kodi addon request

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    Anybody connect their Fortigate to a VPN service?

    Curious to see if anybody has configured their Fortigate to use a VPN service such as PIA, NordVPN or any of the million other ones that exist. I currently use pfsense at home due to it being able to use openvpn however I would love to switch to using my 60E if I can find a provider that...
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    Where is P2p sport source for Kodi Krypton for Firestick Amazon ?

    Where is P2P sport source for Kodi Krypton for Firestick Amazon ? Can't install P2P sport zip to firestick amazon because it doesnt have usb. Can't find the source for add source because most sources for P2P are dead. Help?!
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    Request New Addons.

    Good to see you guys back, and especially - for me ! - mikey 1234 and his ITV addon. Is there any chance of reinstating the BBC IPlayer.
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    Looking for a free VPN

    I am looking for a free VPN for Kodi 17.4 Krypton -- I have a smart tv box android next to my big screen tv.
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    Request Addon similar to Dbmc (Dropbox add-on)

    It would be nice if someone could do an addon for Minhateca.com.br It's kinda like dropbox but it offers free unlimited storage, so I've been wondering if it would be possible to create an addon where I could login with my account and then have access to my files remotely on kodi. I heard...
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    Infringing websites and addons

    Hello friends, A thread about the site hxx.dublimi.com was closed today allegedly because it was an 'infringing' website. I have no quarrel with the decision - but I would like to know as an addon developer - how I can identify such sites. This particular public site streams videos openly...
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    to help us create video addons

    Is it possible for someone to help us create video addons from the web site xxx.dublimi.com for KODI 16.1
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    Can't get watch and wnbc to work,

    I added the wabc and the wnbc, fox and a few other addons and can't get them to work. Keeps say not available. Is it because I'm in Canada. Have no trouble with ex ******** and ******.
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    request for new addons Kaprolli

    Hi! Can you create a video addons from kaprolli.com for KODI ;)
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    request for new addons

    Can you create a video addons from hxx.dublimi.com for KODI
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    Filmstruck addon

    Hi, I'm looking for someone to create Filmstruck addon for Kodi. Filmstruck is US-only streaming service, home of TCM and Criterion Collection. Expectedly it has a lot of the classics, art house and movies that are sometimes hard to find through other means. Often there are special features or...
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    vaughnlive addon not working

    Vaughnlive Addon is it possible to get this addon working again ................................. we sure miss it and the thread that was ............... would be great for a fix .. i believe it is legal as it is taking streams from vaughnlive site on the net and is free . vaughnlive...
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    no stream available

    I did the upgrade from kodi 16.1 to 17.3, I can go into movies & have no problem, but I go into TV shows & I can pick any show & then it goes to no stream available
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    Recently upgraded to kodi 17.3 now tfc.tv won't work

    After I upgraded to my tfc.tv addon no longer will work. Does anyone know if there is fix
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    Thank you

    I would like to say thank you to those who contribute to making kodi what it is. Just one request I would really to be able to watch a football, basketball game in Spo*ts De*il. Every time I try to use the link it never works. That would be helpful.
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    thank you!!

    thank you to all the developers at Kodi! keep up the good work, all of ya deserve more support! love what you guys do (:
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    Request Premiumize Adult XXX Add-on

    Seeing as premiumize.me is becoming increasingly popular with Kodi users I was wondering if some kind soul would be able to develop an XXX add-on that takes advantage of the unrestricting service that premiumize offers for premium adult websites. Premiumize can unrestrict videos from the...
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    Request What is desperately needed is a Souped Up Simple IPTV Client!

    The biggest issue with Simple IPTV client is that you are really at the mercy of a provider for channels and EPG info and can't really add other sources not included by the provider to the channels or the guide. Echo Guide is a very good alternative that provides full listings but mapping...
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    Request A version of DREAMCATCHER for Kodi17

    I'm a big fan of THE*******'s addon DREAMCATCHER but it doesn't run on Kodi 17 and I don't think that the developer is active any more. If someone could mimic what it does, without upsetting the original developer, I'd be delighted. For the readers who haven't come across Dreamcatcher, it...
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    Request Calling kodi addons from other apps

    Hello everyone, is it possible to call a kodi addon from other program or app.... As we can call a addon from simple iptv pvr client using pvr plugin player script in kodi itself... hxxp://ip:port/addonto call Is there anyway or plugin to do so from other apps E.g. I want to call...