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    The half circle

    Hello all, I've been with Kodi for several years but I have a question thats probably easier to do then what I've been doing. So I felt this would be the right place to post this question. I know how to add stuff and do other things with Kodi, but I have never found any thing to my problem, and...
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    RD Problems?....Or?

    Hey everybody, LT here....Hope you guys are well. Well, Up til the last few days I have been having very few problems. Then, a few days ago, my RD streams are coming up red zeros on normal and Premium. (I have 2 months left in my RD premium) I went through the steps laid out in resolve URL...
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    For 4 days now when I try to access KODI I get message that our servers seem to be having trouble. Please try again later. What can I do , if anything to resolve this?
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    I'm a newbie and I've setup my XBMC the way I want it. I was attempting to backup when I noticed my hard-drive is not showing up so that I can't create a path for the backup to be saved. I could use some help. Thanks.
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    Servers down?

    For 4 days now when I try to access KODI I get message that our servers seem to be having trouble. Please try again later. What can I do , if anything to resolve this?
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    How to search local files?

    I'm new to Kodi. Can anyone tell me how to do any of the following: Play, browse, search movies/TV on a local drive, a network drive and a cloud drive - gdrive or onedrive. Integrate with Trakt.tv - including scrobble and browse my Trakt watch list. Connect Netflix, Prime and HULU. I think...
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    Please help with watching live NFL

    Hi guys, Pretty much a noob here, although I've tried numerous things to get live NFL games w/out success. Is it possible? Any help will certainly be appreciated! All the best, Rick
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    Best VPN region, countries for kodi video addons???

    hi all There is so much advice about vpn providers good and bad but i cant find anything that says which regions you should use? Are you likely to get more access from UK, USA, , another european country Africa? Australia? When an add-on tells me no streams available is this likely ever to be...
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    malware queston

    How do you know if your unit has been infected with malware download. Thanks
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    2 different versions of Kodi on 1 system?

    I was wondering if it's possible to have two different versions of Kodi installed on one system/device? I currently use 17.6 for everyday use. But I also want to have 18-beta1 installed, so that I can mess with it, and check out the retro gaming stuff. Thanks.
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    Request help on https json convert error

    Hi Team, I am getting the below error while doing https convert using feed43 https://openloadmovies.net error Tried to load source page, but remote server reported "503 Service Temporarily Unavailable". but orginally web site working fine .
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    DOWNLOADING A STREAM- What Prevents Some Streams from Being Downloaded?

    Though we Stream most of our content, if we wish to take a "popcorn break" and PAUSE the Stream for more than a few (2-5) minutes, we are kicked out of the Stream and then must find the place we left off, and even using RD can cause some Buffering issues until it catches up. So some questions...
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    Apple TV 4 Verification issue

    Hi there, Have been using Kodi via ATV4 for quite some time. In the past 2 months, I have had to enter my TV add-ons account details each time before being able to access Kodi. Now even that process has stopped working whereby after entering my account details, I get a verification failed...
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    Movie and Shows

    Been away for awhile, but after all the recent updates (I think I have them all) but every time I click on a movie it tells me that there is no stream (or words to that affect). I used ********, but they have fallen out of grace. So which addon is the best one?
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    newsy live

    Hi folks - great site! Looking for info regards newsy live, I can no longer receive their broadcast. Can anyone tell me if they are still available or not? I use kodi on my u2c android box. Thank you tv addons for your continuing support!!!
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    kodi 17.6 upgrade

    I'm not real software-savvy, but I need to upgrade to 17.6 on my Raspberry pi 3. I've already downloaded to an SD card but when I insert the card and restart- nothing. The card that came with it has 17.3 but I can't overwrite it. Help appreciated.
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    Help - I'm not sure I'm doing this right

    Hi, I use Kodi on my laptop. The most important thing to me is live news channels. I use IPTV simple client and until lately everything worked perfectly. Now some of the American channels links stopped working such as MSNBC. I'm not such an expert and I'm not sure whether I'm doing something...
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    UKTV Play

    Having trouble playing programs on UKTV Play. Keeps referring me to event log. Cannot find event log. Can anyone help with this problem.:( I am using KODI on NVDIA TV.
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    Request Hello and Help

    Hi one and all, My name is Tony N living in Canada and a Newbie to Kodi. First of all, I downloaded a load of Addons which don't work and do not know how to get rid of. Secondly, I put some stuff into Favorites but now, having watched them, I need to remove them. Thirdly, I am having a great...
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    Kodi on ipad

    I have been trying to install the indigo tool on my iPad and after clicking on the icon it takes me to the correct screen that shows system , system info etc but can’t see the last horizontal row containing file manager.