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    Updating Kodi on a Fire TV

    We are trying to update Kodi on our fire TV but can’t find where to go, any suggestions?
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    Real debrid Blocked Kodi?

    I just got a warning email from RD that I was streaming from multiple IP addresses. I wasn't sharing I was having trouble with my internet and switched another to get a faster speed. Guess I didn't actually disconnect from mine? It was so slow it kept bumping me off...I'm in the middle of a...
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    Request Problem Installing Add-ons

    Very frustrating - I have King Box 3, and installed the latest Kodi. I print the instructions to load ****** on Kodi 17.6,. When I get to install from the zip file, open package installer I don't have the Kodi options listed on my screen?
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    Give a liitle to help alot

    Hey Everybody, LT here saying hello and reminding everyone that because of these folks and their hard work we can enjoy everything TVaddons has to offer. So, if you can give a little of yourself to help a lot, please do. Your donations are the way to the light!..Thank you in advance for your...
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    can't watch anything

    I haven't watched anything for months (hospital). It seems nothing is available even things I've watched. Errors like not found,url blah blah, no Trakt account found. What up?
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    Firestick SOS

    Hi, my firestick is stuck, it will not go past the loading/checking for updates. I restarted, unplugged, and nothing. It is also affecting my VPN which keeps disconnecting. I just did the factory reset and it is now stuck at the checking updates stage. I also changed the battery kinda (from one...
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    ******** says no seasons available, no listing for featured shows, etc

    Hi, A few days ago I am not getting any content from ********. I uninstalled and reinstalled it. I am using a firetv box running kodi 17.6 I have been using Kodi for about three years now so I am not completely new to Kodi Can someone please tell me what I should try?
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    Debrid and Generation one Firestick

    Hey everybody, I am wondering about the debrid helper. I have finally figured out how to get the access to the premiums and got that working. -Hooray!- However, I was told that the debrid won't work with a generation one firestick. The generation II's work just fine. Will I have to upgrade that...
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    I need help

    How do I update my Kodi using the Android Mxq box
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    Bug Indigo Video Apps dont start

    Hey, I've a raspberry pi 3 with osmc and kodi 17.6. I had a working system for months, however I had to set up the os again and so I found Indigo before I was going to install my favorite video apps, which I think is much more comfortable than the "classic way". Moreover I've installed video...
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    Howdy all!

    TVADDONS Wizards and Members ~ Thank you for all of your FANTASTIC work! I am SO GLAD to be part of this awesome Forum, but I've been around since "glitching" and since sparks were first made (just kidding about that part). My first HOT screaming modem was 28k dial-up... I know... This is...
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    Uninstalling and reinstalling tvaddons

    Hi. Probly the millionth time this has been asked but.. I feel like my entire kodi setup is less than optimal. But, in particular, tvaddons. I just feel like I didn't do it right. I dunno. Have been thinking of doing a 'reset' on my streaming box (matricom something-or-other). A#1) how would I...
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    I am trying to install the Git browser and need the Github username for Kodi. Can someone help me?
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    Request Good add on for Canada?

    Old box broke, had it all set up now do not see the programs for shows both at theaters and tv series?
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    404 error on everything

    403 error on everything So I've been using Kodi and add ones for a few years but have done no updating because someone else installed it for me and I don't know what the f*** I'm doing. I've been able to watch nothing recently and decided to upgrade. Looks a lot nicer but still nothing seems...
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    Release Red Rhino Box Question

    Hi Everyone, I have a Red Rhino Box and it recently stopped working, can any one tell me if they are still in business or what I should do? Greg
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    How do I upgrade to the current version of Kodi?

    Do I need to plug my box into my computer to upgrade Kodi? I have an MQX box with Kodi version 16.1. I've watched Youtube videos, but it seems like everyone is doing it on a computer, whereas I have my box connected to my tv and router, where I can't perform the same functions. Should I hook...
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    addons on working

    Hi.. Newbie here.. actually, been using Kodi for yrs, but, recently I had to reset HDD, and lost Kodi program. anyway, here's where I'm at.. hopefully, its an easy fix... downloaded Kodi 17.6 Krypton. followed instructions from this website: https://www.tvaddons.co/kodi-movies-tv/. seems like...
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    Slow to load contents, buffering, etc.

    Hi, Having a problem with my add-ons. Running Kodi 17.6 on my TV. Everything was fine until recently. Buffering for 20 minutes on each subject. Unable to find the streams sometimes, and on & on. Wifi is 2' from the TV. Did a couple of factory resets and started over, to no avail. Speed test...
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    Bug Kodi not building the TV Shows database with TVDB

    Contact: Contact bpdlinuxer Error: Kodi not building the TV Shows database with TVDB Postby bpdlinuxer » Thu May 24, 2018 12:25 pm Hi Guys, I have a Directory with all Game of Thrones episodes (I'm starting to watch now) and I'm having problem getting kodi to build the database using TVDB. I...