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    Kodi install iPhone iOS 12.1.2

    What is the best way to install kodi on an iPhone 8+ running iOS 12.1.2 with using Cydia? I’ve tried using the BigBoss version but it won’t work. After install Kodi won’t open and when I go into settings and scroll down to my apps it’s not even there. Please help!
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    iOS: VideoDevil & Emplflix Script Error When Running

    I run Kodi on my iOS device downloaded from Build Store. My device is not jail broken. I’m having issues running two add-ons currently available for download from your repository. VideoDevil & Empflix both appear to install just fine but when I attempt to run either add-on I encounter an error...
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    macbook 10.10 installing skins crashes, kills kodi

    Howdy, i'd had a few issues with Kodi so i did a fresh start. Kodi loads no issue. If i try install any addons it just freezes & kills KOdi. I have app zapped all logs & files and have clean installed Kodi several times. Any help is appreciated. Would be nice to fix this.
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    Kodi on non jailbreak ipad

    I've read you can do this with Xcode 7 Is it possible to do with 6.2? My Mac won't handle the next upgrade and only have 10.10
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    Apple TV 4 - sideloading repositories - is it possible?

    Hi, need help installing an addon on my ATV-4 that requires a .zip repository to be downloaded first. Has anyone done that? Alex
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    Request Using (jailbroken) iPhone's data to supply wifi with "MyWi"

    Does anyone have a fix for me to watch USTVNOW on my firestick? I wish to ditch my expensive classic home internet and use my phone's unlimited data. Works fine using the phone, except for with USTVNOW. But, if I conect the firestick to my home's Internet... It DOES work. Any ideas PLEASE!!!😕
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    Can someone upload DanTheMan827's iOS App Signer?

    I'm trying to install Kodi on my iPad since I'm going to be on the road soon. I haven't been able to find any reliable mirror for the iOS App Signer and GitHub is currently down at the moment. Can someone upload it? Thanks.
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    Anyone Working On Addons For Kodi Apple TV 4

    I have Kodi Installed on the Apple TV 4. It is definitely a work in progress as a lot of addons such as Ic*f*lms, Spor**dev*l and N*viX currently do not work. They are using Kodi 17 Alphas as the base. Anyone have it installed on their ATV4? Let's get a discussion going...
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    Request Install Kodi on unjailbreaked iPad (Os 9.2), but without MAC to install Kodi.

    Hello! I've an iPad with OS 9.2. The iPad in unjailbreaked and I would like to install Kodi. I've found this tutorial but the requirements are a Mac to install Kodi. I've a PC with Windows I can I install Kodi without a Mac? Thank you, sc.
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    Where are security settings on Ipad

    Hi all, I installed Kodi on my Ipad 2 and have the icon on my desktop. When I click it, I get a pop up saying "untrusted developer". It's telling me I can allow it in settings. I cannot find anywhere in settings to allow it. Any suggestions, please? Thx! Found it! Nevermind.
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    Kodi on unjailbroken ipad

    I have managed to install kodi on 3 different iPhones but when I try installing it onto my iPad I get an error message saying "a valid provisioning profile for this executable was not found" Anyone any ideas where I'm going wrong or is there a different .deb file for an iPad?
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    mobile hotspot has sources, wifi-fed iPad suddenly has none?!

    Should I place my question here or in Kodi on android, hmm? Well, I am running a compiled Kodi on iOS9.1 on an iPad3. Works fine. Also a Kodi on Android 5.1. Also fine. Today I took the bus 500 km and watched Kodi on the iPad the whole way. Mobile hotspot on the phone. Signal dropped twice. I...
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    Request Install Kodi for iOS to your iPad or iPhone Without Jailbreak

    Hello everyone! I bought an iPad Pro and I want to install my old friend Kodi (Xbmc) without jailbreak I saw a tutorial in tvaddons site explaining how to do it with xcode. Is this working? Can I try it with IOS 9? Big thanks!
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    ATV4 MrMC

    Looks like davilla is testing a stripped down Kodi for the ATV4 app store. I'm not computer savvy but looks like the non-pirate add-on functionality will be there in order to be app store approved (something something python removed?) Any insight on how this might lead to tvaddons fork to move...
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    mirroring to the apple tv2 not working with ios9 on ipad jailbroken

    Okay as another thread here has been started about ios9 jailbreak for the ipad and kodi not working at the moment with the jailbreak for ios9. The ios jailbreak update for the ipad has now disabled airplay mirroring via the apple tv2 and only shows it as an audio device. You need to update the...
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    Jail broken iOS 9.02, but Lodi won't run

    Hi all, I have just upgraded my iPad to IOS 9.0.2 I only did t his as a jailbreak has been released for it. Jailbreak was successful and cydia loaded fine. I downloaded kodi and the app shows on my screen but when l try to run it the screen flashes black for a second and then goes back to...
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    slow 3g speed

    hi maybe someone can help me understand something. when i use kodi on my iphone my speeed slows down and i can not watch anything. when i use my vpn my speed stay as it should be. could my carrier be slowing me down when i use kodi. if does my vpn hide my kodi usege from me carrier
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    Python upgrade,

    Hi there anybody who reads this. I'm having issues on kodi 15 iseengard. I'm running an iPad Air on 7.1.1 . I used to be able to access certain add ons but now it seems I can't .anyway I've asked for help and the very kind person examined my log report and found that an old python version was...
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    Kodi taking up 7gb on iPad.

    Hope someone can help. I have Kodi installed on my 16gb iPad 3. I use 1Ch**nel, genesis, ice films and Spo*ts De*il to stream. Never download. I don't know how. I noticed before that my 'documents and data' when plugged into iTunes was 8.5gb. I thought it was odd since I only have a 15...
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    IPAD not supported with Isengard

    I have a jailbroken ipad and tried to load Kodi on it. Went through all the steps and even had the icon on ipad. However, when I click on it nothing happens. I am thinking it is because they it is not supported anymore. How can I use Cydia and load 14.2 instead of 15.0 Isengard? Is it...