kodi addon request

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    VPN (Private Internet Access) addon

    maybe a long shot. But even those of us who can get this working need to go through tunnel.ko, then openvpn etc. and in a lot of cases - its not even possible to get this working (people using linux not android etc). so as there is a vpnicity add on, any chance of a pia one ?
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    Request TeamRock.com live streams and on demand

    TeamRock's main station is available on TuneIn and Radio addons but recently they don't pull over the artist and track info (it used to work) so Artist Slideshow doesn't work anymore :( It would be great if someone could create an addon that grabs the stream and artist info. Also, only the main...
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    Asian Drama & Movie HD

    Hi ^_^v Anyone can create addons for this website?.. myasiantv.com.. Thanks :D I cant watch Viki 480p anymore in my Raspi but working fine in my android phone.. I dont know what happen.. Both Openelec and OSMC got error.. Got DramaGo as alternative but video quality not good as Viki..
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    Someone might want to take this on

    Tons of movies and nothing else. No TV shows or music. http://ayyex.com/ I think it would make a good addon is someone might want to take it on. Thanks RR
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    Request Ditto tv Addon

    Can somebody make this addon from their website? dittotv.com...Thanks
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    Need Assistance Willing to Pay!

    If possible can someone help me compile a txt or m3u file of the Haitian channels from the sites above. I to be able to watch them using IPTV via a txt or m3u file. Most of the channels are listed through these 3 links. Appreciate anything you can do. Will to pay for your services...
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    app for watching multiple programs

    i`d love to see an app developed, that would allowed you to select several programs in a row and then run the app so you can watch them all, one at a time without having to search the data base of tv programs or movies, every time what you were watching is over. it can be a bit of a drag, when...
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    Foxtel go

    You think you can build a add-on for foxtel go? https://www.foxtel.com.au/got/support/tv/apps-extras/foxtel-go.html It will be really good if you could or know someone that could. Can just be play her in Australia but as foxtel is our cable TV here.
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    www.playmoss.com Provides an integrated playlist comprised of youtube, vimeo and soundcloud links. Anyone? I think the coding can be similar to or maybe easier than youtube plugin.
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    Can someone create a addon for projectfreetv.so? http://projectfreetv.so/ It would be a good alternative to the other project free that was shut down.
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    Request TSN GO and Sportset Now

    looking for someone to develop add ons for tsn go and sportsnet now. both are online versions of the respective canadian sports channels. you can watch them with a login so it would need to have login capability (i have personal logins but would like to be able to watch them through kodi not...
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    Philippines t.v help

    Hi I have found a few philippines channels in pinoy t.v, does anyone know any good sources for philippines t.v and Is abs-cbn on anywhere that would be a bonus. I found it in pinoy t.v but it won't work in there
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    Native American content

    Does anyone know where I can find Native American movies on Kodi? Or any Native American content?
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    Nat geo wild, travel ch, and cooking channel

    The first comes and goes, mostly goes. The next two impossible to find (they don't exist).
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    Request PS4 Remote Play addon?

    I hope this is not against any rules to ask about this, but after searching I have not seen any similiar threads......so here it goes.. I wanted to see if anyone is or can make an addon to connect/stream PS4 games to Kodi. I have Kodi on Openelec on an Asus Chromebox. I would love to connect my...
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    Request Eros Now

    Hello, Can someone develop forum using website www.erosnow.com?? Thanks
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    REQUEST: Live Canadian TV, YTV and Treehouse

    Hello, Would anybody be able to create an addon with Alberta, Canada Live TV, such as CTV Calgary, CBC Calgary, Global Calgary, and YTV, and Treehouse? Since "Canada On Demand" does not seem to work as well
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    [Request] TvToss.com

    Just found this site today. It offers a number of live streaming networks, including HGTV which is always sooooo hard to get and the only thing the women in my life want.
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    IMDB embedded video

    iMDB has embedded video on there web site. Many time this video is only available from IMDB. It maybe hosted by Hulu but Hulu does not stream the content, only IMDB. Long store short could an app pull that video out to stream it as using IMDB as a sorce?
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    request to have Twit TV live plugin fixed

    request to have Twit TV live plugin fixed.Thanks.