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    ipad game

    hi all have you ever heard MiniBattle HD, it is a cute & fun game to play alone & with friends. You can play the game in single player mode or have your friends join in and enjoy MiniBattle HD in multi player mode. The game offers a lot of accessories and items for you to try and enjoy. All that...
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    Jailbreak appletv3

    Chip Jailbreak Team True or not?
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    how do i get xbmc to work on my ipad

    Hi everyone. I downloaded XBMC for the oipad through cydia a long time agi buyt could never get a thing to work on it. i eneded up deleting it out of frustration but now i hear its super easy to get addons on the xbmc. Is there a tutorial anywhere that clearly shows how to put addons and N*vi X...
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    Problem with fusion and addons with ipad

    For some reason when rebooting my ipad,for some reason it went back to factory settings. Although I still had XBMC, I lost 1Ch**nel, N*viX,Ic*f*lms and fusion. I went to the tutorial for adding fusion which I typed in and it showed but when going to addons it did not come up with load from zip...
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    setting up Wake on LAN from ios official xbmc remote app

    can anyone help me set up the ios official remote app for xbmc to work via wake on LAN i have a Revo rl700 with openelec installed and am wanting th turn the system on and off from standby via the remote app can anyone give e a how to?
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    watch films full screen ipad

    Is it possible to watch films full screen on Ipad? I seem to get picture in letterbox type when viewing with mirroring to tv.
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    installing fusion on ipad

    Hi I have a ATV3,ATV2,an ipad and a iphone. I have xbmc on the ATV2 but obviously not on the ATV3. to be able to watch xbmc on the ATV3 I want to have it installed on my ipad so that it can be mirrored to my tv in another room. I am part way there but will need help to complete this project...
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    iPad 2 fusion install problems!!!!

    Hi first of all I have read many topics which have successfully helped me jailbreak and install xmbc on my 16gb ipad2 all have been great thanks. The problem I am having is I have added fusion and when I come to install from zip file fusion is blank and there are no files being displayed. I have...
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    iPad mini and iTV already in ‘full production’

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    XBMC problems on iPad w/

    I'm having problems viewing any add-on videos on my iPad w/5.1.1. After installing XBMC along with any video add-ons, the video never plays. It will read "loading" and display "playing in the left upper corner", but stop and return to the selection of videos. If I were to keep selecting the...
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    were are advanced settings when installing on ios iphone 4s

    were are advanced settings that i need to use for ios on iphone 4s
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    How to get the resolver (with real-debrid) installed on iPad 3?

    I have recently installed xbmc on my ipad 3. I was able to put all add-ons from fusion hub, but the resolver in all the programs does not have real-debrid. There is only five in the resolver (zshare, zalaa, YouTube, Xvidstage, vimeo). Luckily Ic*f*lms allows the input of real-debrid. Does anyone...
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    how to force update a repository in XBMC on iPad

    I need to update anarchintosh repository in order to get Ic*f*lms video add-on to work. On AppleTV, it is fairly easy, you just need to long-press menu button of the remote control to bring up the menu and click "force update". However, i wouldn't find a way to do that on iPad, it simple...
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    Xbmc corrupted on my ipad2?

    I have a problem that everytime I start xbmc a window comes up up like the window you get when you click on a movie link to chose the server then after a sec the normal xbmc window comes up and today there was a Ic*f*lms update and it didn't want it to auto update I had to update it my self I...
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    iPad Fusion

    Hi I have a jail broken iPad and was wondering can I install addons via Fusion Regards
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    All things jailbreak

    For all things related to jailbreaking this device, please visit our sister site: Jailbreak Apple Tv Our goal is to maintain this site as the premier location for all things XBMC! Likewise Jailbreak Apple TV is the premier location for all things Jailbreak related!