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    I am relatively new to kodi I have a VPN but I don't know which add-ons to install for the newer movies. My old add-ons are now blacklisted so which ones do I get I had the old cov. Please advise Thanks
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    Searching for Addon to watch german sky channels

    Hello Guys, do anybody know if there is a workable Addon for KODI 17-18 to watch german sky channels? Have already tested: CerebroTV, Adryanlist (seems to be down), *******, and Echo addon (doesn't more working) and magicIPTV requeres a registration (dont want to do). Would be very pleased...
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    My Roku Devices

    Roku is a streaming device which collects the original data directly from satellite and converts into the output in your connected television or smartphone. Though Roku is established a decade back, it is updated with the current technologies and trends. I wish every one to join this discussion.
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    Starting Over At the Beginning

    I've been enjoying Kodi on my home computer for almost 6 months with very few problems and even those were temporary. All of a sudden, lately, I started getting kicked off streams or having difficulty connecting in the first place. Given that you have switched to GitHub and that you recently...
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    Leia Beta 4

    Got a new message during installation. After getting the typical installing the new Kodi will uninstall the old Kodi but all data is kept intact, I got this secondary prompt when installing Leia Beta 4: Correct me if I am wrong, but it seems that my collection of addons from various sources...
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    No Stream Available

    I have a problem with getting a NO STREAM AVAILABLE on many of the shows I love to watch. I have cleared the cache and providers, reset the url resolver, I don't know what else to do, other than going back to cable tv. Can anyone help me????
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    Will I lose all my stuff?

    I am getting message, Streaming not available. I have a message to go to this website and remove Kodi and reinstall. I have a lot of stuff on ******. Will I lose all of it if I do this?
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    Skylink tv help

    hello, I have a problem with the skylink tv plugin on the mime android box. after setting everything, the channel list and epg is available but I can not turn on any channel I use everything as directed. the same I tried to run on my samsung 8 plus and everything works just like you can help me...
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    No stream available?

    Hi All, Total newbie just joined, I have a Amazon Fire Box, Kodi installed and has been running fine until the last couple of days where its been playing up......I tonight reinstalled Kodi and everything looks great and can find everything that I had on there before but when in ****** and I go...
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    No movement on film/tv list

    Hi, I have had a few problems recently, in other posts, but this one has just started happening in the last few days. I have a Kodi android box, running Krypton v17.6..... I can normally open ******, and list films, say of a particular year, and click enter on any in the list, and then gives a...
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    Nitro tv

    Hello i am posting this question here well because i don't know where to post it and i apologize .my question is why is nitro tv not working on kodi anymore .or is there any other way i could ma it work.any help from anyone will be much apreciated thank you
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    Is there a addon for NBCSN? Do you have to have a cable service in order to use it? Thanks
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    URLs for Builds

    I've seen quite a few "how to install" various builds on YouTube but the same builds by different people. Is there a site where I can find a list of approved URLS instead of going into this blind. I have downloaded Git Browser but not found many user names. There are also a lot of videos on...
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    library db not loading into main screen

    Hello everyone, I am running a osmc/kodi v17.1 combo on a raspberry pi 1. I have been unable to load music files(.wav lossless/ .mp3) into the main screen(when I scroll to music on the left hand side) after scanning them into the library.I was able to play them through the file explorer...
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    Downloading from addons

    Hi Guys, since dreamcatcher does not work so good now is there a list of addons with download support such as Nep**ne R**ing etc, also why are so many of the addons either constantly down or dead, any ideas please thank you.
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    Nothing is working on Kodi now ...

    Hello Folks I setup Kodi around half year ago on my RaspberryPi and it was working fine. I did not use it all the time. Yesterday I tried to use it but it failed to resolve any add-on. It trews some error about http and says that more information on logs. I checked Event logs but it’s empty...
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    Hello I am new here and greet you all ..
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    how to install iptv

    how to run iptv kodi. please help i am totally new to this Kickass Torrent Unblocked Free Movies Online Legal Trail Cams Radar Detector walmart
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    Greetings All

    Hello, everyone, this is Olivia, newbie to the forum. Thank you for allowing me to register here.
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    Why your Tick Box and other Kodi boxes are failing.

    It dives into why this is the end for now of the free pirate ship ride. From the article: "If you bought one and it’s not working right now, and I’ve got some bad news for you. To start: 1. You’ve been pirating movies and TV shows this entire time. I’m sincerely sorry if you didn’t realize...