kodi addon request

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    Addon/software to check if TV is switched on?

    Hi all, I know this is probably a silly question but am asking anyway just in case. Does anybody know of some software that could be installed on an Android box that checks that the output hardware (normally the television the Android box is connected to) is switched on or not? And in case the...
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    RFDTV Add On Is there anywhere I can receive the RFDTV shows, or is there an add on for it?? Thanks in advance..
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    filmovizija.studio addon?

    Please,guys,can some developer make addon for this awesome tv shows/movies site? filmovizija.studio Thanks in advance.
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    Live Rangers FC Addon?

    Hi guys we have a facebook page devoted to getting the sources up for rangers fc games sitting at 1.5k likes and growing but getting alot of requests for and addon that only shows the links to the games. is there a way to have and addon that scrapes for just rangers games ? with over 1.5k on...
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    Request for DesiRulez addon

    Hi, i want to develop an android app that has preconfigured DesiRulez addon, i've tried to install the addon from zip file into tvmc..but error message popped up saying "dependencies not met" , can somebody guide me whether it is possible or not to develop such an app?
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    Request Fork Firefox's Flashblock to Play On Kodi

    It would be great if someone could add a "send to Kodi" option to the right click menu of the Flashblock plugin. In theory, this would allow any flash element to be sent to kodi rather than Firefox. There are many posts in many forums looking for the ability to play "any" flash video / stream...
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    Ultimate tennis fan experience

    live and replays like tennistv and tennis channel. Espn great for majors and coverage before the semis, not so good wta
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    PVR client for dynamic stream links!

    Hi all! Is it possible to developing this addon hxxp://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=202737 Thanks!
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    Addon for nowamp Free music streams

    http://www.nowamp.com/top/artist Nice addon for Music if possible
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    Request Request Add - on

    I would like to see add on kodi http://www.facebook.com/moedramaonline [ MOE DRAMA ] - Add On Those who could can create the add-on..tq very much
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    Oasis HD Channel

    Anyone know if the Oasis Channel is available anywhere?
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    Request NRL Rugby League Addon Possible source

    Hi, There used to be an NRL addon but it no longer works. I have found a possible source of content which shows replays of the games on demand but it is geo blocked. If somebody cleverer than me could bypass this and make the replays into an add on that would be awesome. The website is...
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    Request Teamviewer installed through Kodi

    Can you or someone answer my question. I am trying to find a teamviewer addon for android. I will need to add it via the tvaddons url. I have a avov vixo fuse that does not connect to playstore. is there anyway to load this via a usb or from a url that is in a zip format
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    tennis channel addon or links

    have cut the cord but miss tennis channel. links in Spor**dev*l and Pho*nix rarely work and in english. love watching mostly replays in espn 3, but they usually don't show simis and finals for wta. other suggestions for tennis viewing
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    Can some one make an addon for this? lots of Uk sports and entertainment channels

    Can some one make an addon from this software, its media center for pc have lots of uk channels sports and movies/tv and all osn channels and arabic channels...
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    Request NME Music ADDON !

    All Dev's! NME.com the bastion of UK's music scene... has some cool videos, music video's ,Live Video's ,interviews etc etc of all things Musical. Surely some dev can create an addon that can scrape content from their site here's the link http://www.nme.com/nme-video Will Make many a music...
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    Request 2 subtitle services(greek)

    http://www.tvsubtitles.gr/ http://www.subs4series.com/
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    History tube/ documentary tube

    Anyone know how I can update these two everytime it fails
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    Request Download Music Videos

    Google Play doesn't offer music videos, Vivo is streaming only, and I am not smart enough to rip them from YouTube. My daughter loves music videos and I am not a fan of the data usage when on the go. Any help is appreciated!
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    Request allthebestfights

    www.allthebestfights.com archive of all the best fights as you suggest the website sums up all the best fights in following categories: BEST FIGHTS (overall) BOXING K-1 & MUAY THAI MMA a category can even be sorted by year, for example BEST BOXING FIGHTS OF 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004...