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    Internet network?

    It may be just a wacky idea, but would it be possible to play the media in my home PC over the Internet? I mean, I know it can be accessed locally, but say I take my XBMC system to work, and would like to access the media from my home PC there. Would it be possible? What would I need? Thanks.
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    Android Official XBMC Remote for Eden, where is it?

    Forgive me if I'm asking a stupid question but I've not got an Android phone, I tried to get the official XBMC remote on my sisters phone from the Google Play store but the version on there said its for Frodo and will cause weird behaviour on previous releases due to API changes, my sis has Eden...
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    send to xbmc plugins/addons/apps etc

    Also posted this on xbmc forums:: I love the feature of using outside programs to send links to xbmc and would like this to be explored more. Currently I use Play to xbmc in chrome Tube To TV in chrome...
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    ipad 2 ios 6.x, xbmc frodo 12 final to apple tv 3 full screen

    hey people, I jail broke an ipad 2 using evasi0n and I got xbmc frodo 12 final installed and everything is good as far as that goes but when I use airplay to play on my tv with apple tv 3 I cannot get it to play full screen. I looked all over the net and found many with the same problem. Does...
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    New Release - The Entertainment Injection

    ARE YOU READY TO EXPERIENCE THE ENTERTAINMENT INJECTION? Noli_Soco_So has released The Entertainment Injection, his own proprietary software for configuring and maintaining XBMC across multiple platforms to the public. Supported devices include Windows PC's, Linux PC's, Jailbroken Apple TV 1...
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    Yatse, great XBMC remote app (android)

    Hey check out Yatse on the play store. Very nice remote app for XBMC! Info:
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    How can I transfer movies to my Jynxbox?

    I am expecting my Jynxbox in the next week so I can't yet try this but was wondering how do I transfer files to my Jynxbox over the network.... Can I transfer with a FTP client as I now do with my WDTV? Or do I have to use Samba? Can I map the drives attached to my Jynxbox in Windows...
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    Ethernet connection or wireless?

    Hey guys I have a bit of a puzzler for ya! Already posted about having a external hard drive connected to my router and whilst I know I can not download directly to it from add ons, I am however able to copy from ATV2 to hard drive using file manager in XBMC. The problem I am having is that if I...
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    Setting path for downloads to external drive

    Hi, have recently added a external hard drive to my Bthub3 router so i can see it on my network, I have also added it as a source in file manager on XBMC! I have 2 queries that I need some help with, firstly I can copy files across from XBMC to external drive in file manager but however it is a...
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    XBMC HUB GIVEAWAY - read this or die ;) of jealousy

    So you either haven't seen this AWESOME NEWS: or you do not like AWESOME new stuff. We are going to give a FREE PIVOS BOX!!! I should see every user on this forum signing up for this good stuff. Costs you nothing, and takes next to no effort for you to be involved. Check the link below to the...
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    Playing films from my NAS through xbmc

    Hi I have a NAS drive which I want xbmc to find and play the movies and music which are stored on it. How can I do this?
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    Advanced Launcher

    Hey Devs, have anyone of you seen this XBMC integration using this type of launcher. Some of this stuff is really cool.
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    Caller ID integration with XBMC (voip)

    Looking for information or a direction on how best to implement this, if possible. I'm running XBMC (eden) on an ATV2. I've got a Linksys PAP2T ATA which is registered with I'd like a caller ID popup to show in XBMC. I could do this if I was running Asterisk locally, but I'm not...
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    a physical remote for xmbc linux / windows

    Is there any physical remote with an accompanying RF / IR rcver (usb) that i can hook up to my HTPC running xbmc? I dont want to use software based remotes over network, i want a physical remote and its rcver. Preferably something that will work with XBMC. i have seen a couple of remotes that...
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    Downloading to an external network drive (Nas)

    Hey Guys, recently read a post where someone was asking how to setup a download folder to an external drive, I know this is not possible in Atv 2 at the moment but the rumour was that Eldorado was working on a fix for this so just enquiring if there was any more news?
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    useing xbmc to stream the video/music stream to his tv via DLNA

    useing xbmc to stream the video/music stream to his tv via DLNA anyone no if this is possiable yet or will be in the future?
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    device playback option view xmbc on a dlna enabled tv is this possible?

    hi i would like to view xmbc to my samsung smart tv using what i think is called dlna basically with out the need for cables connecting my laptop to tv via hdmi
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    Xbmc android remote

    Who likes what? I am a fan of XBMC's official remote! A ton of features.
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    Xbmc ios remotes

    Who likes what? I am a constallation fan, myself.