kodi addon request

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    Request descriptive video

    I've searched the forums, but haven't found any reference to Descriptive Video. For those who are unaware of it, Descriptive Video provides an audio track which describes the action taking place on the screen for those who are visually impaired. Netflix provides some Descriptive Video for some...
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    Request someone can helpme please, a like have this regex to livestreampor pleas

    https://vk.com/videos209882599?section=album_3 DESEARIA TENER EL REGEX DE ESTE GRUPO DE VIDEO DE VK.COM, alguien que sepa como hacerlo how can get the regex from vk.com album?
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    [GAME] Musicmini

    musicmini.com No idea if its something that would be easy to make an addon for (api available, etc), but its a great site with some fun quizzes and I'd love to see an addon. Anyone?
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    NBA full games

    Hey I watch NBA games using this great addon, But since the start of the new season, the links from gvideo and alternatives doesn't work anymore. Can someone help me please?
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    Request Classic Oldies

    Hi to the forum was checking through the movie providers and I am curious if you have an addon that shows classic oldies.it may well be there already,but just in case.many thanks for all your help in the past and for a great service.keep up the good work.look forward to hearing from you asap.;)
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    Premiumize.me vpn addon

    Premiumize.me not only supplies links, usenet, and a cloud for torrents, it also supplies premium accounts with a vpn. I don't know if theres a way due to all the dif devices used for kodi. I use it on my laptop running linux but cannot figure out how to use it on my pi's with libreelec. Or...
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    Request videodetective

    Please can someone make videodetective addon? It's such a great resource of trailers for movies in cinema, dvd, blu ray and also games. http://www.videodetective.com/
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    Request Antivirus (Protection from Unknown Addons)

    Well VPNs are doing great job keeping identity secure but I think there should be a program to scan all process running in Kodi and which ones are using internet unknowingly since some users may download addons from unknown source :eek:
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    Request Jio Play App

    Jio Play Integration in Kodi So As I said in the previous post I am uploading Screenshot of Jio Play App and also a Video. I hope you find it worthful to be in Kodi :D Please we need an addon of it and they are only on internet-based devices, not satellite dish or tv cable Note: The App...
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    Request Live Streaming From Hotstar Site Addon

    Hotstar is streaming live Olympic Games link here and Fox News,Sky News and Fox Business link here They are in 720p, reliable and you will not have any issues.
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    Request Best Live TV Service to Watch Live Indian TV Channels & Other American Contain

    I opened this thread to provide some information about Jio Play and it's going to be big thing for Indians and people who love to watch Indian channels and American Content on Kodi. What is Jio play? JioPlay is an application which enables you to view Indian TV channels LIVE on the internet...
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    eScapes tv

    There was a channel I used to get on C Band eScapes TV which ran scenic videos with background music. Would love to see an addon for this. Thanks
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    Request Chromecast Audio

    Hi All Not sure if its possible but i would love if Kodi could send just my audio to Chromecast Audio now multi room works....
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    Bug Eurosport Player no longer working

    Hello, I ve been using Eurosport Player developped by Jin for some time now nothing seems to be working anymore (tested on various Kodi players) First issue appeared few weeks back : - Live streaming was no longer showing up in the main screen - Replay was still working Now it's even worse ...
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    Request Cbsn

    Up until recently, this online only free digital news network had an addon at kodi.tv in great 1080p quality stream. Apparently the corporate suits whined, and of course the kodi site pulled it instantly. Makes no sense to me that CBS would put a free channel out there on line and then complain...
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    recently watched

    When I open Kodi, I'd like to see my recently watched, and ability to click on it to return.
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    Request coolshows.online please

    please , if someone could make video addon for coolshows.online ...
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    Request PleXMBC added into the standard TVAddOns Kodi build

    Please can you add PleXMBC into the AddOns that are automatically downloaded and installed as part of the Kodi build when we run the configuration wizard. https://forums.plex.tv/discussion/106593/plexbmc-xbmc-add-on-to-connect-to-plex-media-server/p1 Currently it's a manual installation into...
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    [REQUEST] AccuRadio

    Great station with lots of content. Would make a great addon. Accuradio.com Thanks
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    [request] Your own onscreen "overlay" logo when playing video..

    [request] Your own onscreen "overlay" logo (or text) when playing video.. * Is there an addon for something like that anywhere? I didn't find anything... - Example: When you're playing video.. It pops up your own logo in the bottom(or selected) corner.. ..you know.. like a real live tv...