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    No response

    What does it mean when a search for a movie title comes up with 50 or 100 or more "links". I click on a link, it ultimately begins to display the "I'm working on it" symbol, then quits and goes back to the list of links. In other words, if the movie or TV show is not available, why does it...
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    how to remove alldebrid and replace it with real-debrid
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    Help & advice - Kodi on Raspberry Pi

    Hi All, This is my first post on here. I've set up a Kodi TV box using a Raspberry Pi 3 and LibreElec operating system. What I'm looking to do is get a good sports set-up, in particular getting UK Sky TV on it. No problems with paying. My brother bought a Android TV box and pays a...
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    HI, l

    Hi guys, i'm new to your forum and see that you are doing great. I have a beelink device get a rom kind mibox TV from web and get it installed on. Then i found your forum. I have not much money but let see in time who knows? Thanks anyway for the great sharings.
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    Request Anybody know how to read Kodi Log file

    I have 4 android boxes and they were all working until yesterday. Today I re-installed Kodi, 2 Legal Apps. still didn;t work and after loading my build none of them worked either. Here is the Kodi Log File I ran on it. Before I send this I belonged in a Kodi forum after they got this file...
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    I got my answer. Disregard my this question. Thanks, PK I have had Kodi for over a year and have had not problems up until about 6 months ago. Now when I go to see a movie on Exdus, all I get at the end of it's search is "No Stream Available". Am I missing a step along the way that is causing...
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    VPN problem

    Hi, I use a Raspberry Pi 3, and use two modems one with DD WRT & VPN installed piggy backed onto my main modem. When the Pi is switched off it reverts back to using the main modem access connection which is not VPN , the upshot of this is that I have to keep resetting the Pi to the dd wrt modem...
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    Hello All, Never been on a web forum. Just wanted to drop in and say hi.

    I do have a question and concern. I downloaded the content player tonight from the community site and the install on my win. 10 x64 pc went as planned. I followed all the documented setup procedure to carefully to get the porogram to do what I needed for it to an all appeared to be fine. Went...
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    best sports build

    Hello, I am looking for a kodi build or addon which has football sports and live stream from all european countries leages eg greece, itally etc. I dont mind if it has other sports too especially basketball NBA and european, I have found an android tv box which has all the above (from legal...
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    Request Kodi

    Hi, I have Kodi on my Raspberry pi3 and would like to upgrade it to 17.6 or 18. I have version 17.3 now and it's not working well. How do you upgrade it? Please let me know. Thank you Ted
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    please provide the new ****** install link

    i been usin Kodi many yrs since the older days. I immediately saw what a super resource it was. I mean a group of programmers doing what they loved to do and providing such a useful and enjoyable paradigm for us all. Amazing really. Just dont let the Pentagon get a-hold of em ha! After I...
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    sync issues

    I have a "streamsmart pro" unit and recently did the $50 dollar upgrade recommended by the new owners of the company. Even though the upgrade did bring some benefits I am having a problem with live broadcasts, specifically sync issues with the sound being out of sync with the video sometimes...
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    Bug MXQ Pro Kodi no streams found

    So today something odd happened, I purchased the mxq pro and it had Kodi already setup up. Now I’m not sure if it was pre loaded with a proxy (my guess is that it was) but I had the bright idea to plug my Xbox one controller into the unit for easier navigation as the remote is painfully slow...
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    Digistream/Kodi does not work, need help

    cannot get add ons to work
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    Error: add on extension not supported among many others

    First post here so dont slam me to hard and im a newbie at all this too ...so i was having so many problems with my kodi i deleted it ...i have been just working on taking basic kodi and do what you can do with it ..then i went to the estuary mod 17 and it was a big learning experience ..its so...
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    Nothing Actually Playing

    Hi everyone! I've had kodi for a while on my fire stick running 17.6 but as of the last week or two regardless of what program I use within kodi to find movies etc, even if it finds links, when I click on the link to play it nothing happens I tried using different video addons and it's the same...
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    2 questions about Kodi,

    Hello first one is when I hit movies it shows me Indian movies I have set my region to the UK and still nothing, Second question on the homepage you have shortcuts to movies and TV shows but when you hit movies it gives you like 10 files like network, people search, year and stuff how can I...
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    Running your VPN

    Hey Everybody...LT here hoping you all are very well and in fine spirit. I'd like to pose a question to the group of learned TVAddon folks. As we are learning, running a VPN with whatever streaming devices you currently have is very important these days. I am using IP Vanish and have been...
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    Every Discussion gets shut down!!😂😂

    Sorry if I just say what everyone else is thinking but nearly every second discussion gets shut down due to apparent discussing of “Illegal” content! Seems a bid odd to call a forum a forum if every discussion even containing a contraband word gets shut down. We could call it a notice board...
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    Hello TO all from me