kodi bug

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    Colombia TV not working

    Colombia TV is not functioning since the new update.
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    Bug Family Christian Center live webcast

    Have most recent version(0.002) but am unable to watch through addon. Not sure how to post error log.
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    no stream available

    Maybe I'm beating a dead horse, but there must be a solution to this problem. Kodi addons will stream movies. They will not stream TV shows; none of them. Kodi won't stream them as an apk in bluestacks either. Morpheus will and ********* will, not Kodi. Maybe that's a clue as to what's going on...
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    After updating to Kodi Leia Alpha 2 none of my add-ons work

    Hey everyone. This is my first post on this forum so I hope I do this correctly. Anywho... I updated to Kodi Leia Alpha 2 64bit tonight, and when the installation was done, None of my add-ons that play movies or tv are working. Whenever I try to search for show or movie or even bring up shows I...
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    Kodi Crashes Whenever Using MediaPortal Add-On

    Whenever I try to use the MediaPortal add-on, Kodi crashes. It crashes if I try to view live TV or a recorded show through the MediaPortal add-on. I tried posting this issue on the Kodi website but some juvenile moderator took offense to some of the add-ons I had installed. He wouldn't tell...
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    Bug Broadcastify & visualizations on openelec 8.x RPi 3

    Anyone else having this issue; Broadcastify's audio isn't in sync with the visualizations on screen. The visualizations lag considerably. It seems to be limited to Broadcastify, but i need to check other audio only plugins for this issue. I've been trying various settings to no avail. If anyone...
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    Bug Kodi 17.1 crashes libavutil using Pho*nix 3.3.0 -> News -> BBC

    Just checking twice if BBC News worked on Pho*nix and it crashed Kodi twice. Apr 30 12:56:16 murdoch kernel: VideoPlayer[24264]: segfault at 182525c ip 00007f5a2840f43a sp 00007f59d3ffe880 error 7 in libavutil.so.55.58.100[7f5a283fb000+53000] Apr 30 12:56:44 murdoch kernel: VideoPlayer[24423]...
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    Bug Ubuntu 16.04 LTS / KODI 17.1 Crashes [Big Time]

    I have downloaded and installed the most recent KODI update 2:17.1 on my laptop [16.04 since June 16], before worked OK - now disaster! The update was automatic, though, if I knew what was about to occur I should have deselected it. I worked/guessed through advice on TVA Log Uploader, that...
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    Bug Getting DudeHere Common Routines error when launching Kodi 17.1 On Firestick

    I am getting a DudeHere Common Routines error when launching Kodi 17.1 On Firestick. Attached is a copy of the log. Please help. Full log can be found at https://logs.tvaddons.co/pzgyeqkmy. Excerpt from log 00:05:26.051 T:18446744072514805656 NOTICE: Common addon methods: Initializing...
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    Streams stop

    Hello all, Attached is my log. The stream plays for 20-30 min with no issues. It first buffers, freezes then kicks me back to the stream selection. https://logs.tvaddons.co/p4b9letvf
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    Bug Streams stop

    Hello all. Recently when using my android tv no matter a movie or tv show or addon used the stream stops and kicks me back to the main kodi screen. I captured the log file on my phone via ubuntu pastebin but I'm not sure how to upload it so someone more knowledgeable than me can help. Thanks in...
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    Bug Kodi Video Add-Ons BUG

    Kodi Video Add-On Help Hello Everybody, I just started using my new MXQ Pro Mini (Leelbox) and I used the Fusion Config Wizard and installed that and it added all of the addons for each category! The main Addon I want to use is Ex**us, so when I open Ex**us it shows me the categories like...
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    SPMC crashing

    My SPMC install has started crashing as of last night. I've got it on 2 devices (both Mi Boxes) - noticed it on 1 last night, turned on my other device today it loaded as normal then shortly after (presumably auto-updating some addons) failed with the same issue. The systems are nothing loads...
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    Bug You tube

    How to fix youtube daily limit exceeded :) Thank you
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    TVA log uploader problem

    Hi When first running the log uploader it presents options to enter an e-mail address and some other options including uploading the old log. On subsequent runs or via configure this screen is unavailable. At least I cannot find it! So if a mistake is made in the e-mail address or the old log is...
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    Indigo Factory restore probem

    Hi, I have install Kodi (16) & Indigo on my Windows 7 laptop. I have also installed both on a fireTV stick. Windows Issue: I have an problem with the factory restore option in that it just does not seem to work. All the addons are still there after running it. It goes through the process but...
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    Indigo Backup problem

    Hi, I have install Kodi (16) & Indigo on my Windows 7 laptop. I have also installed both on a fireTV stick. fireTVstick Issue: The backup does not work to my NAS drives. The error is IOError (Errno2) No such file or directory: 'smb//DLINK-1/Volume_2/firetv/Backups/fireTVstick #2/one.zip' I...
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    No Sound in this F4m video

    Hi i note that video plays but with NO SOUND <item> <title>TEST</title> <link>plugin://plugin.video.f4mTester/?streamtype=HDS;name=TEST&url=$doregex&auth=sdf</link> <regex> <name>url</name>...
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    kodi crashing alot in 2 ways

    Hi ive been using kodi for several years via openelec and for several months now ive had 2 issues i cant seem to cure ive even done a complete reinstall and now ive replaced openelec with librelec and issues still keep occuring. issue1 - kodi randomly restarts issue 2 - the screen freezes and...
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    All stream source error, Log included

    Hey guys, first off.... THANKS FOR YOU WHAT YOU DO! So Im pretty new to all this, had a friend of a friend install kodi on a firestick for me. Its never really run too great, but now it just doesn't run at all. Im getting a "All stream source error" that I don't know how to fix. Heres a link to...