'm using version 12.2 of Frodo. I can with ease stream video etc from my htpc to the phone and remotely control xbmc via the phone, it's an LG E612 running jellybean 4.1.2. However one cannot stream anything on the phone to xbmc to view. I've...
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    As promised my full review of the MOI Streaming Device. I am in no way affiliated with TBS or the MOI streaming box and this review is an honest and open opinion made from my own findings with the MOI. TBS sent me a box to test so that I could share my findings with the XBMCHUB, after I was...
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    Launch specific Addons from remote

    Hi all I was wondering if there is a way to launch specific add ons - i.e. Na*i-X, 1Ch**nel Muchmovies etc from a single press using an iOS remote app? Currently i use the official XBMC remote app on an iPad and iPhone. Also i have a universal remote app called rule which can use ethernet...
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    XBMC official remote issue

    I'm using the XBMC official remote for my ipad mini I love it however lately when I select a movie from a video add on it starts to load I hear the movie sound , but then nothing when I click on my PC the app crashes ?
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    Microsoft Media Center Remote Question

    I installed XBMC remote app from the Google Play Store on my HTC One and find that it works rather nicely. This works ok if I don't have my dedicated remote nearby. The remote I have been using initally came with my Dell XPS that was an XP box when it was built in 2006 (still works fine) but I...
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    Will it work on Satellite box

    Hi, I have an Amiko SHD 8900 Satellite box and would like to know if it is possible to run XBMC on it and if so how would you install it. regards walsheb
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    XBMC and IP Cameras (axis)

    After rewiring our house with Cat 6a, Xbmc is running great plugged directly into ethernet. I have also added 3 ubiquity wireless access points and 4 Axis IP cameras to monitor the interior and exterior, mostly watching my 4 kids. I would like to know if there is a way to view the Ip cameras...
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    Just got a Mele F10 pro remote!

    I just got my Mele F10 pro remote :) But does anyone have a good keymap or knows the best way to set it up?
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    iPhone using XBMC Remote Control App used to work - Now it quit working

    I use my iPhone with the XBMC app from the app store to remote control my raspberry. It has worked fine on several different raspberries, wired and wireless connections both work fine. My iPhone searches and finds the I.P. address of the raspberry, but now it will not connect. My laptop...
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    Advice needed I'm thinking of getting an Ouya?

    As the title says I am thinking of getting an Ouya console. Can anyone tell me what my options are in regards to installing XBMC on it? I would really like to keep the original bits and pieces it comes with so I can check out the games etc is that an option? Would appreciate some advice
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    How do I get my MacBook with XMBC play on my tv using Apple TV 3 ?

    How do I get my MacBook with XMBC play on my tv using Apple TV 3? Aptv3 see my xbmc for audio but not for video? Thanks in advance.
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    Which xbmc on galaxy s4. ? Pls help

    I have just bought samsung galaxy s4 to run xbmc on the go. But can't figure out which version to install. Does it have to be official release or xaf version. What's the difference. Plz help
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    Question about Hausbell Mini h7 and eventghost

    Hey all, So I just got myself a Hausbell Mini H7 from amazon and right off the bat it works great. Here is my issue though: I want to remap certain buttons to work exclusively in XBMC, but can't find a plugin that works with this remote in EventGhost. I've tried using "Keyboard", and...
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    Linking all XBMC boxes in the house?

    OK. I have been dancing around this issue and doing half-assed solutions for some time now. The sea of info out there has only confused me so I'm here to ask the pros. What I want to do is set all boxes in my home to use the same profile folder and the same library. My Ouyas are out of memory...