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    Sound Not Synching With Video

    Hi Everyone, Hope a kind gentle Kodi expert can help me with this: I'm on Kodi 17.6 and suddenly the sound is so far off from the video I can't tell if it's ahead or behind. It's worse every time I open Kodi. When I try to use the Audio Offset slider it freezes the screen. I have used the...
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    General streaming question

    Is it correct to say that the kind of movie streaming that supposedly was possible a couple of years ago is simply not possible anymore (and probably will not be possible again)?
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    Please help!! Kodi just erased all of it's data!!

    Hello. I just ran into a problem with kodi, and I need some help. Two months ago, I had a different, problem but I was finally able to create a backup and restore most of my Kodi data. I finally had Kodi running well, and back to the way I liked it. So tonight I decided to try out some new...
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    Request Kodi video stream on ios

    Hi i have installed kodi 17.6 on iphone 7 plus running ios 11.4 using the tweakbox app kodi itself seems to work ok ie can install apps and select streams but when clicking on stream to play it takes me back to iphone home screen this happens with all streams in any app any help would-be...
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    Does any addons list TV Shows by Date Added?

    Hi guys; Long time user, 1st time posting. I'm going nuts trying to relive what has gone by the wayside I think. I love watching my TV shows but right now, I don't know any addon that lets you see what is online and what isn't. Does anything have a "Recently Added" or "Sort by Latest"...
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    Beginner needs help

    I just purchased a Android TV Box and like to use my IPTV service on this box using KODI. What add ons do I need so I can use the TV guide feature and also have a DVR option. thanks
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    VPN how to put it onto Kodi box for T.V

    I am the first to admit that I am useless with techno stuff, but I do want to learn. Bought VPN but having difficulty downloading to my box. Tried google play but Im not registered with an account and it keeps closing it before I can put any details in, then tried using a dongle but it seems to...
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    "LEVERAGE" instead of "VERA" episodes

    Is there anyway to fix this instead of VERA series ,you MOST OF THE TIME can suprisingly get A LEVERAGE EPISODE
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    Complete breakdown of live streams

    Kodi recently upgraded to Krypton 17.0 on Android box. I began experience trouble with screen background blacking out and addons unable to launch. Upgraded to Krypton 17.6, background again turned to black and only one or two addons of live streaming content would work . Went to system manager...
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    What is a vpn and why do I need one?
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    Hi Guys , new member here , Looking fror some TV ADDON Love ;-) Thanks for having me. First post question I Have The AP Vanish VPN , but before i could put server on Amsterdam Ip to see the MEDIA APP UITZENDING GEMIST TV ADDON but since 4 weeks its not opening this video on demand app...
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    something is preventing my movies from playing.

    can anyone help me with this? when I go to movies- in theaters, I pick my movie then pick one of the provider copies, it will load and then not play, but I can tell something is blocking it from playing, it will appear for maybe half a second and then disappear. Any thoughts?
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    Cannot Get Content From ****** add-on To Play

    I am a very new newbie her eeven thought I have been using Kodi from a broken Firestick for about a year now. Recently i suddenly could not get movie content to download from the ****** add-on. Any ideas what has happened. Sorry if this has been visited before. I tried to search the forum but...
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    Complete Muppet

    Hiya folks that are far wiser than me. Have installed KODI to try and get Bulgarian TV for my (much) better half. (or truth be told, so I can sit her in front of it and get a little peace!) I followed some youtube stuff to get BG tv stations. But I am guessing it is for an older version of the...
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    Request Kodi stuck / should I update?

    Hi there. I’ve been having an issue with both of my Kodi Fires (TV and Stick). Once I go into any of the Addons and search for programming I just get a spinning wheel that does not stop. Is there a fix to this? I notice I’m running 17.4. Do I need to update? How? Thank you for reading. I really...
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    Request Please help me

    Hello one and all, I am new here & not very technical. I have actually failed (3 times) to get the Kodi I know & love . When I downloaded it....from the OFFICIAL site (here) I got something so unfamiliar that I have no idea what to do with it.I tried to add fusion (I guess unsuccessfully)...
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    Hello everyone. I am not able to watch my kodiak box because all addons say, "addons incompatible due to unmet dependencies. Please help.
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    Free TV Plugin Needs MPEG-DASH

    So. I load the new Free TV plugin. I select a source (any source), and get a message stating that MPEG-DASH needs to be enabled. I click on the button which takes me to my settings for this. But MPEG-DASH is ghosted, so I can't do anything to change this setting. Is there something else I...
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    unable to install none of the addons

    I have just joined this forum.Hello to every one. I have installed kodi 17.6 krypton on my computer having window 7 ultimo.I am unable to install any addons on this kodi 17.6. I get error message as under: Couldn`t retrieve directory information.This couldbe due to the network not being...
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    Request ITV Player

    removed this message explained problem on main forun thankx!