kodi addon request

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    Request Parental control add on.

    I know one of these already exists, but this simply blocks whole add ons. I would love to see something that could work in conjunction with add ons to just block the adult content, so you could set it for whatever rating you want, PG and under for example. I'm not sure if this would even be...
  2. M

    OWN Live stream

    Are there any live streams available for OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) TV channel? If there's no live stream currently can somebody....anybody PLE***ASE add that. :-) Thanks for your help in advance
  3. K

    Movie addon idea: dvd/stream/review to pulsar or SA*TS or genesis - SCALABLE

    We all know how frustrating it is to get excited for a new movie, see it listed in a addon, just to find out it's poor quality or hardsubbed, or worse: it hasn't been released yet. It would be great to have an addon that could pull lists from websites like Can I Stream It It is a free service...
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    See So

    hxxps://www.seeso.com Can anything be done with this . Admin edit : no live links allowed
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    Turner Classic Movies

    Is it available anywhere?
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    A Way To Get MSNBC

    that really works
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    Request Alltv.ch Addon

    Awesome site with German Live tv etc...Sport and variety of content. One was made but would prefer a tvaddons supported addon. cheers
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    Shout Factory TV

    Shout Factory recently added free streaming shows to their site. They have many classic shows not available in other addons. Would be really cool if someone could give it a look at for an addon. :) Thanx! ShoutFactoryTV : Watch full length film and TV episodes online
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    Request kodi addon with support easynews and what the furk?

    hello, is here someone to create kodi addon for best support for easynews and what the furk? i have both account but can not find similar kodi addon....thanks
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    Request hunting & fishing channels

    can someone put together some of the hunting & fishing channels, i'm sure there are lots of outdoors men that would love something like that. ex. Outdoor channel, sportsman tv, wild tv, world fishing network thanks
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    Request zoptv.com

    Is there a plugin for zoptv.com?
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    Addon request tv shows

    Any chance to make addon of these dizimag.co/ dizilab.com/ dizigold.net
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    Are there any great movie addons?

    I am looking for a reliable repository that only carries 1080p or 720p videos w/ 5.1 sound. They can all be 720p. I'm looking for 5.1 more than anything. Anything like that exist out there? Maybe something being created right now? Thanks, Fox
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    i will pay for a xbmc back up or a fresh start fork

    i will donate for time to make me a xbmc back up or a fresh start fork maybe a fresh start addon fork that leaves repos, addon data, skin and skin settings and the xbmc back up addon with back up addon data folder or a xbmc back up fork that factory reset everything but itself before restoring...
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    is there a way to factory reset everything but backup addon before restoring back up

    can i pay someone to make me a fork of xbmcbackup addon?
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    Ultimate Boxing Add-on

    Pho*nix has two great (nearly identical...) sections containing great boxing matches...one is in the Live TV section...sports --> sports replays --> boxing . The other is in One242415, called "Greatest Boxing Fights." These are great, but nearly identical. The cool part about the one in boxing...
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    Request Playlist queuing addon !

    Simply put would anyone think about creating a Playlist Queuing addon. So basically whilst browsing through your media library one can right click / context menu and Select Add to Que / Playlist . Kodi's Own Queuing function does not work especially when using different skins. pseudoTV Live is...
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    Headline News (HLN)

    Is there an add-on that has live-streaming Headline News channel? I've never found it if there is one. Thanks for the help
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    Harmy's Star Wars Despecialized V.2.5?

    Anyone know where I can find this via KODI/TV Add Ons? I searched Genesis , Pri**wire and U* T*rks. All no luck. Here is video about it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXifjbxZDAM thanks!!
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    Native American Movies

    Please advise if there is an addon with Native American movies. Youtube has a lot of movies, but I would rather have an addon with everything together.