kodi addon request

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    Blacklist addons

    I am new to kodi an my daughter has add-ons that are now blacklisted how do I delete them and what is a good new movie add-on for new movies?
  2. C

    No zip files

    Hi, I have a Kodi box running Krypton v17.6, which has hd a few problems recently, and as it was behaving a bit strange. So I reset some stuff, and I wanted to load a few things back on. But I have followed the instructions on several videos but no zip files show, whatever URL I put in. I can...
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    Simple Video player

    Okay. I have no idea where to go with this but it is driving me insane that I dont have the knowledge to it. So what Im looking for is a video player add-on like the many that exist. With basic options.. Movies/ tv shows... Like netflix. Thats its. Easy interface and light weight. Now comes...
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    Add-on Requests

    I am mortified to say that I just found Kodi...but I love it. I have two requests to make for add-ons: Reelz and Soap Opera. Thanks so much for the work done by all of you.
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    Video Add-on Request: RTSH Live

    Hi, Can somebody please make a video add-on of RTSH with all live-streams they have? RTSH is a public broadcaster of Albania and has a really good program, including English movies and international sports coveragehttps://www.rtsh.al/rtsh-live/RTSH1-HD.html I use RPI3 with LibreELEC Thanks...
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    OTA Channel Links

    I am looking for any .m3u links or addons for any of the following : Me TV H&I Decades Justice Get TV This TV Escape Quest Movies Ion Buzzr Antenna Grit Laff Retro TV These are all free OTA channels available in most cities I have one room where rewiring for a cable is out of the question...
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    [REQUEST] Scraping addon for 1.Match of the day and 2 Channel5.com

    Hello Can anyone knock this one up? Got a great addon for BBC iplayer, but not these 2? The MOTD one would be great to scrape one of the 3rd party sites like motdstreams? cheers
  8. J


    Does anyone know why UK/Turk now needs a code to work
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    Rural TV?

    Is Rural TV out there still? I can't find it. I'd like to get RFD TV, and the Cowboy Channel at least. Maybe Larry the Cable Guy, or Dukes of Hazzard.
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    kodi 18 and APK files

    need help on this topic is their a way to install APK files directly in Kodi 18 thanks for any help
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    new build, need to find Golf Channel

    Howdy, having done a new build on my device i've lost access to the Golf Channel. I know it still exists as i can watch it thru Kodi on my laptop. I was in MIC (gone) i saved it as a favourite so i guess the path is stored in my faves. Does anyone know where i will find it now? Thanks in Advance
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    Addons for KODI Jarvis App

    Hi, I have just successfully downloaded the KODI Jarvis app to my Asus Tablet TF700. Can anyone please help which addons I can use to watch movies and live sports? If you could please send me the link whichone and how to add the addons that would be great as I am new to this hobby. Thanks for...
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    Serial Killers Addon?

    I was just wondering (desperately hoping) if the Serial Killer addon can get picked up by someone else or if it can come back? The Serial Killer lite is ok, but not the original..
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    Hunting shows

    Anything working? Where do I find it? Thanks
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    Request Patreon, Channel Awesome, SFDebris plugin request

    So I have been watching Channel Awesome videos for awhile - Nostalgia Critic, Nostalgia Chick (and now Lindsay Ellis's channel), Todd in the Shadows, Rap Critic, Linkara, Chris Stuckmann, and of course SF Debris. I even support many of the creators on their Patreon page. It would be nice if...
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    Developer Appreciation. What Can We do?

    I wanted to know if theres anyway to show appreciation to the developers of our favorite popular addons? Anything at all? Donations? I have my own website. If you can tell us what we can do to help?
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    Canada addons

    I guess none of the canada specific addons work anymore? Or do I not know how to use them? Ive been trying ***, PEAR, Canada on Demand but none work. Can someone fix that? Or make addon for CP24 at least since they stream free online. Its main news channel.
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    Request Is this for requesting addons custom?

    Is this section for asking for custom addons? If so it would be great if there was more support for 1ch pr!mew!re. Its the best. Clean format. Userfriendly. Why cant that be updated or integrated with Coven/Are$/Benn/[email protected]? Mobdino is a great start who ever made it. Would be great if more...
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    Request Looking for an addon like ustvnow but for directv now

    Looking for an addon like ustvnow but for directv now. I have a subscription but would like to have it run through Kodi not launch the app through Kodi. Could this be a reality? :confused: thanks,
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    Request request addon for tamil channels

    Hello there, can i request an add on from tamilhdtv . e u for the tamil channels there please. thanks