kodi addon request

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    I have yet to see anything dedicated to ghost/haunting evidence. I'd be interested in something that has the best supposed real footage of ghosts. I'm on the fence when it comes to believing in ghosts buy it's always been very interesting to me. I'd like it to be a serious thing that's not...
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    does kodi have any fishing channels or an addon with fishing lake fishing or ocean thanks
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    Comic Reader

    There are a proliferation of sites online that allow you to read manga. For Kodi, there aren't very many active in development addons. Universal Media Player is the only one I've found. If there are others, please, let me know. But there is nothing for American comics. Top sites exist...
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    Impact Wrestling

    Is there an addon for Impact wrestling
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    Add-on pba xframe/amc

    Looking to see if I can get any help with making a add-on for the pba xframe I do have a account if needed,also would like to see about the American hero channel
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    Request Centralised TRAKT library integration add-on/module

    With so many multi-scraper add-ons moving towards TRAKT (such as Lambda's fantastic new Ex**us addon) and abandoning library integration, I got to thinking... what if it were possible to create a separate centralised TRAKT add-on that handles integration of lists into the library, pointing to...
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    Request Kodi Sync - Automatic synchronization of addons and configuration between Kodis

    The suggestion that I make for a new addon is something that I think would be extremely useful for a lot of people and is basically described in the title of the post: Kodi Sync - Automatic synchronization of addons and configuration between Kodis. - - - - - // - - - - - Imagine that you have...
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    Sky Go

    Hi, I know that you can sideload Sky Go to the Fire TV but is there any chance someone could make a Sky Go addon for Kodi? Thank You.
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    YouTube Kids

    Hi, Is anyone able to turn YouTube Kids into an addon? Thank you.
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    UK Catch Up

    Hi, any chance someone can make an addon that has the free UK catch up services on? - BBC iPlayer - ITV Hub (was ITV Player) - All4 (was 4OD) - Demand 5 (soon to be My5) - UKTV Play - Quest On Demand - Milkshake (from channel 5) Would be amazing to have the above in one addon with all the UK...
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    Request Nfb

    The old NFB (National Film Board) add-on no longer worked since Frodo. The add-on is no longer listed in TVAddons as well. Can some revive it, I heard it is only a two line edit to get back to work on Isengard.
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    [REQUEST] Skate Video Central

    I would LOVE an addon that covered everything skateboarding. I already have the Thrasher addon, which has some cool videos but I'd like to see something a little more robust. I have several hundred old skate vids in a playlist on YouTube and would be willing to share the links if anyone wanted...
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    Idea for a Stream chooser? Addon selector? Option giver!?!?!

    The idea would to have an addon that allows you to search TV shows and movies like many other addons that we have but wouldn’t actually do any streaming. ;) You find what you want to watch and it gives you a list of available addons to use. For example if you want to watch Futurama, you select...
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    Coronation Street

    We would LOVE for Coronation Street to be reinstated as expats we really looked forward to it but all the sources are now down so a PLEA to the uploaders could you PLEASE consider rerunning it ? we'd be eternally grateful, huge thank you in advance, danda
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    Request OpenVPN for openelec 6.0 amlogic

    Hi all Has anyone managed to get openVPN installed into codesnake's port of OpenElec 6.0 for the MX boxes? My goal is to I've tried add ons from metal kettle and also Brian Hornsby but no joy so far. When I SSH into my box I just get OpenELEC (unofficial) Version: 6.0.0 tellybox:~ # cd...
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    Request Context menu "Search/Play using addon "Genesis/SA*TS/Velo**ty/etc"

    [Solved] Context menu "Search/Play using addon "Genesis/SA*TS/Velo**ty/etc" Hi! First of all: A huge Thank you! to all the amazing developers for their awesome addons. Now, I would love to see a Context Menu-addon where you are able to search for a movie in any installed addon of your choice...
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    Request Addon from http://web-dl.net/

    Can someone please make video addon from this website: http://web-dl.net/ it's really good to wach Movies. Thank you guys..
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    Automatic maintenance tool

    Hey guys Pretty new to posting so be gentle please. Just wondering if anybody had thought of an automatic maintenance tool where you could set what and when you would like certain areas to be cleaned an example would be to say set cache and packages to be cleaned once a week on the selected...
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    Request MoviesAboutMusic.com

    Hi. A couple of months ago I started a website. It's goal is to collect and present the best music documentaries available. They are collected manually, but removed automatically if they go offline/gets taken down/etc. I would absolutely love it if someone could turn this site into an addon. I...
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    ABC,CBS, NBC Local news

    It would be nice if the local New York channels newscasts could be added to the network on demand addons. It was nice when we had CBS in Raleigh, WRAL news was on then. Thanks Thom