kodi addon request

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    Request One America News Network (OAN) * Stream or YouTube Channel

    Requesting either a livestream for OAN (might be tough to find one that holds past the preview time) or from their YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/1americanews). Thanks.
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    Old School Kung Fu movies from 70s-80s?

    Anyone know of a good add on that has old school martial arts movies from the 70s -80s? Ie . Five Deadly Venoms. I know a company called Celestial remastered a bunch and put them out on Bluray. thanks!
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    Request NFL Replays

    Now that NFLReplays has gone, does anyone know where I can replays from. Pho*nix has a Highlights link which does not work for me so was hoping someone knows where I can get replays or even Highlights from.
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    Request Sirius/Xm

    An add-on for subscribers to Sirius/Xm would be nice.
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    Request Major League Baseball

    Is there a place to get replays for the baseball. If not it would be a good one for someone to add, as it would complete all the American sports.
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    Request Real-Debrid / generic locker link access (like put.io?)

    Hi! I had an idea that rather than searching for potentially dead sources using other methods, you could access your own found or converted cyberlocker links into kodi. put.io has a very simple addon that just shows you any files in your system. I propose a similar thing for Real-Debrid, that...
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    I ask for an addon which will have all the 17 channels from hxxp://www.soccerjumbotv.me/ The rtmp links are static and they don't change although rtmpdump is needed since they are pairred to their player.
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    Request TubePlus site scraper

    It would be great if someone could make an addon for tubeplus: http://www.tubeplus.is/ This website is really, really good. There used to be one but his author, anilkuj, abandoned it some years ago I believe. Here is his github: https://github.com/anilkuj/xbmc-addons For your consideration.
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    Request Pandora with Extras

    Curious if anyone could make a plugin that plays Pandora streams but incorporates these other elements which I think is really nice. Also a way to exit out to the main Kodi menu and keep Pandora playing in the background. [MOD updated 04/04] Handwritting cd's+Widgets PLUS+Lyrics for Aeon...
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    Not a request per se

    I used an addon a while back that would simply gather the errorsor warnings or both from your log. This was not by a Dev (as far as I remember). This was/is a great addon and I would like it back but my test machine crashed and I lost it. Now I can't remember who made it and where I can get...
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    Request Porn Trailers

    There are a number of addons for movie trailers but none for porn trailers. Wish someone can make an addon for dvdtrailertube dot com
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    shaolin kung fu fanatic

    I know a whole lot of kodi Users that would love to request a addon that showed old and new Shaolin kung fu flixs:cool:
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    Request P2p client for Music [cactusplayer.com]

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    Skylyne Radio network addon maybe?

    hi, i use this a fair bit, and think it would make a great radio addon for tvaddons? http://skylyneradio.com/
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    Request Play using Pulsar

    A little background first, I primarily use two addons, Genesis and Pulsar. Genesis is integrated into my library and works most of the time but with a show that just came out I will hit a bunch of streams that start then just sit at 0% buffering, too many people accessing the stream at once...
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    1080 display filter

    can there be a filter or search function in genesis to only show movies that have a 1080 format available. 720HD is fuzzy to me and I don't bother watching. I do waste a lot of time checking each movie I WANT to watch to see if a 1080 version has been added to selections. thanks! appreciate all...
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    Telus Optik On The Go

    Hopefully someone can have a look at this for me, hoping to be able to turn the LIVE TV portion of http://onthego.telus.com into a KODI add-on, there is also an Android and iOS app for this function. Requires login and to be in Canada.
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    YouTube Gaming launches today!

    I expect someone will start working on an addon roughly 1801 GMT? :)
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    A Bola TV

    hi, can someone help me get the info from this site. http://mytvfree.me/a-bola-emissao-web
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    The Green Inferno

    Anybody know of an addon that has a link to the movie THE GREEN INFERNO in it? Even though its not released until sept 25, it has been out and shown in other countries last year. Cant believe a cam copy isn't floating around somewhere