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    Favorite skin for Kodi?

    With Leia being out, my favorite skin Eminence no longer works. I hope it gets updated. I just loved that I could have widgets on my main screen that brought me right where I wanted to go. What is everyone using?
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    Kodi lagging

    Not sure if anyone else has had this problem. I use Kodi on a couple of TVs via a firestick. Everything was fine. I use a Slamious build on both TVs. Until I changed one of my TVs, everything now seems to have gotten really slow. When trying to access apps such as Crew or Nixto**s it is so slow...
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    Kodi 18 Skins

    Hi Folks, I'm in the market for a new kodi skin, I like to display two or three widgets on each parent folder over my playlists. Does anyone have any suggestions for widget heavy friendly skins? Cheers.
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    Kodi install iPhone iOS 12.1.2

    What is the best way to install kodi on an iPhone 8+ running iOS 12.1.2 with using Cydia? I’ve tried using the BigBoss version but it won’t work. After install Kodi won’t open and when I go into settings and scroll down to my apps it’s not even there. Please help!
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    Do I need Indigo for Kodi 17.1?

    Hi, I have a new fire tv and intalled Kodi 17.1. I'd like to install Ex**us along with some other add ons. Do I need to go thru Indigo to intall add ons with 17.1? I've seen videos on youtube using Indigo and some not using it. If anyone has a link to a current, up to date write up or video for...
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    Favorite skin for Kodi?

    With Leia being out, my favorite skin Eminence no longer works. I hope it gets updated. I just loved that I could have widgets on my main screen that brought me right where I wanted to go. What is everyone using?
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    Problem with Kodi settings

    Recently when I start Kodi, it gives me a series of error messages, with skin problems and then a specific reference to YouTube and then no other settings. I'm not sure what is being affected, but it looks like I can't change providers. I downloaded and re-installed Kodi, but that didn't seem...
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    problema con kodi

    h o istallato kodi matrix 19 ed e' andato tutto in tilt errore adon non supportati da matrix-ho disistallato tutto ma torna tutto come prima non riesco a cancellare la casch perche non mi fa istallare indigo o resolver ne altri adon grazie.
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    NordVPN and Kodi Setup

    Hi guys, I finally got tired receiving notices from Kodi about VPN’s so I signed up to the Nordvpn yesterday. I installed the app and set it up correctly and I am able to use it on my browsers without issues. But now comes my issue when trying to use it with Kodi, I am having extreme...
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    Kodi Install

    I have downloaded the Downloader and then the file 18.5 apk or whatever but the install command produces a white rectangular box with the kodi mark top left and at the bottom I get the options install or cancel. The white rectangel stops about 1/3 -3/5 down the page and the cursor not moving - I...
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    iTV Kodi addon not working

    My iTV add on my CoreElec (Android N2) and on my Sony Bravia ( Kodi 18.1) have stopped working as of 21 August,2020 If I try to play a program it tries but eventually times out. Have tried reinstalling it from LittleWiz repo but still the same. Can anyone confirm they have the same problem.
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    Kodi App

    My Kodi app will not open, My hulu and Amazon prime work fine . Whats up with this, i might be able to grab a kodi app from play store but i don't need go into unknown territories
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    Question Kodi 18.7 - no video , only audio

    I just installed the new version of kodi 18.7 on a pc where I had kodi 17 working regularly. The pc has win 7. In the kodi videos now I can hear the audio but I don't see the video. From the settings I tried to deactivate the dvxa2 hardware acceleration, to change the rendering method (software...
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    Unable to configure any addons Kodi Leia 18.6

    Hi im very new to Kodi so im hoping this is a simple fix. I am running Kodi leia 18.6 on windows 7 64bit, the programme itself runs fine and i have installed repos such as temest and c***ud. I have installed realizer for real debris integration but when i get to the settings screen for real...
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    Please can help one assist me , i cant watch my youtude on kodi as its keep indicating for API Key . i have tried, it keep failing. please i need help
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    Kodi installation

    I need to load kodi on a firestick I'm trying do so using ES & troypoints downloader but both are not successful any other way of downloading kodi onto a firestick please?
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    Alldebrid V4 kodi help

    Hi everyone hope you’re all well I use Alldebrid which is not working with any addons at the moment, I tried asking for support from alldebrid and they were not helpful at all, they said to find support elsewhere as it wasn’t their issue. So basically they have said that since they have done...
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    Kodi v 18.6 crashes

    I am having problems with Kodi when I try to watch a movie in Ex**us or Marauder or Plex or Cloud TV. Everything is fine until the movie tries to start and then I get a message that says "Unfortunately Kodi has stopped". There are a couple of live TV channels that still work a CBS affiliate...
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    help please to use kodi

    Hi i am a French beginner with kodi . I know how to configure a lot of things in kodi but is it possible to configure kodi to show only French movies for example in the result of the scraper ? thanks
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    Question JARVIS kodi 16.1: which video with premiumize will install?

    kodi 16.1 is the most current kodi I can install. Yes, it would be better to use a more current version. Can't. I have these repos setup but can't get a video extension to install without error or app crash Aenemapy cy4root ezzermacs G*ia nixgates (My brother has the device locked to using...