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    Help- Nothing will Play- SNIMissingWarning

    Hello, i am very new to trouble shooting Kodi and i am not sure why movies in Ex**us or Movies 123 wont play. if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. Link to Log: https://logs.tvaddons.co/p6tv4oc6l Thank you!
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    All streaming sources error

    Please help parragon, Ex**us, and others aren't working. I keep getting an all streaming sources error. Those are my logs but I had way more on kodi but could only find that via the uploader. https://logs.tvaddons.co/phfjd1kcp
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    error log

    having a problem with the main add on I use. I'm not tech savvy but I got this far please someone explain how to fix it https://logs.tvaddons.co/piisgm8qy
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    Wizard and Addon installer errors

    I have installed this on other computers with no problems but I have problems on my own computer with windows 1o. When I try to run the wizard it says install error and when I try to add something with the addon installer I also get errors. When I install manually it says addon enabled but many...
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    App crash at end of video playback

    Hello All, I'm having an issue where the app crashes at the end of video playback within any video add-on, specifically when the stream ends and the add-on returns to the list of sources or the menu. Backing out of video playback to the main menu also causes the app to crash. Attached is a...
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    Bug TV menu keeps coming back on its own

    I wonder if anyone else is experiencing this. I turn off and disable the TV PVR option in settings and it comes back on its own after a while. Randomly the PVR starting to update channels. I go back to settings and it's enabled again. Tried rebooting. Cleared cache. Disabled all IPTV plugins...
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    Bug Dropbox addon Error

    Hello, When I open dropbox addon, nothing happens and I am prompted to check error log. Here is the link to error log https://paste.ubuntu.com/23596623/ Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Croatia on Demand - Check Error Log

    Message removed
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    Error code #p2lf0c1sa

    Receiving a maintenance tool error and I can't clear Kodi. My firestick won't play anything bc it says critical low storage... Please help
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    New user help

    can someone please help with the following log, I am new to kodi etc., so help in English would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Log link, https://logs.tvaddons.co/pcfr2z5gh
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    Bug Kodi Error

    Hi my name is Debbie and i have a firestick tv which i've never had a problem with until today. When i loaded up Kodi went to Ex**us and selected movies i received and error message: Kodi Error: check log for more information. So i followed all the steps to get my log though i have no idea what...
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    Help with log error at Jokers addon

    I get the error notification and cant conect when I attempt to access Jokers addon. I have my log uploaded at https://logs.tvaddons.co/pxzl3ah2l the error is at line 1382 Any help resolving this issue would be appreciated.
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    ALL HELP APPRECIATE---missing Keyboard...

    Just got a new box with jarvis 16.1 on it.. I am a newbie but I did all the apps from the store that were on my old system, no problems or issues until Su*** *epoSITORY and from what I can see it is a Kodi issue....... I went to get Fusion and did System/Files and selected to add another and in...
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    Problem with Streaming Live TV

    Hello I am having difficulty with some add one particularly IPTV. Here is my log : https://logs.tvaddons.co/pvj0udoqb
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    Check log error when accessing OneChannel

    I kept getting the check log error notification when I attempt to access OneChannel addon. I have my log uploaded at Http://paste.ubuntu.com/23243735 I believe the error is at line 370? Any help resolving this issue would be appreciated.
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    Bug Addons not installing/opening

    Hi. Some of the addons i am trying to install are not installin, or if they install they are not opening. The error refers me to the log. I link the log bellow. Please help me!!!https://logs.tvaddons.co/ppbctxppx
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    Bug Clean install issues on Fire Stick

    Hi Forum, Hope you can help. New to the forum but have done a few Firestick installs. Suffered major problem today. Have tried to do a clean install of Kodi 16.1 on a FS. Did a full addon install with Config wizard yet some of the addon simply don't work e.g Pho*nix and the Maintenance Tool...
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    Hi guys, looking for help with error logs

    Hi folks, i am having what seem to be "python related" issues with my box. I'm running Kodi 16 Jarvis, it was working fine until two days ago when a couple of add-ons stopped working. Velo**ty and SA*TS are the most problematic, but the logs (which i don't understand) seem to point to...
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    Addon error log

    Hi everyone, I have an add-on that was working but now giving error each time I attempt to use it. The link to my error log is. http://logs.tvaddons.co/paz0uxalx. Thank you
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    Help please - I'm new at all of this

    Help please - "Site blocked, unexpected page received" This is the link to the log: https://logs.tvaddons.co/peua9fjyk I am using an Android Box. Any and all help is greatly appreciated:):)