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    can't connect to http://fusion.tvaddons.co

    I have gotten through the effort to connect to the tvaddins repository, and was very, very careful with the url that was listed. In fact, I've tried twice, and in each case I've had the same result. My kodi comes back and says it can't connect to the server. When I try to install from zip file...
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    Best Addon for TV Series and Shows

    Hi There! I have been away from the Kodi Community for some time now, I am looking forward to be back on track. But I can see that a lot have changed since I was using it! So can anyone tell me which Addon is the best for Tv Series like The Walking Dead, GOT, Daredevil etc... :cool:
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    Install From Repository Missing from Kodi 17.3 on Firestick

    I refreshed my Kodi on my Firestick through the clear data option in Firestick so as to have a clean Kodi as it was becoming a dog. I have Kodi 17.3 and when I went to install add-ons, I found that there was no Install From Repository option, only Install From Zip Files. I tried researching the...
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    Trakt ... ?

    Hi guys, I'm new to this, so hoping someone can help me. I use Trakt , and something 'fell off' one of my lists and refuses to be put back on. How can i rectify this?
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    Always Do This

    Always Clear Cache!
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    Xbmc box Kodi 16.1

    I apologize if this question has been addressed already, however I am new to this and could not find an answer. I’ve been using my old xbmc 16.1 Kodi which is programmed exactly how I like it. I programmed it awhile back and don’t want it to change. Is there any way I can upgrade it and keep it...
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    Error messages

    I'm receiving errors in Indigo (cannot get config wizard to complete) and gitbrowser (cannot install plugins) I'm not sure what version of Kodi I have or where to find it. I look forward to assistance
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    Request International TV channels

    I used to watch International channels on Spo*ts De*il>Live TV but i get the "no stream available " message. Is there another Kodi addon that I can install. I am most interested in watching SRILANKA TV channels.
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    Legend for all the icons on the site

    Perhaps there is one already, but I couldnt find one... A legend for all the icons on the site would be super helpful. Like the Open & closed blue circles, the wifi symbol on the right of threads, etc. Or perhaps some info if you hover over them with the mouse. If anyone know of one already, let...
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    Where do kodi data files save on a computer?

    I thought it would be like on an android device where there is a .kodi folder that has all the data. On pc when I go to the kodi folder it seems to only have stock kodi stuff and nothing that has been added... is that saved somewhere else on the computer?
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    Empty library

    Kodi is telling me my library if empty. My add-on I use all the time is ******. I can’t access any Networks anymore. What do I do? Thank you.
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    Is vpn just another racket to really track us down?

    I am very concerned about this?
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    GIT browser

    Being new to Kodi, I have a question. This GIT hub thing is supposed to help install addons. How do you do that if you do not know the name of the author? I searched by the name of the addon but nothing comes up. So if this git hub thing is so great, how do you install addons if you do not...
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    Problem With Downloader

    when I go to downloader why does mine say Get Free To Download Instead of You Own It could someone help me out please I'm new to this Thanks
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    firestick Registration

    do you have to register your firestick or is there a way around it if you don't have a amazon account
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    Can I file transfer build to 1st gen Firestick?

    I have one 2nd gen Firestick with a working Kodi build (17.6) and I've managed to backup the files to a thumb drive via OTG. I'd like to transfer this to a 1st gen Firestick but I can't find a way since OTG isn't supported. A YouTube showed ES offered a solution that transfers files via wifi...
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    KODI Update and latest download

    Hi, I have not opened my KODI with my tablet for a while and not sure if that will work again. I have been getting emails about KODI and not sure if that is valid or not. If this is working now, can someone help if there is a step-by-step basis to load the new one? thank you
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    War vs Repo and Developers as restart.... first victim ?

    Apparently after last summer the war it's restart (or probably it's never finished).......... I see some info on some blog and at right now apparently some repo as be offline.. on my personal setup apparently i have: - Looking Glass - MrEnternainementRepo The future of kodi it's marked ??
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    VPN...Are they Really needed?

    Hey Everybody. I have a question. Forgive me if this topic has already been discussed, I am rather new to the forums....Thanks for any help. My Oldest son runs a "Jailbroken" Firestick he tells me. I asked him what sort of protection he has for this...He says "Nothing, I never needed any" My...
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    Demux Error using iplayer

    Hi all. First time poster and newbie when it comes to Kodi. Now, on my main pc, I use a plugin for bbc iplayer from the catchupforkodi repo, which works great. However, when i try to use it on my linux install, I get a error creating demux error. I'll post the log soon (just got to get my...