kodi bug

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    Resolver settings error

    Using iPad frodo latest release. Cannot make changes to my resolver settings. It tells me that add on cannot be configured when I know it can. <br /> <br /> Here are my logs:<br /> <br /> debug xbmc.log: http://xbmclogs.com/show.php?id=30730<br /> XBMC crashlog...
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    180 upload problem

    on N*viX all the 180 uploads dont work like on BM's HD Movies,Cinema Movies, 720/DVDRIP on and on. 90% is 180 upload is there anything i can do? Thank You for your help.
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    Problem with every XBMC!!!

    Hello, I have a problem with XBMC program... So few days ago it was all normal than i just started my XBMC and i went to Ic*f*lms and chose a movie and than the picture was going like frame per frame and i was maybe my connection was wrong and i went to 10 othere movies but no it was frame per...
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    please help

    please someone help debug this for me i have no computer skills, almost all of my addons dont work such as 1Ch**nel,tubeplus,fastpass,project free tv, one click movies and so on. here is my log http://xbmclogs.com/show.php?id=18783 email me back at [email protected] if you have a fix for it...
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    I need help pls take a look at my xbmc log

    hi i have a issue with ATN network Plugin i have a paid subcription when i log in in the web site i can watch the channels but through the plugin at ATV i have a problem.. its shows the channels but playing failed i pasted my xbmc log so you can take a look at it ...