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    inxtall xbmc on ipad 2 running ios 7.1

    hey guys can I get xbmc on my ipad 2. it has ios 7.1 installed now any help on how to do this with links would be great. Thanks
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    iPad Gothan - Script Failed! *plugin name"

    Hi guys. Had frodo for ages and have always been using ice films or 1Ch**nel because they just work for me and what I need. I upgraded to Gotham 13 yesterday and now whenever I try to use either of them I just get a "script failed" error message. I've read as many threads as I can but most seem...
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    Script errors in Gotham

    Hi does anyone know whether there is a patch for only some ios devices in certain countries when they perform a super search...the logfile refers to a locale error? Only occurs with gotham Thanks
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    Digital av adapter

    I have an iPad 2 with xbmc. Just curious on having. My ipad connected to cable and out to tv anyone have done it?
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    Jail Breaking older iPod

    Hi All: I have an older 3G iPod Touch and before I run into any potential issues, will this evasi0n jailbreak work on anything lower than what's noted in the requirements? The software is currently at 5.1.1 and according to the device is up to date. Should I be good to go, I'm guessing anything...
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    iphone 4s

    hi everyone i need some help i have iphone 4s running ios 7.1 and apple tv 1st gen with xbmc frodo installed but every time i air play to my apple tv i get sound but no picture is there a fix for this thanks
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    Airplay Fast Forward/Seeking Problems

    Hi all, I am having a problem I can't seem to find the answer for. I am using a jailbroken iPad mini running XBMC Gotham beta that I airplay/mirror to my aTV 3. I mainly use it to stream from Ic*f*lms. The problem is that I cannot fast forward or skip forward. Same goes for the rewind...
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    be honest what is the best box android for xbmc out in market .

    plz state your honest opinion also important the remote controle ?
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    be honest what is the best box android for xbmc out in market .

    plz state your honest opinion also important the remote controle ?
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    Xbmc keeps disappearing!?

    8 times out of 10 xbmc keeps crashing to home screen when trying to launch, then disappears after you reboot the device. Have to reinstall it again, then shows again, but after a while happens all over again! It's becoming frustrating! Anyone have the same issue? I'm using Iphone 5s 7.0.5.
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    ipad size mismach

    Hi Guys! I have jailbroken my Ipad 4th gen, and i can't install xbmc??? it will start downloading and then i get a size mismach error. I tried everything (reboots, factory reset and jaibreak again, nothing). I also tried installing Cydia Substrate with the same error message. Anyone has any...
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    Installing nightly build

    How do you install nightly builds on iPad with ios7? I have seen video posts of a someone demonstrating browsing to and installing from the landing page using ifile. But when I try to do this safari won't let me access this page? Am I missing something.
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    ssh apple tv 1st generation password and user name

    front row did not do it can not ssh in my apple tv 1st generation . anyone know? how thx
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    no sound on ipad after xvmc installation

    no sound on ipad after xbmc installation (SOLVED) i jailbrok my iupad instal xbmc i play movies or anything no sound . i get the sound if i use youtube normal but not when im in xvmc any help plz .
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    forget me ;)

    fusion has no mash up neither other instler so how to instal stand alone the add-on thx
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    I have an iPad 2 air playing across to an ATV2, I understand the mirroring option isn't available but I have no 'display 2' option in my display settings..?
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    ipad air

    hi i have jail broken my i pad air everything went well installed xbmc installed fusion i have real debird account but when i go to resolver settings in the 1 channel to put in my email and password i can not navigate throw the menu is there anyway i can do this ?
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    Airplay iPad Mini to ATV3

    Hi guys, just introduced my self in the Introduction Forum, but just thought id ask the question in a more relevant thread, So i have an ipad mini, all jailbroken and running XMBC just fine, but i have a problem with Airplaying videos from Ic*f*lms for example, when i goto airplay a movie, i...
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    Air ipad running 7.03 trouble with xbmc

    I'm not for sure if my problem is related to this, but I have ipad air, 7.03, i jailbroke , went thru all the steps of installing but when i try to open the XBMC icon, it comes on flashes and then it goes off. Can someone help me with this, Thanks
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    Jailbreak Ipad 1st Gen running 5.1.1

    Hi Guys, Just bought the above second hand and am looking to install XBMC but cannot find a info for the JB (I assume the new evasion JB is specific to the new ios), can anyone direct me to the required software and guide please ? Thanks.