kodi graphic design

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    Request Skin help needed for Transmogrifier, any takers?

    I am putting together a new release of Transmogrifier, now with skin support. Anyone interested in helping with graphics/alternate skins. Any help..greatly appreciated. I muddled through one based on confluence. TM is a multithread download manager for different addons in case you don't know...
  2. J

    Nastolgic Kodi wallpaper i'm workin' on.

    Wasn't able to fall asleep for some reason, and I've had this idea all day in my head. Decided to mix some nostalgic memories with something more modern and here I am. Also what's a better time to draw than 2A.M.? So I sketched it out and hopefully after getting some sleep, tomorrow I will do a...
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    Request Art for Meta Video Addon

    If anyone has the time could you do a full theme for this new addon Meta Video Addon? The dev is working on a release with trakt support right now. https://github.com/metate/meta4kodi/releases/ The dev. doesn't know that I am requesting a full theme for his addon. I just really enjoy using...
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    *Professional Graphics artist! Will do graphics for people who seriously need them.

    *Professional Graphics artist! Will do graphics for free! I'm willing to do graphics for some of you folks for free, that won't put my work to waste. If you truly are serious about creating an add-on or build or whatever I will create graphics. I have 4 years experience with photoshop...
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    Art required for new addon

    Soon to release a new addon and I'm looking for someone to create the art. Please reply here or pm me if you're interested. Still a few functions to add, but I am looking to release by the weekend, with or without art.
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    TVMC new Flat Icons

    Hi! I made myself some time today to re-work the TVMC icon. I thought that someone might want it too, so I´m sharing it. BTW: I dont know if this is the right place to post it, but i´m new to this forum, and i thought this was the right place to share it. Apollogies in advance if I made a...
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    Request Help a developer with no gfx skills?

    Anyone interested in helping with a digital clock screen saver ??? I can't believe there isn't a decent one out there yet..anyhow I put one together today. Needed a clock/music player. My graphics are lame...here's what I got so far to give an idea. Send a PM if interested. I will publish...
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    Icon Needed

    Hey, can someone make me an icon.png for the new "tvaddons.co Libraries Repository". Any cool looking icon will do.
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    Request Wanted: Animated Graphics

    So here's an interesting request. I'm looking for some animated .gif graphics to use in some screensaver(s) addon(s). I've released a couple screensaver addons to my repo after playing around with the idea to get something out there as sort of an example. There's one with some neon stars, and...
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    Hello all budding artists.

    Please be gentle this is my first ever thread here. :D Over at Kodi Community Forum a thread is taking place to offer people the chance to make some artwork for an KODI start screen? http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=209673 This thread is here to encourage budding artists to take a...
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    Dev Tools

    Hey, starting a set of Dev Tools for Developers (plugin.devtool.*), So I'm thinking maybe an overall fanart for the series. A decent sized .jpg (with a .psd including separated layers for future use). Also am looking for someone to make up an icon.png (512x512px or lower size) for a few...
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    Art need for new music addon

    Morning everyone, Working on a new music addon at the moment. It's still work in progress, but most of the menus and functionality are finished. Is anyone interested in creating some nice art for it? Let me know here and I can send you a working copy to view the menus etc. Thanks
  13. J

    Trakt Font?

    hi folks i'm working on a new theme for genesis and need to know what font trakt use for their logo. google hasnt helped nor has a what the font search. so if some knowledgeable person could help me out i would be most grateful :) cheers
  14. H

    Graphics round-up time.

    Hi all you graphic folks. For those of you artists that don't know me well enough, I usually act like a secret agent, keeping things under my ...that or I simply blow like the and get too impatient to push stuff out so I can move onto the next cool idea already in my head. Anyways, I've...
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    Any Devs in need of som Graphics

    Hi Any devs need some graphics for any add ons just let me know and see what i can help out with !:cool:
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    Icon Request Format Concern

    Hi guys! Probably seems like a while since I've been on here... no worries though as you can be certain that I frequently stalk this section of the forum :). Anyway, due to time constraints I am usually unable to message people and wait for a response on what addon they need icons for. Lately...
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    [Heads up] Design ltd. Edition XBMCHUB T-Shirts

    To all gfx-talents, the time has come to present us your skills! Now you have the chance to design a limited edition XBMCHUB.COM T-Shirt! Please reply in this thread -> http://www.xbmchub.com/forums/showthread.php?t=20233
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    New music addon

    Just wondering if anyone is interested in creating some art for a new music addon? Please pm me if interested. Addon is ready to go, but I'll wait to see if there's any takers before releasing :) Thanks
  19. M

    Pai it forward

    No; I didn't mistype this one! Some time ago I shouted out to the team, wanting to contribute to XBMCHub.com in some way. I was given the opportunity back then, resulting in me getting the honor of dressing up a number of addons with graphics from my own hand! I can not explain the rush you...
  20. K

    Art needed for another new add on.

    Please pm me if you're interested in providing art for a new add on. Thanks