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    Why kodi is only available on jailbreak ios devices?

    Hi Why kodi is just available on jailbreak ios device? Is it because the program must access in low level the hardware Or it is a question to distribute it? What i mean is Apple do not want it in their store? If so vshare could may be the place? Thanks Regis
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    Kodi won't work for me no matter what I try?!!!

    Hi guys - please, I'm going crazy - can someone please help me. I was running an old version of XBMX on an ATV2 (years ago) and everything worked fine. Then a new version (Gotham or Frodo or something came out) and I've never been able to get it working again since. I have basically been...
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    Ipad slim with 8.3 version

    Can someone tell me if (ipad slim with 8.3 ) can be jailbroken so to put XBMC or KODI on this device? Thank you Dotsadie
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    Can KODI Helix be installed on an iOS jailbroken Device?

    Hi Peps, Is the above possible? So you just do it in the same way you would if your where installing XBMC before KODI was released? Thanks in advanced.
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    Where are installed the addons on iphone

    Hi Where are installed the addons in an iphone I will like to know the files location please Regis
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    kodi wont load

    i have a mac desktop and I'm trying to get kodi installed on it. So when i download the file to my computer it says its not recognizing the file.Has anyone had this problem installing kodi on a mac desktop before? I had the old frodo on there but i trashed it and was trying to upgrade my software .
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    Any zoom feature on IOS ?

    Hi, My eyes are ok but will like to have when possible some kind of a zoom feature if possible thanks Regis
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    [SOLVED] Help with navigating settings on iPad please

    Hi I'm new user on here and having probs with settings in genesis . When you click on setting in genesis you have tabes like bellow General - playback - movies - tv > That arrow icon is blue in settings how do I get it to move to the right so I can get to trakt tv settings I think after tv...
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    ooohhh ggooddd how can u change the url on an ipad within xbmc when the kb wont work.

    Yes,... most people would have come to the conclusion that I have hardly any hair left, I am desperately trying to change the url of ice-films... I tried changing from confluence to touched, that was no good, as I still cannot scroll over to the right far enough, so I tried a bluetooth...
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    iPad to Apple TV airplay

    iPad to Apple TV ? Airplay Hi. Anyone tried this ? I want to get the iPad Air. And airplay to a Apple TV , Would like to know how we'll this works airplay to Apple TV from iPad. Using xbmc , Ta
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    IOS 8 problems? :-(

    Hi all, just updated to ios 8 and jailbroke my ipad mini (1st gen) after waiting a few weeks. I then downloaded XBMC from Cydia, all seemed to go well but the app doesnt show up on my ipad? Weird thing is, in Cydia XBMC is showing up as installed, so it appears to be installed but I cant use...
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    AddOns shuts down Kodi

    AddOn shuts down Kodi Hi guys Fresh jailbreak of an iPad2 with Pangu followed by an install of Gotham 13.2. With the Wizard currently down I thought I'd try a couple music AddOns to the install to start. Jazz Radio for some reason crashes Kodi every time while Radio Tunes for example works...
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    Could not retrieve file directory this could be because the network is not connected

    Ok here I go, I am having a very unusual problem. It's driving me nuts so I hope someone can help me. So I have now successfully installed xbmc with Fusion, ******, on my gbox midnight mx2 and now I have installed on my iPad Air. When I go to input the sources I am getting a "could not retrieve...
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    Have an older Intel Mac Mini

    ***Deleted, don't waste your time here.*** ***Deleted***
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    mag 250

    is possible to install xbmc on a mag 250?
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    Connecting to 3G on iphone 4

    Hi guys, I've just installed xbmc on my iphone 4 but don't seem to be able to connect to the internet through 3G, do I have to use wifi? I've searched the forum but can't see anything about this? Thanks. Anthony.
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    Iphone 3gs unlock and jailbreak

    I got an iphone 3gs 16gb and i want to unlock it and jailbreak it for it to work on Tmobile. Its updated to the latest software. Does anyone have the link to unlock/jailbreak it? It would really help me out. Thanks
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    IOS 7.1.1 jailbreak released
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    Ipad mini2

    Small problem maybe,repos wont force refresh and getting a couple popups ,one being something about an alarm being set for 120, an one for " unmet dependencies do you want to disable "demjson" addon ,which ive no idea where it is ,and i carnt disable it cos it keeps returning.any ideas ,maybe...
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    inxtall xbmc on ipad 2 running ios 7.1

    hey guys can I get xbmc on my ipad 2. it has ios 7.1 installed now any help on how to do this with links would be great. Thanks