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    Samsung Galaxy 4, XBMC and Allshare Cast Dongle

    Hi Everyone I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 with XBMC installed. XBMC performance is out of this world and I was thinking about buying an Allshare Cast Dongle and then mirroring the screen with XBMC running Can anyone...
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    Using a N.A.S. externally

    The title says it all can it be done? I have a ton of content that I would love to be able to get to when not at home.
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    Leap Motion(Tony Stark Engine) on XBMC?

    Will it work? any advantages, disadavantages u guys may see. the only issue i see would be that if ur seating on the sofa, and the device is not wireless ull need to run some usb cords or something also i heard it needs to be kept away from light???
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    hdd issues

    I have a gbox midnight runing on j1nx linux and 3 external hdd when i switch on the hdd if there not switched on in a certain order the movies shows up as invald paths in the movies library. Is there any way of matchin each hard drive to a usb port such as usb0 usb1 and usb3 so i can leave the...
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    Enable my Galaxy S4 to screen through my XBMC

    I still can't work out how to enable my Galaxy S4 to screen through my XBMC -
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    What is the best air remote for xbmc

    I want to know what is the best air remote for xbmc and if you know where can i buy one?
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    XBMC With Control4 Integration...

    Does anyone else on here use the IP Driver From Alan Chow with there control4 automation systems? IF so has anyone had any luck figuring out a way to have the Media info auto input into the C4 system. I have tried all xbmc driver i could find any no luck. I know its a possibility due to the...
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    Setup Xbmc as a server client system

    I am new to the forum and could not find the appropriate area for my question, so ADMINS feel free to relocate. My current XBMC system is a MacMini running 12.2 with aeon MQ4 and the new xbmchub wizard. I also have 3 Apple TV's 1st generation. I currently have them all setup similar for the...
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    New XBMC remote app for Ipad

    I found a kinda cool new remote app. It's called XBMC Touch. It's free and it kinda cool. I haven't checked out all it can do but thought I'd share :)
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    Fanart on 3 devices

    Don't know if this is the correct section. I am running 3 xbmc openelec boxes,2 raspberry Pi and a HTPC all connected to my network and using the same NAS for media.Is it possible to sort the fanart on 1 and the others to pick it up or do I have to do all 3 seperate?
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    Raspberry Pi - I want to add USB Hard Disk

    My Rasspberry is running raspbmc. I have 8Gig SD (system) card and 8Gig USB stick (storage), I have a non-powered hub, and a powered SATA USB drive. I want to use the USB drive for storage, do I remove the USB 8 Gig stick and just use a USB hard drive? or should I leave it as is, since it works...
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    remote control

    I am trying to make it so that I can control my xbmc box from my laptop. I followed the directions here: but when I type in the xbmc server's IP, does not appear but rather...
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    Android App Launcher

    Sorry, I Think I posted in the wrong area first... Thanks for all the great reading which helped me setup my MK808 Android TV stick to be running XBMC. Everything is working great, also external players so full hardware decoding and many tweaks to the skin. The last piece is the ability to...
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    Samsung Smart TV Mirroring

    Hi, I just bought a Samsung Smart TV and I was wondering if Gotham will have a feature to push the content of what ever I'm watching on my iPad to my Samsung TV. Screen mirroring is a great feature but I only have iOS devices. =( I do have access to my XBMC library but i would like to push...
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    Samsung GalaxySIII

    I have just bought a Samsung Galaxy SIII (yay) and I am trying to install XBMC on it (it would be sacrilege not to). However, after going to the download site whenever I try to install the Android version I get parsing errors. It seems that this version does not like my phone. I have plenty of...
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    Accessing MKV files from the PC via Mygica 510b Linux flash

    is there any way to network my XMBC box to my laptop in order to add or stream the files I need without having to add them to the sd card manually
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    Suggestions Needed For Which Device a Noob Can Use This Software?

    I have a massive problem which has thrown me and I need your help. I have just found XMBC and I had planned on buying an Apple TV today. However, after extensive research it appears that the new version 1080P TV3 cannot be jailbroken and it doesn't look like it will ever be so no chance of...
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    Power Of the Ruspberry PI via android

    I have been reading around the different Websites I am picking up is that it is not a good idea to keep on pulling the power on the PI, as this might / will cause issues with the SD card. My setup is that I am powering the PI via the USB port from the TV, so even time I turn on my TV the PI is...
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    Consilium B: XBMC remote

    Hi! Anyone experience with Consilium B: XBMC remote? It looks really great, but does it also work like that?
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    upnp - iphone pictures to xbmc pictures, shows list, but no image (black screen)

    does anyone know why? i have the version of android the user friendly version xbmc which was on the xbmcandroid forum and i am runnning the latest jelly bean.