kodi addon request

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    internet archive

    id love to see a addon for this website they got alot of old cartoons and other things well https://archive.org/upload/
  2. E

    tvmc for fire tv

    when is the addon for fire tv going to be availlable
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    Request please make watch5s addon

    please make watch5s addon, https://watch5s.is/ thx man
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    Request please make make addons for all GOGO site? it is alternate to kiss site

    right now there are website just like kiss etc, here is the links: gogocomic.net/ www1.gogoanime.tv/ gogocartoon.to/ gogodramaonline.com/ right its just like kiss, is it kiss mirror web? well i dont know, but here a request to all addons developer please make addons for these gogo sites? thx
  5. M

    All gayfull length adult movies

    I have alot of adult add ons and almost all have straight xxx movies with some gay content. Usually they are only 1-5 min. Would be nice to have full length movies.
  6. S

    need developers

    I use a vpn service this keeps me safe, I think. my issue is that when I use my kodi set up on one device lets say my laptop I sign into my vpn it assigns my ipaddress when i turn it on. now when i pair to whoever to watch ie openloan etc. it works fine for the allowed time.. now I turn on my...
  7. K

    smart tv

    can you put kodi on smart tv.
  8. C

    Full30 web site

    The web site full30.com has a lot of good videos concerning firearms and survival. Could someone write an addon to access this web site? Thanks Jon
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    Request Problem with Indigo instalation

    I have a jetstreambox and a jetstreambox 4. They were both running great after many setups over the last several months. I made a couple of minor changes to the jsb 4 and when I hit the Kodi icon the screen went black. After not finding any good answers to that one I said OK here we go again...
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    A privacy/security addon

    I'd like to see something developed that would help protect users from prying eyes. Actual physical raids on homes using this software that we all use may be happening very soon. There is talk of banning Kodi boxes altogether, which would have to be enforceable by physical raids. Software that...
  11. S

    spring training baseball

    spring training baseball/usa regional sports networks
  12. L

    How to download a tv show including subtitles

    Newbie here; first post. I have searched a lot but cannot find "How to download a tv show including subtitles" Watching a tv show with subs is easy. Downloading a tv show is easy. But for off-line viewing, I cannot get a tv show to download and download the subtitles as well at the same time...
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    Request Alternate Movie Audio stream

    you guys do incredible work don't know if is something feasible to request, to have the option to see a movie with an audio in another language. DONATE DONATE DONATE! i tell everyone i turn on to Kodi THANKS
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    basket ball replays

    Can some one make the addon for nbafullhd dot com and nbahd dot net websites for full game replays....
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    Request ProClassicTV.com

    Delete Nevermind sorry.
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    Release mirror to kiss sites the new gogo sites

    because the kiss sites are down, right now there are website just like kiss etc, here is the links: http://gogocomic.net http://www1.gogoanime.tv http://gogocartoon.to http://gogodramaonline.com ​ right its just like kiss, is it kiss mirror web? well i dont know, but here a request for...
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    Request RealDebrid cloud

    Now that every torrent and magnet downloaded on the real debrid website downloader is shared and uploaded to real-debrid.com by default for hosting, an addon similar to tk's premiumize cloud for it would be a great thing if possible.
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    [REQUEST] Japanese Puroresu & Joshi Wrestling Promotions

    I know there are a couple with New Japan. But I would love to see stuff from All Japan, Dragon Gate, NOAH & Joshi promotions like Stardom & All Japan Women.
  19. A

    Addon just to announce upcoming new series, especially netflix/hulu originals

    There are a lot of netflix and hulu originals I end up loving but only accidentally come across them. Main network television series are easily discovered but Netflix and Hulu are not. I'm sure there are a lot of other users like myself that would love a way to explore upcoming/current...
  20. R

    Request New Zealand TV Channels

    A Fre*viewNZ would be awesome for Kiwi's around the world....Fingers crossed it happens.