kodi addon request

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    Request Help developing an addon for my group

    Hello a group I am part of have a trove of video content we want to serve via a kodi addon. I am looking for assistance or a link. Both are suitable and I thank you.
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    Request Notice on Addon Wizard that TVaddons is not to be sold

    I sell legal tv boxes with plain kodi without installing anything on them, I basically follow your rules found here on Step 3: https://www.tvaddons.co/selling-kodi/ I give them resources of things they can do with them but there are idiots that go to people that install the addons on my boxes...
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    Request Movicer

    Hoping some one could make an addon or android app for Movicer ..............Movicer.tv
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    [Request] playretrogames

    This may not be possible but I think it would be great. The site playretrogames dot com says "Play retro games online in your browser at playretrogames dot com We are an online emulator website and community. We support many classic systems, and add some very often. Our emulators are written...
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    Request Racing4Everyone Add-on

    I would love a Racing4Everyone (R4E) add-on. R4E is a site that hosts a lot of motorsport content for free, and I would love to be able to access the videos on the site from within my Kodi environment on my RPi 2. I'm also willing to help wherever I can, I'm just not knowledgeable about all the...
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    Lebara Play

    Hi Was wondering if anyone could create a plugin for lebara play... it has some free live streams and movies , and it has a paid section too... It is mutli language too so depending on your subscription you have signed up too. It would be really great if someone could look into this as I know...
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    Request Urban/African American Channels Please

    Hello I am new to kodi and have only been using it a month. Although I have looked at some of the posts on the forum I only recently decided to join the forum. Kodi is amazing after only a week of using it I decided to cut cable. But after further investigation I noted that some key channels and...
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    Request MokoDojo TV! - Japanese IPTV

    As we know there's not alot on the side of japanese IPTV streams other than NHK World News (in English). Can this be turned into a plugin? http://mokodojo.net/ I know DKnight has been doing alot of international content for Kodi & a possible project for him (or anyone else). Thannks TVAddons...
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    Add-on request - shahidlive.com

    Hello - Please address my post to the correct person: How can we have this website as add-on for Kodi: http://shahidlive.com/ if it is already been in Kodi, Please advise me.
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    Watch Wrestling Addon

    There used to be an Addon that worked with watchwrestling.to. The addon no longer works and the person that developed it stopped updating it. Is there anyone that would be interested in getting this to work again. I have tried some of the ones that are available but they have very few sources.
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    Voice Command?

    If it's even possible, could somebody create an addon that would allow to use voice command with the amazon firestick(with voice command remote) inside Kodi. If this is already possible can somebody please tell me how to use the voice command remote inside Kodi. Even if a couple of kodi addons...
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    Kids Addon

    Hi, Firstly thanks to all devs for the great work you do. Is there any dev out there who would be able to make an addon with live streams of popular UK kids channels, for example: Cbeebies, CBBC, Citv, Cartoon Network, Boomerang, Cartoonito, Nickelodeon, Nicktoons, Nick Jr, Disney, Disney Jr...
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    24/7 Trakt list addon

    Trakt Playlist addon Is there anyway that one of the awesome devs here could make a Trakt Playlist addon or maybe add this feature to an existing addon? I would like to have an addon that turns trakt.tv lists for movies and tv shows into a playlist. First the user makes or likes a list on...
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    Horse racing fans united!

    So,i have been a horse racing fan as long as i can remember lived the era of watching racing post commentaries online:) During the past year i have paid quite alot to private paid servers even though i only needed racinguk and attheraces streams. At one time woody found something in his old...
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    List of known faulty scrapers in your region

    Apparently, not all sources work the same in each country, or state, whether isp blocking or for whatever reason. Be nice to have a list for each area that are known to timeout, so that we can remove that source from our scraper list. Unless there already is such a list?....
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    Request STV Player

    If this addon was developed for Kodi it would be very beneficial to people like myself in Scotland so we can watch regional ITV (STV) The app already exists and requires a login Would be awesome
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    External IP or WAN Adress

    Hello, far the addon Maintance tool and MyIP Addon indicated the external IPv4. Now does not that. Could an help me please how I get the external IPv4 and if possible I get the IPv6 address? But without that I use putty for. That way I know. It should work within OpenELEC with an addon. I...
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    addon for more accurate source sort orders

    Seems like half of the sources labeled 720 and 1080 end up being SD. Be nice to have an addon that could identify the actual resolution in the source list directory before you choose one, rather than relying on the source's own resolution tag in the directory. Also, in general, more accurate...
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    Request upgrade Addon - help needed (radiostation )

    Hi, I'm searching for someone to upgrade my Radiostation Addon: https://github.com/*********/repository.the*******/tree/master/repo/plugin.audio.thefunkstation Can anybody help me out? :rolleyes: https://forums.tvaddons.co/addon-requests/11855-funkstation.html grtz Pieter...
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    Backup Add-On

    Hi, I've used this add-on many times & it works great...I also use it to restore Kodi on my android box...The few times i've used it to restore,I noticed that it does restore everything but the one thing that it doesn't save or restore is my real-debrid & trakt account info on all my add-ons...